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May 22nd 2017

In Full Flower

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As I recently shared in a post about all the beautiful new flower books, the new release In Full Flower: Inspired Designs by Floral’s New Creatives by Gemma and Andrew Ingalls is a must-have for any flower lover.

Published by Rizzoli, this beautiful  book not only features stunning floral artwork, but also provides fascinating insights into each of the designers’ lives, backgrounds and design philosophies.

Perhaps what excites me most about the book, beyond the gorgeous photography, is the common thread of seasonality that is woven throughout virtually all of the designs and the artists’ approaches to design.  Local, seasonal and foraged blooms and branches clearly take center stage. And that is definitely something to celebrate and support.


Gemma’s remarks in the preface of the book capture this essence of seasonal floral design: “Similar to a memorable meal meticulously created and presented, only to be consumed shortly thereafter, flower art is living, nebulous, timebased stuff, to be appreciated in the moment, and then it’s fleetingly gone, back to the earth.”


On page after beautiful page, you’ll see this seasonal approach to design that focuses on the organic forms found in nature, rather than a rigid or formal design recipe.

While you’ll have to buy the book to see for yourself, today I thought I would share few of the “outtakes” from the photo shoot I did with the authors.

Gemma and Andrew were such a joy to work with on the project. They were kind, patient, gracious and professional from start to finish.  I learned so much observing their techniques and had so fun working with them and also interacting with their adorable children who wandered the rows of flowers and explored the farm while we worked.

It is such an honor to be included in the book, especially alongside so many talented designers and artist.

Featured in the book are a number of designers I’ve had the opportunity to meet, work with, or interview as part of Floret’s Farmer and the Florist series, including Amy Merrick, Ariella Chezar, Mandy & Steve O’Shea, Sarah Ryhanen, Jill Rizzo + Alethea Harampolis.

The camaraderie, mutual respect and collaboration that has developed among the many designers featured in the book is really special. Unlike other fields where competition can be cut-throat, there is a real sense of community among the designers. I’m proud to call many of them my colleagues and friends.


If you haven’t gotten your copy or are on the fence, I promise that In Full Flower does not disappoint. You can buy it online here or through your local bookseller.

All photos courtesy of and copyright Ingalls Photo.


  1. Naomi on

    What are the flowers in the pink arrangement in the opening picture? Especially the name of the pink/cream roses? They are so lovely!

  2. Blooms Only on

    The flowers,flower arrangements and the pictures all are fantastic.Good article which showing good designs for flowers.

  3. Darrell Bofferding on

    It is great to see that other Floral artists are using garden grown flowers .I stated doing this in 1980 and still designing them know from our garden in Cal. Blessings to you all . Gregor Lersch from Holland and I were designing like this in 1987 and I am still doing them at our shop today at 80 years old my grandfather showed me how to grow them and my father started me designing at 10 yr’s old have been in floral designing and teaching since 1985 and going strong still. Thank you for The Columbian where I saw your creative arrangements .
    Darrell Bofferding AIFD

  4. Linda Edwards on

    The beauty of your flower images really do something to me. Whenever I open your blog or see it on Facebook I immediately feel good.

  5. Vea McDonald on

    Your beautiful photography feeds my soul. Thanks for giving me something to feast on.

  6. Elisha on

    Beautiful pics, beautiful flowers, as always. Looking forward to checking out the book. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Vanessa Vernham on

    Thanks Erin, another beautiful blog post, seriously they just get better and better what beauty! Such gorgeous photo, will have to look out for this gorgeous tome.


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