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January 19th 2011

Greening Up

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still a little small to reach the handle


Soil builder cover crop mix from Peaceful Valley Farm Supply


the kids loading up


working hard. Jasper seeded half an acre with that little hand held seeder


rye and oats taking hold.


fava beans,oats, barley , peas, vetch, rye and a few sneaky larkspur.



The cover crop is finally getting rooted in and putting on some growth. It should be much farther along than this but it was a hectic fall and lots of things fell through the cracks. We rely heavily on the extra fertility and protection this winter crop gives to the soil . I’ve been crossing my fingers we’d get a little stretch of warmth to encourage some added growth.
Chris and I  were so consumed with digging Dahlias and getting all of the bulbs in the ground this fall that the kids were put in charge of sowing the cover crop seeds. They did an amazing job! I love seeing their hard work springing to life.

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