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December 21st 2010

Forcing Paper Whites

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There nothing easier and more rewarding than forcing a batch of Paper Whites in the darkest days of winter. Every year around this time as I start really craving a little life in the house these beauties save the day!
Normally I plant them in weathered vintage pots complete with soil but this year I opted for quick and easy.


A quick trip to our local nursery provided me with a big sack of Paper White bulbs


Ack, I know! This summer we were so slammed that I didn’t have a chance to make it to the beach for smooth rocks. I reluctantly bought bagged,polished rocks from the wholesaler ( China ) for a beach themed wedding. Yuck! This seemed the perfect opportunity to get rid of the last traces of this embarrassing moment!

I took a nice large cylinder vase and filled it half full of stones.
Then squeezed in as many bulbs as would fit.
Poured  water in up to the base of the bulbs
And Voila! Now I’ll tuck  them in a warm bright spot and in a few week the house will be filled with fragrance!


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