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January 20th 2011

Flowers Are In

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I order flowers in occasionally, mostly during wedding season or when a requested element isn’t flowering in my garden. I just love when the boxes arrive! So full of promise and beauty.
While everything in this load was in decent condition , I had a moment of major  compassion for all the floral designers out there who rely solely on ordered in product to do their work. It must be quite stressful to have to make do with whatever lands in your lap! I often get less than desirable product from the wholesaler but am lucky to be able to dash out to the field and find back up. I can’t imagine not having that luxury!
Now in the dead of winter, with a big project in the works and a completely bare garden I am counting my blessings more than usual!

beautiful batch of Roses from Peter Kort


Two exquisite Japhette Orchids.
Described as a delicate, bird-like, slightly longer lasting type of Cattleya orchid


Peach Ranunculus, my favorite color!


tiny flower heads, but in pretty decent condition despite their long, dry journey





Maidenhair Fern makes a lovely cut foliage!So delicate and beautiful, these will add movement and grace to the bouquets.


a beautiful load of loveliness!


Dragon checking out the goods.


  1. Catherine on

    I discovered your blog last week and would like to include a post about you. Maybe few pictures and a link to your blog. Would it be ok with you ?


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