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August 11th 2018

Turning Heads in New Zealand: Zoe Field’s Garden Fresh DIY Flower Crowns

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For this third post in our special blog series that looks at new and creative ways local flowers are being used, I wanted to re-connect with Zoe Field at Field of Roses in New Zealand to learn more about her “flower crown boxes.” [Read my previous {Farmer}and the Florist Interview with Zoe here and be sure to catch up on the first two segments of this seasonal design series featuring Holly Chapple and Susan McLeary.]

Earlier this year, Zoe posted a stunning photo of all the ingredients needed to create your own flower crown on her gorgeous Instagram feed. While flower crowns have been popular for a few years now, I was intrigued by the creative way she offers DIY packages and promotes them for clients: complete with pretty printed instructions, snips, wire, hand dyed silk ribbons, and flowers freshly harvested by hand from her cutting garden.  flower crown DIY field of roses on Floret Blog

“The idea for our flower crown box came after I threw my friend a bridal shower,” she explained. “A big group of girls, coming together, all from different stages of the bride’s life. There’s always that initial awkward part, but as soon as we started making the crowns, playing with flowers and creating together it broke the ice. We had so much fun, so I wanted a way to recreate and share the fun we’d had that night. I’m not confident at speaking in front of large groups, so a package with everything that they need to have a great night developed organically. It incorporated two of my passions, photography and flowers, and also meant I could reach a larger audience.”

flower crown box from field of roses on Floret Blog

Each DIY flower crown kit arrives with all the tools needed, hand dyed silk ribbons a generous selection of beautiful flowers from Field of Roses, plus detailed instructions with photos that take the client step by step through their flower crown creations.

“The feedback so far has been incredible,” Zoe shared. “We started out offering the flower crown box locally, but we now have it available throughout the North Island of New Zealand, with overnight freight and packaged in thermal boxes to keep the flowers chilled and fresh till they arrive at their doorstep.”

flower crown tools from field of roses on Floret Blog
flower crown party by field of roses on Floret Blog

Flower crown boxes not only provide Zoe and her family with a unique, value-added product to sell alongside their cut flowers, the kits provide consumers with an interactive and fun activity for birthdays, bachelorette parties (or “hen parties” as they are called in New Zealand) baby showers or simply used as an excuse to get your friends together. What a wonderful way local, seasonal blooms are part of celebrating some of life’s most meaningful events and milestones!

Field of Roses website

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  1. Siana jennings on

    Hello there . I hope all is well, my sister is getting married In Feb 2023 in Auckland and I’m living in Europe trying to organize her bachelorette party.
    The concept is midsommar, so everyone will
    Wear white and the pop of colour will be the flowers. What I would like to have is a flower station where we can make flower head bands. Do you think this is something you could assist me with?

    I’m still narrowing down the details , but I would say max 20 pax at the event ,

    Looking forward to hearing from you.

    All the best.


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