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December 16th 2015

Floret’s favorites: farmer-florist toolbelt

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Floret_Farmer-Florist Toolbelt-179
UPDATE:  Floret farmer-florist toolbelts now available in the Floret Shop. SHOP NOW. Last fall I traveled to North Carolina to work on an epic farm-to-table wedding. There are farm-to-table weddings for foodies, and then there are farm-to-table weddings for farmers. For this particular farm-to-table fete, the farmer grew the vegetables used in the side dishes, raised and butchered the chickens for the meal, grew flowers for centerpieces and helped to design the barn for the reception. This incredibly talented farmer also happened to be the bride. And that bride also happened to be one of my dear friends.

An entire team of farmer-florists came together (we named ourselves the Flower Brigade!) to design all of the florals for this very special wedding. Using fresh cut foliage and flowers, we created hundreds of feet of lush garland and boughs to frame the doorways, bannisters and windows of the barn. Flowers dripped from the chandeliers and giant urns overflowed with dogwood, sweetgum and maple branches that the bride’s father had harvested from the farm’s dense woodlots. There were flowers and foliage–literally–everywhere in this barn. It was absolutely stunning.

Floret_Farmer-Florist Toolbelt-01
At the start of the massive set-up, one of the flower brigade members, Mandy from 3 Porch Farm, rolled in with a truck full of fresh material from her farm and one of the best presents I’ve ever received: a handmade tool belt from a North Carolina-based artisan who specialized in working with leather, Wheeler Munroe.  It was from that point forward that my floral design world was forever rocked. I had seen Mandy wearing a tool belt  in a lot of her photos, and was always curious. I wondered if it would be stiff and heavy or just too bulky….but after slipping it around my waist and wearing it for just a few moments I forgot it was even there.

The Flower Brigade worked together for three long days getting everything ready for the ceremony, and I have to say that tool belt saved my bacon. There were a lot of moving parts and a lot of hands on deck and thanks to the tool belt, I never once lost my clippers. Or misplaced my phone. (For those that know me well, this is no small feat when I’m working alone, much less when there were so many helping hands involved.) I saved untold quantities of time otherwise lost to looking for my misplaced tools because I had everything right on my body at all times. The entire crew was so thrilled with the belts, that by the end of the event, everyone had ordered one from Wheeler.

After getting my first tool belt, I became borderline evangelical about them.  (I swear I am not exaggerating when I say this belt changed my life!)  At workshops I was constantly taking mine off and letting ladies try it on. I shared with Wheeler the excitement being generated and she agreed to make a specially-designed tool belt for Floret. Based on the tools I use daily, I had her make a few minor modifications to her design in order to have the “perfect” tool belt for farmer-florists.  Wheeler and I went back and forth, with photos, measurements, samples, a million texts and finally settled on an ideal design.

Floret_Farmer-Florist Toolbelt-03
Our little collaboration resulted in the Floret tool belt by Wheeler Munroe.  This awesome tool belt is specially designed for farmer-florists and sits perfectly on your hip and holds everything you need: pruners, snips or scissors, a phone, two pens and either a towel or rose stripper attached to a retractable lanyard.  Each one is crafted with Wheeler’s own two hands and a lot of love, right here in the good ‘ole U. S. of A.

There are a few people that are a little intimidated by them—maybe because they look like a gun holster. But once you slip one on, you’ll understand why I get so excited about them.  They’re comfortable, they’re badass; but most of all they’re super duper practical.  No more lost phone.  No more pruners blowing out of your back pocket.  No more hunting for floral snips or a pen.

The Floret tool belt by Wheeler Munroe is available in brown or black leather and with right-handed and left-handed options. They have been flying out the door for the holidays and we only have a few right-handed versions in both colors still in stock, with more coming in early January. So, if this baby is on you holiday wish list, you better snag it before Friday to ensure delivery by Christmas.

Floret_Farmer-Florist Toolbelt-148

When people ask us what our favorite tools are, Chris says the tractor.  I say my tool belt!


  1. Mary on

    I love the belt, but I can’t figure out how to fasten it and what to do with the excess! Any pics or advice?

  2. Ali on

    I purchased a floral belt at the July Floret workshop and it has blown me away. After a decade plus of flower farming, I think it’s one of the most essential tools you can have. Don’t hesitate, get one. You won’t regret it! And best of all, you’re supporting a true American artisan.

  3. Robin on

    Please email when you have a brown right-hipped belt back in stock :)

    • Floret on

      Hi Robin! More belts should be available in early January. We have a waiting list to be on it– be sure to email Jill info [at} to make sure you’re on it!

  4. Erica van Emmerik on

    I see you are out of brown right-hipped belts, will you be getting more in? After Christmas is fine, it is a present for myself!

  5. Jenn Henry on

    I took the plunge and purchased one at the Floret workshop in August. Worth every penny! I love love love it and can’t imagine working with out it now!

  6. wasabi honey bee on

    Ooo, looks brilliant! I love tool belts, I never have had my own, but I’ve borrowed my dad’s and felt so legit and on point… with a pencil behind the ear too : )


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