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January 8th 2015

2015 Floret Workshop Scholarships

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erinwalkI’m so excited to finally be able to share the details for our second annual Floret workshop scholarship opportunity! This year we’re offering TWO scholarships, one for each of the late season workshops.

One lucky winner will get a free seat at our design-focused Seasonal Floral Intensive which will take place during peak dahlia season–August 28, 29, & 30.

The other lucky winner will get a free registration to our Farmer-Florist Intensive which is slated for September 25, 26 & 27.

floretfieldshotThe Floret workshops are my pride and joy and they are the highlight of the season for our entire team. Normally not open to the public, during these classes we open the doors to our little farm and design studio to give you a personalized, behind-the-scenes tour of where we grow, live and create all of the flowery magic. Over the course of the three-day workshops, I share all our best growing tips and nature-inspired design techniques and answer any burning flower-related question. Nothing is sacred or off limits during these three days. Attendees can ask anything, try anything, see anything.

Floret’s workshops sell-out quickly (both Spring workshops are completely full with growing waiting lists and only a handful of seats remain for the August and September dates) but we’ve saved two seats, one at each of the late season workshops for two very lucky scholarship winners.

campanulaI know better than anyone how tricky it can be to break away from day-to-day life and invest in yourself. During the early years of business every penny counts and when you’re brand new, it can seem impossible to gather the needed funds, supplies and support to move forward towards your dream.

I started Floret with a thousand dollar loan from my Mom, a used wheelbarrow, a shovel, a few clumps of dahlias given to me by a friend and a head full of dreams. It was years before I felt like I was in a place that I could invest in my own education and ultimately myself. I spent far too long overworking and trying to prove that I was worth investing in, but no matter how hard I worked or how well I did, I never kept my word to myself and followed through on my hands-on education. Everything I learned came from books, articles, emails and chat boards.

floretbackfieldI was extremely fortunate to have some of the industries most talented leaders generously take me under their wings, answer my questions, share their hard-earned knowledge and essentially mentor me as I tried to follow my heart. At the time I was still scraping together enough money to cover our monthly grocery budget. Attending a workshop was out of the question! We truly couldn’t afford it.

Then one day I got an email that said that if I could get myself there, I could attend a workshop with one of my all time biggest floral heroes for just the cost of supplies. I’ll never forget that day. I sat at my desk and wept. It had been such a long, hard journey up to that point and I was on the verge of quitting. That experience transformed what I thought was possible in life and it was a huge turning point for me. I vowed that day that if I ever had anything of value that I could share with someone else who needed a leg up, I’d pay it forward, always. I can’t tell you how incredible it is to have the opportunity to pass along something that will hopefully make a difference in another persons life.

I’ve invited last years scholarship winners to share a little bit about their experience applying, winning and attending in hopes of giving you the courage to go out on a limb and apply yourself.


BeccaBlueThe following is from~Becca Blue, Becca Blue Flowers, Chicago IL

“I only told my husband I was applying for the scholarship. I didn’t want anyone else to know- not just because I hated the thought of not getting it, and then having to tell everyone I told I didn’t get it (because that was huge!) but because this was something so special and so dear to my heart, I thought if I told anyone else what I was doing – that I was trying to achieve a dream – then there was no way it could ever possibly come true. It would just remain a daydream. I was afraid to try for it…but even more afraid of not trying at all. I put my heart on an email, and my flowers in a picture and kissed it, and wished hard on it and sent it- before I could rewrite, or redo or rearrange.

Finding out that Erin picked me- well, honestly it still seems more like a dream than reality. (Or a joke that she somehow emailed the wrong person….) For the life of me I don’t know why she chose me- but I cannot tell a lie, I am forever grateful that she did.Waiting to leave for Seattle- I will tell you- I cried. In the plane. Before takeoff. To myself. For myself, perhaps. I know for me- and I think for most women- we give and we give and we give until we have absolutely nothing left for ourselves, and dang- how long can you run on empty? Sitting there on the plane I was just on the tip of understanding that I was about to get a refill. August 19th, 2014 was one of the best days of my life. The best. How often do you get to say that?

Yes, I had the Floret team, the flowers, (oh the flowers!) and the farm- a fantastic foundation for learning- and new friends but what I really found was…me. I was completely unprepared to meet her. I (re)discovered that I kind of like her and what she can do. I wasn’t ready for that kind of experience- nor did I know how desperately my spirit needed it. I think everyone, should you ask them, takes a little something different away from the workshop. For me, it was self-discovery, on a multitude of levels. I will never be the same.

Now that I am home- back in the routine of the day to day, if you look past the floral designer and the mom and the wife that is here, and just at the girl you will see there is a fire- a desire- a quest that needs to be fulfilled within me that didn’t burn quite so brightly before my time at Floret. I have found that I am on a fantastic (flower) journey that is just beginning- and I am not sure where it is going to take me quite yet, but I am so ready to find out. Anais Nin wrote, “And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.” and it is so true. How do you ever say thank you for being given the opportunity to bloom?”

ChloeRoyThe following is from Chloe Roy, Flora Mama Quebec, Canada

“I had never made a bouquet before! Imagine how grateful I was to have been choose to attend THE worskshop, Floret’s workshop! I was starting my own flower farm with no money, no experience, only a handful of books to help me and, well, a whole lot of courage!! (yes, I could add; not much of mental health…!) I applied for the workshop with the feeling that I would never be chosen and a kind of grimace on my face, knowing it was in the middle of May, during seedling time and that it was 3029 miles away. Also with a little bit of shyness due to my inexperience compared to others, struggling to figure which questions I would ask.

Well, it turned out I was chosen!! Attending Floret’s workshop made a huge difference for me in terms of demystifying things. I had devoured all of Erin’s post on the blog and scanned every single picture trying to catch all the details of Floret’s magic. But then, being on the farm is another story. I took my antennas out and tried to absorb as much information as possible, ask as many questions as I could with my little experience and took notes on all of the techniques, spacings, varieties, equipment, etc…I also had the chance to put my hands on tons of marvelous flowers, to finally start to sharpen my fingers on the bouquet making thing. It was an awesome experience learning so many good tricks from the team. It sure was a leap forward over many possible mistakes for me.

Back home I was much more confident in myself about ways of doing things on both sides of flower farming; in the field and the design studio. It has been in the many little details that I’ve noticed Floret’s tips popping out in my work all season. I still have A LOT to learn but through this experience gave me many great skills to rock this crazy project of being a flower farmer out!”

larkspur1After receiving hundreds of applications and questions last year, we’ve worked really hard to streamline the process and make it as straightforward as possible, but here are a few other important details you should note:

*Applications are due no later than 12 noon PST on January 17, 2015. Due to the volume of applications and our limited staff, we cannot accept late entries. Sorry, no exceptions.

*The scholarship does not include lodging or travel costs to Mount Vernon, Washington (one hour north of Seattle). While we will feed the winners, transport them to and from the hotel where we have a great block room rate and treat them to the class, they must be able to cover their own travel and accommodations.

*If you already registered for a 2015 Floret workshop and wish to apply for a scholarship, you are more than welcome to do so. If you win, you will be credited the full cost of tuition.

*Only complete applications will be considered for a scholarship. Please be sure to fill out all of the questions and upload your photo as part of the application.  If a question doesn’t apply to you (i.e. you don’t have a website) you may answer N/A.

*You do not need to be currently employed in the floral field to apply.  Scholarships are open to “dreamers” and creatives as well as established flower farmers and floral designers.

*The winners will be notified by email and announced publicly here on the blog on or before January 31.


godetiaFinally, I would like to ask for a HUGE favor. Would you please share this opportunity with anyone that you feel would benefit? With your friends, a family member, your Facebook friends, your Instagram followers, inside your flower community or on a industry bulletin board? Be sure to use the hashtag #floretworkshopscholarship if you’re on Twitter or Instagram so we can follow along as you share.

I look forward to reading your applications and thanks in advance for spreading the word!


  1. Riana on

    Kindly give me your information about workshop and scholarship. Really want to joint your workshop. Thanks

  2. Deborah Milo on

    I am what you would call a new kid on the block. Although I have grown up with flowers all of my life because of my mother’s love and passion for all things floral, I did not appreciate them until I had my own little garden years later. Now in my 50’s I have come to love flowers and must have them surrounding me all the time. my desire is to learn to design beautiful natural, flee-flowing organic floral arrangements. If for no other reason than to bless others with what I learn. Besides, I want to honor my mom and thank her for the countless long hours she spent just sitting in her garden.

    Thank you.

  3. Virginia on

    I feel like such an idiot! When you announced the scholarship, I was immediately off to the races, filling out the form. I never even bothered to fully read the accompanying blogpost until now. And that’s when I just saw that BeccaBlue closed out her comments with the same quote that I used in my application! I feel just like when the teacher gave us that trick test where you have to read all the directions before putting pencil to paper (because it tells you not to put pencil to paper)! I have to say though that if there’s any quote that bears repeating, it’s that one :)

  4. Carmen on

    I have been dreaming of flowers since I was just a little girl. At the age of three and a half I was living in foster care in the state of Texas and remember my foster mother brought home a few flower plants for the front planter box. She explained how care and love would enable these plants to flourish. For my young mind this I translated this into being a good mama. To this day this is how I treat my garden, each plant is a personality a child that I gathered and chose to care for. My plants represent a time a place and even people I knew as many of my plants came from previous clients. I have rhubarb and moss rose from my dear client Pearl who is now passed (a nurse during her career, she worked at Alcatraz prison) she was 95 and blind but for the color blue so I planted a blue garden, I have raspberry plants and geranium from my favorite horticulture teacher and it goes on and on so as I move through my garden I am constantly reminded of friends and family. I did not have the space to fit this in my scholarship application but really thought you should know that my passion for flowers started to develop long ago. Within the flower path I’ve chosen to take it would be such an honor to share a kindred flower moment with a individual of your skill and expertise. I know I would learn a lot from this incredible class!

  5. Marisa Underbrink on

    There is nothing more fascinating than the ability flowers have to liven, bring cheer and uplift a mood. I would love to get back to basics and be able to learn more farm to table practices with flowers. It would be a dream come true to pursue my own business in this field with the inspiration this workshop would provide.

  6. Barbara on

    As I look toward my sunset years and back upon years of very hard labor producing vegetables for farmer markets and a CSA, flowers were always an integral part of the farm. Blooms which still take my breath away, teff grass which whispers in the breeze, bees humming so busy around the tiny insectary I planted. Dreams such as Erin’s which I have now let go turn to a small business of supplying wedding flowers and special bouquets. I would love to increase my knowledge and skill to create the beautiful one of a kind bouquets that a bride will cherish her lifetime. This scholarship would be a joy. Thanks for offering it Erin.

  7. Abby Henry on

    Abby is so passionate about flowers, she is an amazing girl! She is 19 and wants to pursue a career with flowers. She is an amazing photographe, she has 30 thousand followers on Instagram because of her photography. She doesn’t know I am writing this but she would absolutely live the opportunity! Her excitement is amazing

  8. B'z Blooms on

    It will be a dream come true! Can’t wait till January 31 to find out.

  9. Karen Flowers on

    So very excited to apply for this scholarship! What a opportunity! Just wanted to apologize submitting my “draft” applications by accident. I am so sorry it took me a bit to figure out what I was doing wrong and in the process I’m afraid you got multiple submissions from me. So very sorry!! I know you have enough to do right now!
    Thanks so much!!

  10. code.tomlinson on

    Fingers crossed! Thank you for making this opportunity available to everyone and for letting us dream of being there with you while we send in our applications! Hope I get to make the short trip over the border to be there, congratulations to the winners in advance! <3 <3

  11. 2015 Goals | Art Farm on

    […] for businesses in my neighborhood. Work on five weddings. And finally, I’m applying for the Floret Workshop Scholarship and it would be an absolute dream come true to […]

  12. Rene' Friend on

    I am excited just to know you are having workshops on your farm! What type of flowers are the ones you have pictures above, namely the lacy purplish ones and the last pink flowers?

  13. Jenny Rae on

    I cannot even express how absolutely wonderful and generous this opportunity is! I was nearly brought to tears with excitement just at the possibility of being able to see Floret’s flower farm. On one of the gloomiest, coldest days in western NY, I was skipping and jumping with pure joy! If I am lucky enough to win a spot in these workshops, there is no doubt I will be in tears.

  14. Karate on

    Oh, how fantastic! I’m nervous to even apply, but what the heck? I’m stressing a bit about which photo to use, though.. I’m the only one who takes pictures in this family. Haha.

  15. Katie on

    I must start by saying, your “Our biggest giveaway yet” email absolutely made my day today! I skipped home as quickly as I could so that I could write my post! Now, here I am… Just south of you by a few hours in the lovely City of Roses. I’ve been an admirer of Floret Flowers for sometime now. I’m absolutely amazing by the talents of you and your family. It would be an dream to have the opportunity to join one of your workshops! I myself am a budding (pun intended) flower designer and the opportunity to come to your farm and spend time learning from the best would be invaluable. To whom ever is chosen, you are lucky, but if it so happens to be me I will be the happiest girl at the farm! Thank you!

  16. margee on

    You are such an inspiration to so many! Thank you for sharing your amazing gift. Great style in all your designs!

  17. Michelle on

    I was so excited to see this in my feed and what an amazing opportunity you are providing. It would be so wonderful to learn on the farm and soak it all in. You are such an inspiration and I’m keeping my fingers crossed!

  18. Corinne on

    How awesome and generous, you are so encouraging to newbies.

  19. VillageKid on

    What a great chance for two people. I am definitely off to preview the applications and hopefully figure out some way to work this opportunity into our crazy life.

    No matter what I will continue to follow and learn!!

    thanks so much for the opportunity

  20. Jamie Sammons on

    Yay!!!! So excited for another chance!! You know how you are constantly posting about your “floral heroes”… Well it’s safe to say that you are my all time floral idol. Hope to some day be as successful and help others the way you do!
    Jamie Sammons :)

  21. Tali Hamel on

    So funny, today i was taking our dog (and me) for a walk and thinking that i have been so patient waiting for this notice, and what if there wasn’t going to be a notice, or what if i missed it..and i better check in when i get home..and then at home here it is! Yay! So, sent my application, now keeping fingers (and toes crossed). Wondering when we might hear the decision made from applications so i have a date to mind for.
    With Thanks,
    Tali Hamel

    • Floret on

      Tali, winners will be announced by January 31st.

  22. Erin Schwartz on

    I am a new business owner & would love to learn more about how to run a successful business. Plus, learning more floral design technique. I live on 5 acres, and would love to learn more about growing floral on my property. I love the idea of growing product in your own backyard & sharing the blooms with others. Thank yiu

  23. Denise Carlin on

    I love getting your newsletters! Please enter me in your giveaway workshops.
    Thank you,

  24. Kristi on

    What an awesome opportunity. I filled my application out…we’ll see how it goes. Kentucky is a long way from Washington, but your blog and our photographs make our big world just a little bit smaller!! Thank you, you not only have beautiful photographs and stories, but your heart is in the right place too!

  25. Michele DeRose on

    I’m a garden designer who dabbles in both growing flowers and arranging them for myself and others. I live on an acre and a half and would love to add to my business, growing flowers to sell at our farmers market and doing more special occasion arrangements. So coming to a workshop would be both inspirational and educational!


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