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March 7th 2017

The Floret Book Launch Celebration Continues

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It’s been a good news/bad news kind of day.

The bad news is that the tech gremlins reared their ugly heads again.  Our online event host, WebinarJam, informed us that their servers (not ours) went down this morning around the same time as our live webinar.   I can’t make this stuff up!

The Team and I are so bummed that we couldn’t celebrate live with you, but here’s the good news:

A recording of the event is available below. In it, you’ll get a little behind the scenes tour of the farm.  Plus, I’ll share some exciting upcoming events, answer reader questions and give away some goodies.

Watch it below:

More good news: I just learned from my publisher, Chronicle Books, that sales have exceeded all their expectations and they have already ordered their fourth reprint.  Cut Flower Garden has the most pre-orders of any book, of any genre in Chronicle’s history.  That’s all thanks to you and this amazing flower community! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!


The Floret Team and I are going to celebrate!


But first, one final note: we’ve received many emails asking about the book’s availability. We still have limited quantities of signed books available in the Floret Shop.  New orders will ship out early next week.  If you ordered through other online retailers, your book should be on its way within the next week or so if you didn’t already receive it.  Let me know when you get your book by using #floretbook on social media or tagging me on Instagram @floretflower

Happy reading!


  1. Katherine on

    I love your attitude about failure. You are such an inspiration. I am just starting a small cutting garden for myself this spring so this book is so timely – thanks. I would like to someday sell flowers at the end of our road out of a self serve stand. Great webinar! Thanks for sharing.

  2. IRMA141 on

    I was expecting to have the book in my hands on the 7th but NO LIBRO! (insert crying emoji)
    I must be on the 4th reprint list. Congratulations!!
    and I’m super exited about the fall classes as well. YAY!


  3. Killoran Moore on

    A well-earned success! I got my book yesterday and it’s gorgeous. You can really see all the care that went into it. You really can. This is the book I was looking for three or four years ago, when I first stumbled on to flower farming. I’m so happy that it’s been published before I’ve scaled up. Thank you all for your generosity in sharing all that you know!

  4. Sally Jacobs on

    I was notified yesterday that your book has been shipped and I am really looking forward to receiving it! I am not tech savvy and did not realize I could buy the book directly from you. But, I was so happy to be able to figure out how to download the planning guide. Thank you! Congratulations! Enjoyed watching your book launch video. What an amazing team you have. Look forward to virtually watching your future endeavors and wishing you guys much success as you grow ? Sally

  5. Anna Scott on

    Where is your Floret Shop? I live in Mount Vernon and would love to shop at your store.
    Also saw your story today on King 5. So cool.

  6. Jane on

    Wonderful! Long time fan here!

  7. Lori Hernandez on

    Ladies! The book is wonderful. So much heart and soul poured into it.

    My copy arrived today while I was in the middle of planting seeds. Seemed fitting! Within minutes, I had dirt smudged all over the pages. At first I felt a little bad… but then realized this book is going to get a beating! I have a feeling I will be dragging it around with me in the dirt constantly.

    We are starting a U-Pick Flower Garden this year. My husband and I both love being out in the fields picking flowers. It’s so soothing and healing. We realized that other people could benefit from this is as well, especially with our current tense political climate. We all need something that will make us feel whole and human again.

    When we announced the opening of the U-Pick Flower Garden, we received such a wonderful response. We can’t wait to see our gardens full of happy people discovering the joy and wonder of local, sustainably grown flowers.

    Thank you for writing this book, so help us our journey. It is EXACTLY what we needed.

  8. webb on

    Book arrived this afternoon and is LOVELY! So glad you did it, and equally glad i have one! Thanks so much. webb

  9. Wren on

    Just watched the book launch and it was fantastic!!! I am so excited to hear about the 4th printing and all the great press (cannot wait to read everything). I believe your wonderful book will become a classic flower gardening book for generations to come. Thank you for the great gift of your time in sharing your experience with the world.

  10. Jen Hinson on

    I fully just waved at y’all. CONGRATS! The book is amazeballs!

  11. Clara Preciado on

    Even tho I didn’t receive a prize it was the same excited for my question being answered. Thank you lovely.
    I have ordered twice for seeds & they have arrived!!!
    Yay? and just patiently waiting for my book??

    Congrats again for your wonderful privilege Floret Team!!

  12. pam brewer on

    Thanks for the book overview! Have you ever done a blog post on the marketing and selling of flowers? I can grow them, but need the push to get them sold and to market myself (one of the hardest thins foe me to do). Helpful hints are appreciated!

  13. Jennifer Gill on

    To Erin and the Floret team:

    I’m not surprised to learn that they have already planned a fourth printing. Your enthusiasm is contagious – even to someone like me to whom flowers are my therapy. They are cheaper than drugs. I love flowers and have since I was very young. It’s great to find someone who is as enthusiastic about cut flowers as I am.

    Thank you so much for writing your book, growing your flowers, and being so generous about sharing your knowledge. I wish you all the best luck, weather, and crops to come.

    Jennifer G
    Edmonds, WA

  14. Kiera Silva on

    You Did it! I received my pre-ordered copy from Amazon on Monday! I am already almost halfway through it and I went back to West Seattle nursery and bought more seeds! I can’t remember a year when I’ve been so anxious and excited for Spring to arrive. Now if only all this cold and rain would leave. CONGRATS.

  15. Donna Huntley on

    So excited, my book came yesterday! Sadly, it was damaged in shipping from Amazon ?. However, I am getting a new one and have a month to enjoy this beautiful book before I have to send it back! You should be so proud of this amazing journey you have created for us. This is the best garden book I’ve seen and I am thrilled to add it to my collection. I am in love with this book ?. Great team work on the recorded video..never underestimate the ability of the Internet to fail you just when you need it!

  16. Andrea Durst on

    What a wonderfully warm way to start my (still!) snowy Spokane morning. Erin, you and your team are so inspiring and generous. I need to hear (as I am sure we all do) about the failures And the successes- it keeps us going. I am running down to the mailbox to see if it’s here yet! And now I have more sweet peas (!) and online classes to look forward to. Thank you, thank you.

  17. Cindy on

    Such an enthusiastic video to enjoy this morning! Thank you! I can’t wait to make a first purchase of your seeds! ?

  18. Joel Rodker on

    So looking forward to receiving your book. Thank you for sharing.
    Wondering where you got those flowers that surround you at this time of year?

    Big love

    • Team Floret on

      Thanks! The flowers for the party were sent to us from Mayesh.

  19. Debi Miller on

    Just finished watching your recorded webinar. It was like meeting you in person, so I feel like I have a new flower friend! Book hasn’t arrived yet, but I am so looking forward to it! Thank you for sharing all you have learned.

  20. Katie W. on

    The online course would be a life changer for me! My mother and I started a cut flower farm and we are overwhelmingly excited and also terrified at the same time! Thank you for all of your information and talent you spread through the world

  21. Shirley Setia on

    Waoooo…. It’s really wonderful that you have published a book, I will too be glad to read it and enjoy. Really beautiful images. Thanks! Visit https://www.easyflowers.co.in/ and get awesome surprise flowers and cakes for your dear ones and delivery on time.

  22. Jeny De FIgueiredo on

    Online classes!?!?!?!?! Woo Hoo!!!!!!!!! I just got my book yesterday! So very excited to get started! Thanks Erin and team for pouring your heart into all you do! <3

  23. Renee Lynch on

    A big congratulations to you on the huge success in releasing your book. I only found you a week ago and now I see your face and book EVERYWHERE haha. Iv preordered A book and can’t wait for it to make it all the way over here to NSW Australia!! You are such an inspiration and I’m so greatful for all that you share. Thank you xxx

  24. Simone on

    Seeing your smiling faces despite more webtroubles makes me so happy! Congratulations on fulfilling your dreams, working together so beautifully and sharing all your love and hard work so generously. You guys are truly amazing and an inspiration to so many of us dreamers.
    Thank you and I can’t wait to hold my copy in my hands, it is taking a little longer to arrive in Europe, but well worth the wait!

  25. Rhonda on

    Congratulations, Erin & All at Floret – the book looks just wonderful; so exciting waiting for delivery.
    Your generosity of spirit is as inspirational as your great advice – wishing you all good things.

  26. [email protected] on

    Good morning ! What a morning to meet you talking about the book and flowers. Exciting !
    I posted a note to the publisher weeks ago, maybe months, saying I want to sell the book in Sweden in my garden during my Sweetpeafestival. They haven’t answered. Do you think you can help me to get in touch ? I think swedish growers will love what you are doing, just as much as I am !
    Today we are also celebrating ‘Womens Day’. I think you all three are such good examples to the world. Clever, confident and successful ! Go on !

  27. lala on

    I am so excited about your online classes!! Congrats on the book! I received mine today from Amazon. I can’t wait to read it!

  28. lala on

    I am so excited about your online classes!! I got your book today. Can’t wait to read it! Thank you for writing it!!

  29. Elisabeth Ontario on

    Yeah!!!!! So excited for the book!!!! Congratulations on all your hard work! Thank you for sharing the video, the farm tour, the Q & A- all wonderful! It makes me so excited for this growing season and the future of local flowers. I know you have dreams for bigger and more, but now that you have hit this milestone, I hope you take the time to reflect and realize your awesomeness! I was smiling through your whole video! All I can say is love, love, love!!!

  30. Christine Fazio on

    Congrats Floret!!!
    Loved receiving my book today from Amazon & watching your video.
    I can’t live without flowers. Looking forward to all the new books, blogs, varieties, etc that you will share with your flower family.

  31. Jontal on

    I’m sure you’ve been asked this before, so I’m sorry for a repeat question, but is there a particular place to order from that benefits you more?

    • Team Floret on

      Hi Jontal,
      Thanks for your question. I don’t know if that particular question has been asked before, but I suppose the outlet that best benefits Floret (at this point in the game) is direct through our website. (Plus, we still have a few in stock, whereby other outlets are already out of stock because of the brisk sales!) Thank you for asking!

  32. William on


    Congratulations on all of your and your team’s achievements, and for setting the ceiling in your profession/discipline/industry for excellence.

    Speaking of excellence, may I suggest that you apply for the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award; you deserve it! See:

    I learned about you and Floret Flowers from a contemporary of yours, Barb Rietscha, of Stow (MA) Greenhouses. It was when I discovered her flowers, and later read about Barb and her business, that I learned about you and Floret Flowers.

    Wishing you much success, and good health.

  33. Breanna & Bibi Sproule on

    Wonderful job Erin and ladies!! Loved all that you shared! So glad to hear you’re working on the online classes for the fall – that’s so great!!! We appreciate all the knowledge you share so freely and we wish you all the best for this upcoming growing season!!

  34. Lindsey on

    So proud of you Erin! The book is simply gorgeous and packed with info! Congrats to Floret Team and to all the winners of the giveaway!
    Blessings, Lindsey

  35. Allison on

    So inspiring and fun! Just what I needed as I start my baby seedlings. Feeling very thankful that you and your team share your time tested knowledge and ideas in such a generous way. Congratulations on your new book!!

  36. Diane Miller on

    Well done. Congratulations to you and your great team!!! Thank You for your hard work.

  37. Jane Johnson on

    I want to double check that I placed an order for your book. Not sure if through you or Amazon…….I don’t seem to have a receipt so am double checking. Thank you!

  38. Danielle Schami on

    Congratulations! Very exciting. You’ve worked hard for this.


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