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January 31st 2019

Celebrating 5 Years of The Farmer & the Florist Interview Series

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Five years ago this month, I published a blog post that featured a little interview with a flower farmer that I had met at a workshop. At the time, I simply wanted to learn more about her farm and I thought blog readers might find her story interesting as well. That interview led to another. And another. And another. Soon after, the Farmer & the Florist interview series took root.

The series now spans more than 30 interviews with farmers, florists, authors, artists and entrepreneurs, including some of the biggest names and brightest talent in the flower world.

While some of the people profiled had clear, direct career paths, others were less conventional. Compiled together, their stories represent a depth of knowledge and a broad array of philosophies and business models. With honesty and humor, the conversations cross three continents and give readers a glimpse into the fascinating, flower-filled lives of these amazing people.

RanunculusTo celebrate the 5th anniversary of The Farmer & the Florist Series, I’ve listed and linked all the previously published interviews below. Plus, every Thursday for the next five weeks I’ll be posting an all new interview.

Next week, I’m thrilled to be welcoming back one of the most influential and well-respected leaders in the flower world: the renowned author, teacher and floral designer Ariella Chezar. We’ll be talking about her farm, her travels around the world teaching floral design and her newest book, Seasonal Flower Arranging.

Other upcoming interviews include:

  • Claus Dalby, famed Danish garden book author
  • Becky Crowley, the lead gardener at Chatsworth House, the estate of the Duke and Duchess of Devonshire
  • Lily Stockman, the talented artist behind Block Shop Textiles
  • Nicole Land, floral designer, teacher and owner of Soil and Stem
  • Gracie Poulson, the founder of one of the fastest growing flower farm businesses in the United States, Grace Rose Farm

Farmer & The Florist Interview Series Collage

Catch up on all of the past The Farmer & the Florist Interviews by following the links below.

Note: titles with brackets around {Farmer} indicate interviews with growers; interviews with floral designers are noted with brackets around {Florist}.

The {Farmer} & the Florist Interviews: FLOWER FARMERS

Farmhand Flowers
Fivefork Farms
The Real Flower Company 
Peterkort Roses
Santa Cruz Dahlias

The {Farmer} & the Florist Interviews: FARMER-FLORISTS

The Blue Carrot
Field of Roses
Green and Gorgeous
Haute Horticulture
The Monkey Flower Group
Moonflower at 3 Porch Farm
Sunny Meadows Flower FarmFloret-Farmer-Florist-Interview collageThe Farmer & the {Florist} Interviews: FLORAL DESIGNERS

Amy Merrick
Ariella Chezar
Holly Heider Chapple 
Joshua Werber
La Musa de las Flores
Philosophy Flowers
McKenzie Powell 
Morgan Allender
Studio Choo
White Magnolia Designs

Farmer-Florist InterviewThe Farmer & the Florist Interviews: FLOWER FRIENDS + SPECIAL FEATURES

Debra Prinzing
Holly Heider Chapple
Flora Forager
Flower House 
La Musa de las Flores
Ponderosa & Thyme
Sarah Raven

Finally, I’d love to know what has been your favorite interview? Do you have a recommendation on someone you’d like to see featured in a future interview?

Please share your thoughts in the comments below. Please note: If your comment doesn’t show up right away, sit tight, we have a spam filter that requires we approve most comments before they are published.

Enjoy the interviews!


  1. Edward James on

    Great blog post, thanks for sharing such great stories of lovely florists up here. Flowers always make me feel good, needless to say I’m a florist too. I can totally relate to the blog and the amazing people talked about here.

  2. Kari Parks on

    Thank you for sharing these fellow flower stories. This is a valuable opportunity to learn from one another. May I recommend my inspirational step-mom, Karen Crabtree. Karen is a veteran at Seattle’s Pike Place Market. A local flower farmer in OSO, Washington. A widowed mother of 9 and entrepreneur of Crystal Bouquet. She has an incredible story and a beautiful sole!

  3. Marlene on

    Love giving away (and of course getting) Old Fashion Carnations!

  4. Teresa Ayers on

    I’d recommend Pear Street flowers in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

  5. Pamela on

    Happy birthday, Erin! Thank you for making all of this inspiration available to us all in this way.
    As you look ahead to further articles, I would love to see an interview with Amanda Luu and Ivanka Matsuba of Studio Mondine, Ashley Beyer of Tinge, Nicolette Owen of Nicolette Camille Floral, Fallon Shea, floral designer and rose grower, and Sarah Winward. Looking forward to everything that you share of your own life and teachings, as well!

  6. Ray Hurt on

    Very informative. Thanks


  7. Clair H on

    Probably impossible to find him, but there is a semi-secret dahlia farm in Federal Way, WA(might be in Auburn, it’s right on the border). He grows an insane amount of dahlias, and his place is kind of hidden off the road. He sold bunches for $5 for a long time, but his customers told him he needed to go up to 8! The sweetest fellow. I remember when I discovered his place, it was the most magical thing I had ever seen. I get flowers from him as often as I can!

  8. Radhika on

    Laura from Garden Answer

  9. Beth Glenn on

    Jenny Love, is an urban flower farmer in Philadelphia. She is a gifted teacher, grower and designer who lives by the principals of sustainability for all living creatures, creating community, giving back to the world and nurturing future flower farmers.

  10. Kellie on

    Chatsworth!! I lived in the Peak District and although the house was grand, I LOVED the gardens so much more. So excited for that interview!

  11. Renée on

    Wonderful interviews………I really enjoyed reading ALL of the floral designer interviews. Thank you !

  12. Linda Piper on

    So inspiring! I love the Floret blog and all the networking to beautiful florists around the world! Thank You!

  13. Joya on

    What a delightful treat. So inspired by your blog, and your quest to make the rhapsody of flowers attainable for casual backyard gardeners. Planting Sweet Peas on Feb 14th and looking forward to more posts in the weeks ahead. Grazie Mille!

  14. Anne Ferguson on

    If you don’t already know of Ingrid Fatelle Lee and her inspirational book; JOYFUL, allow me the pleasure of introducing the two of you,
    I am one of the perhaps millions? of folk who love color, in any form. And you both spread such joy in doing what you are so good at.
    I look forward with great delight in reading the interviews.
    With grateful thanks for all that you and your family do, Erin!!
    Anne Ferguson

  15. Bonnie on

    I’m so excited to have received this post. I have gone ahead and shared it to the Joegardener group to which I belong. I am sure there will be plenty of members eager to read this interviews.

  16. Alex on

    Grace Rose Farm would be a great interview!

  17. Eileen Kenny on

    I’m so excited to get reading some of this and those of the next five weeks. Something good to look forward to!

  18. Shannon King on

    Ohhhhh Chatsworth! I dream of visiting there. For the gardens, for the house, for the history. I can’t wait for that interview!

  19. Laura on

    Oh yay, I love these! And after looking at the links, it seems I have missed a few interviews. More to catch up on! Thanks for bringing back more, I’m excited for the lineup you have coming. :D No recommendations come to mind but I’ll think on it.


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