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March 16th 2011

Falling Short

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Over the past week I have been scrambling to keep my head above water. I knew it would happen, that the list would be longer than I could possibly manage but the madness seems to be hitting so much earlier than I remember and it has taken me a bit off guard.
In the midst of all the scrambling I have unintentionally let this space slip and it’s really eating away at me. Last fall when I set out to document life here on “the farm” I had a personal goal of posting consistently, every weekday, no matter what. And up until last week I successfully met my goal.
I had no idea how much this simple act would transform the way I see the world. Now instead of blowing through days, rushing from one task to the next, I am much more thoughtful, always looking and seeing in a different way. The process has changed me in ways I couldn’t imagine.
With the absence of posting for just a few days, my world seems somewhat less alive, and my approach, much less intentional. So while things are kicking into high gear around here and I have no idea how I’ll keep everything balanced, I am determined to find a way to have it all.
Yesterday I harvested the first Tulips. The first hour of picking quite dull and lonely but after I found my rhythm, where I stopped having to think about my next move and my body just took over, this amazing groundedness washed over me. With so much time the past few months huddled in the house thinking, planning and plotting I had forgotten how much being outside, in nature, with the flowers helps me find my center.


  1. Alicia on

    beautiful tulips! They are very long!

  2. Happy Homemaker UK on

    Sounds very zen picking tulips. Thrilled to have found your blog – your newest fan, XOLaura

  3. anastasia on

    it's odd, isn't it? how blogging changes the way you see things, makes you slow down, take more pictures, and ponder what about life you'd like to share. it's my favorite part of all this blogging business.

  4. Floret Flowers on

    Thanks guys!!

    Overlooking Mississippi, it worked!! Ha,ha. That so made my day :) Thanks a million!!!

  5. Florist in the Forest on

    I know exactly what you mean, sometimes there just aren't enough hours.
    But when you do find the time, your posts are hugely inspiring to a small scale grower and I always look forward to them whether it be daily or weekly!
    And I've got to ask how do you get your anemones so tall, mine seem so mini in comparison?!
    Enjoy your time with nature.

  6. Overlooking Mississippi on

    No worries, sure looks like a lot to do in that cute flower farm..I look forward to your posts-always puts a smile on my face. :)

    BTW, maybe you just haven't had time to edit the blog or don't want to, but I figured I'll tell you anyway :)
    You can adjust the width of the blog by going to the design tab, select template designer,and select adjust width.

  7. Kelsey Lightfoot on

    Don't worry! We will always wait for your next post! Love the tulips, they look so long & stunning!

  8. webb on

    Maybe it's not you, but some factor in the air. I have not posted much recently either. I just don't feel like it. No excuse. Maybe I just need a break – maybe you do.

    But the tulips rock!! Maybe just working with them will get you back in focus. I am hoping that three warm days in a row (hence the ability to work outside – even if it's just cleaning up the beds) will center me again.

    Good luck!

  9. flwrjane on

    Glad to see you back again.

    Sometimes reality gets too busy to let us go virtual. It happens. When I'm too busy to post, I almost feel too guilty to read. That's crazy residual Catholic guilt for me.

    Enjoy your busy yet rewarding work.

    We're all here whether you miss a day of two.

    It's incredible when you get in the zone though isn't it? The closest I've ever come to Zen.

    xo jane

  10. Belinda @ Wild Acre on

    It is amazing how a few hours with my hands in the earth, with natural beauty around me, brings peace and perspective too. So many people feel this way, I wonder what is going on in our heads and hearts when we are gardening?? Your tulips are lush.


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