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April 12th 2011

Empty Nest

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When it comes to growing flowers I often feel like an overprotective, hovering mother who has been planning her children’s life from conception. Getting them enrolled into the perfect preschool, after school tutors and activities, straight A’s, the finest college. You know the type, a total stress case.


This spring the Tulips sent me into controlling mother overdrive. I’d pace the rows, examine leaves, have Chris look REALLY close “do you see that!? Is it a disease!?,” pace some more, fret, wring my hands, give them another batch of compost tea, do breathing exercises. Oh God, I’m sure Chris was about to commit me! While a beautiful, amazing crop, the Tulips certainly brought out an unpleasant aspect of my personality!


It’s that way every time I take a big risk and wade into somewhat unknown waters. Last year we grew 1,500 Tulips, this year 10,000. BIG difference! While it’s understandable to be a bit nervous when undertaking a big growth spurt, I seriously need to figure out how to chill !


But now my babies have left the nest and while it is a HUGE relief to see them venture off into the world to do their work, I can’t help but miss them.

The once full rows in the greenhouse are now scattered with wilted leaves, ready to be cleaned out and replanted. Sigh….  


  1. webb on

    10,000 and I am too far for even one! oh, how I love tulips! Congrats on your good crop.

  2. Adirondack Flower Farm on

    I know how you feel. Last summer I grew a few hundred glad bulbs for market and this season I will be growing 11,000 glad bulbs! Your tulips are beautiful. Your such an inspiration! : )

  3. flwrjane on

    And who could blame you? Big cash crop, hge amount of work and worry.

    Glad you were successful and as ever I wish I was within buying distance.

    xo jane

  4. Belinda @ Wild Acre on

    I understand this feeling hugely even though I haven't made the scary sized investment- especially acutely at the start of the season I feel so neurotic about how long the flowers will last, have I picked them at exactly the right stage, will my buyers look after them, honestly it is a bit loopy and I do wish I could be a calmer Kermit!! Infact I breathed a little sigh of relief seeing your green bud tulips since my latest worry was would my only just showing purple tulips open for my customers! Anyway I feel both reassured my worries are not totally abnormal, but wishful for a tad less anxiety! Your flowers are so lush and so long stemmed, I am openmouthed in admiration from across the Pond!x

  5. botanical brouhaha on

    What a beautiful harvest! You mothered them well and I can't imagine how many people will smile over your 10,000 tulips!

  6. The Monkey Flower Group on

    Gorgeous. Congratulations on bringing in such a huge and beautiful harvest. Everything looks so tidy, fresh, and cheerful!

    I envy the designers and other luckies who will get their hands on your baby tulips- no doubt they will continue to be loved and coddled for many more days, bringing beauty and joy in return. Hurray!


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