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November 30th 2012

december photo project

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I love the simplicity and structure of the December Photo Project. One photo, everyday, for the first 25 days of the month. Typically December is one of the hardest for me creatively. The dark, the cold, the drizzly weather, the depressing lack of flowers.

Right now there is ample time for creative exploration but little in the way of subject material or passion. So to bring in a much needed kick in the ass, I’ll be joining in the fun again this year.

If you want to play along, head on over to Treadways for the scoop. Leave a comment and a link if you decide to take the plunge!!! 

You’ll be glad you did, I promise!


  1. Heather L. on

    My mom talked me into taking the challenge. :) We'll see how it goes!!

  2. Botanique on

    I love this! Just signed up and posted my first photo :)

  3. Bare Mtn Farm on

    I am giving it a try since I have a new camera, nothing fancy, but need to learn how to use it. Sounds like a FUN challenge!

  4. Laurie (Fleurie) on

    In my area, it seems winter will never get here and stay, it's been way too warm.
    I take several photos every day anyway, so maybe this will focus my creativity on some better shots. Thanks for sharing/

  5. Tamar on

    Great idea! I think I'm going to try it.


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