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December 11th 2016

Dahlia Color Palettes

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Finding dahlia varieties with the perfect muted colors that designers can actually use in their high end floral work has been an ongoing quest here at Floret. Slowly, and through a ton of trialing, our collection of treasures has been steadily growing.

If you’re growing for wedding florists, to supplement your own event work, or just to make beautiful things, I’m hopeful that these dahlia color palettes will help and inspire you in choosing what to grow this year.

All but one of the varieties featured below are in our shop and will be going on sale very soon. If you want to have some serious fun, you can now sort all of the varieties by individual, or combined colors. A total dream come true for a color nut like me! To get an early heads up on when they will go on sale, be sure to sign up for our NEWSLETTER.

floret_dahlia-rainbow_img_5607Blush Dahlias: Café au Lait, Appleblossom, Castle Drive, Jowey Winnie, Bracken Rose, Valley Porcupine, Alloway Candy.

floret_dahlia-rainbow_670b9174Buttercream Dahlias: Formby Crest, Big Brother, Appleblossom, Bracken Palomino, Valley Tawny, Seattle, Breakout, Rock Run Ashley, Penhill Watermelon, Blyton Softer Gleam, Irish Pinwheel, Suncrest, Golden Scepter.

floret_dahlia-rainbow_670b9087Raspberry Dahlias: Jowey Winnie, Mystique, Labyrinth, Penhill Dark Monarch, Koko Puff, Bacardi, Waltzing Mathilda, Bracken Rose, Sonic Bloom.

floret_dahlia-rainbow_670b9193Orange Dahlias: Maarn, Hy Suntan, Jomanda, Bedhead, Valley Rust Bucket, Beatrice, David Howard, Moonlight Sonata, Amber Queen, Hamari Gold, Punkin Spice, Ginger Willo, Kenora Lisa.

floret_dahlia-rainbow_img_2323Rust Dahlias: Intrigue, Amber Queen, Punkin Spice, Terracotta, Irish Pinwheel, Hy Suntan, Crichton Honey, Totally Tangerine, Sherwood’s Peach, Valley Tawny, Ginger Willo.


  1. Brenda on

    Erin, if only your grandmother knew how much joy you have spread to so many people through your passion and vision for flowers. When Grammy planted the love of flowers in your heart, she created a beautiful ripple of hope through time. It is carrying so many people through deep challenges, even during the pandemic. Thank you for everything that you bring to this wonderful adventure that brings serenity and beauty to the world.

  2. Karen White on

    I have been growing dahlias for quite a few years now. Any suggestions on how to increase varieties without spending a ton on tubers, and I don’t want to wait for seeds to become tubers.
    I enjoyed your web site, Not sure I’m ready to go to the next step on a larger scale. Right now I sell dahia’s on the road side on the honor system considering craigs list
    and the local farmers market. I was thinking about focusing on wedding flowers and greenery maybe some euclyptus. I have bought some curly willow trees that require very little care, and I do divide dahlias and sell those also, but would like a bigger variety. Any suggestions without spending $5-$10_$20 a tuber.
    Thanks, KarenKaren White

    • Team Floret on

      Hi Karen– dahlias are relatively easy to propagate from cuttings. Propagation is a great way to get multiple plants from a few tubers! I include detailed instructions on how to do so in the Floret Online Workshop…but you can also find tutorials around the web if you do some searching. Enjoy! They really are wonderful plants!

  3. karen katz on

    I read the article in the New York Times about your company.I was so inspired!
    I am an illustrator and I love flowers and color. I was really taken with your beautiful flowers.
    My husband is the gardener but i think i will steal a little of his sunny space to try and grow some of my own blooms.
    Thank you for the beauty and inspiration

  4. Zoganto on

    Really marvelous unseen flowers in my life. Looks gorgeous to see and present someone.

  5. ARIJIT on

    Really it is a awesome post and the collection of Dahilas flower is truly so attractive.

  6. Mags riordan on

    What an incredible resource. I love all your posts but especially ones on dahlias. I’m a small flower farm in west Cork in ireland and I grow them for weddings but also as gourmet edible flowers. Thereally are so many new varieties that you have brought to my attention for that I’m very grateful

  7. Heather on

    Thank you for this dahlia color palette post. This is always the problem…trying to judge the exact color from a picture on the internet! Will it compliment the others? I’ve bought countless beautiful dahlia’s only to have them sit alone in a vase because they do not combine well with any others that I have. I appreciate this valuable information. Hang in there with the website issues. :)

  8. Jody Gerszewski on

    Please don’t feel badly! The photos on your wesite are enough to get me through another North Dakota winter day! Hank you!

  9. Marian on

    I’m looking forward to dreaming of dahlias on a bleak January day after all the holiday glitz is put away for another year.
    Your photos and descriptions inspire a garden of possibilities – it’s hard to pick a favorite!

    It’s unfortunate that your “green thumb” couldn’t work it’s magic on your website. Thanks for keeping us updated on your network woes and being so focused on customer service. Take a deep breath, relax, and enjoy your family this holiday season.

  10. Donna Leone on

    Hello Erin,
    I waited for this day – your news letter said dahlias would go on sale at a certain time. I went to go order some dahlias about 20 minutes before the set time and it looks like everything I wanted was already sold out. Very disappointing.

    • Susan King on

      DAHLIA UPDATE FROM ERIN: What a day! I know many Floret customers were left confused, frustrated and disappointed by today’s Dahlia Launch breakdown. So many folks spent hours waiting in limbo, glued to the computer, only to be left without dahlias in the end. For that, we sincerely apologize. The experience was equally heartbreaking on our end, as we have been preparing for so long to finally be able to share our dahlia tubers with you. Chris and I spent the better part of August and September capturing their beauty, dug the clumps, and Jill and I poured our hearts into each and every description. We want nothing more than for you to be able to get your hands on these treasured beauties. Despite our recent investment in website upgrades, the enormous influx of traffic to the site this morning caused the server that hosts it to crash. While the 504 error messages that we all experienced were extremely frustrating, I am told that that it was servers way of deflecting the overloaded traffic and preventing our site from burning to the ground.
      Here is the good news: our dahlias are still going to be available! We have many thousands of tubers in our stock, just waiting to be shared with you once our server issues are fixed. Because we don’t want to repeat today’s nightmare, we need some extra time to make sure the site can handle the increased traffic. With the holidays approaching and no overnight solution on the horizon, we decided to postpone our dahlia sale until the first part of the New Year. We heard countless times that this is a good problem to have, but let me tell you, it sure doesn’t feel like it. There is nothing worse than causing you stress and disappointment. We work so hard here at Floret to do just the opposite. Please know that I value your support above all and truly appreciate your patience as we stumble through these growing pains. We all look forward to making your dahlia dreams come true in the near future. Thanks you for your patience

  11. Meg on

    This is FABULOUS!! Thank you so much!!

  12. mary Hegnes on

    Thank you this will help immensely when ordering !!!

  13. Tracy on

    I’m curious if it is possible to purchase dahlias in lots at a discounted cost or flat rate? For example, one of each of the available varieties. Or one of each within a color palette.

  14. Kari on

    Thank you for this!! Your team is always trying to make things easier on us flower enthusiasts :)

  15. Corinne on

    unbelievably beautiful. you are truly gifted!


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