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August 9th 2013

Country Gardens!!!


  1. Laurie Pye on

    Very inspiring! Just purchased the magazine because of your article. Your flower arrangements are gorgeous, Monet would have been proud. Best of luck with the expansion.

  2. Cel Robertson on

    Congratulations, and thank you so much for posting this article in full. You are such an inspiration, and your shining spirit lifts me every time I read one of your entries. I live in Norfolk, England, and I just love the fact that your joy and beauty is accessible to the world via the internet. Thank you so much for sharing and inspiring us.

  3. Rose on

    I just saw your article in the Country Gardens. I live in Marysville Wa and wonder if you take visitors at your garden in Mt. Vernon.

    I belong to the Everett Garden Club and I know our club would love to visit if possible.

    Thank you for taking time to respond to me.

  4. Jackie on

    I have been admiring your work since Mary Jane posted in her magazine, and yesterday I bought that magazine just because the post about your farm and of your work. I am like Sarah above looking to find some small acreage to grow flowers, veggies, chicken…
    Right now I am determined to read everything on your blog. Thanks for the inspiration !!!

  5. Tara McHugh Flora on

    I just can’t believe you do this all on 2 acres!!! Amazing, and I also admire your drive Erin. You never slow down.

  6. Yvonne on

    Thank you so much for posting this so all could read, the Floret family has given me so much inspiration on my floral journey. Congratulations on your success and continue to bloom. xx

  7. Emily @ Peck Life on

    Congratulations!! This is such a wonderful article and the photos are stunning! You’re famous!!!!!!!! :)

  8. Corina on

    That is so awesome!!!! You deserve this recognition!!!

  9. ROSE on

    Congratulations :)

  10. Eva on

    Wow!! Congratulations; I will also pick up a copy.

    You and your family are an inspiration to many. Well deserved honour!

  11. flwjane on

    Erin, This is wonderful! I will rush out and buy a copy tomorrow!


    xo Jane

  12. Sarah on

    Your world is beautiful and I’m so happy to have found you. You are incredibly inspiring…we’re looking for a small acreage and I hope to fill every acre with lovely romantic flowers. I didn’t realize you did all this on only 2 acres! It really has been a joy following along with you.


  13. Serah on

    Your world is so beautiful! Thank you for sharing!

  14. Melissa on

    Absolutely beautiful and inspiring! I can’t believe you are zone 8a, that’s what I am but it’s so different from yours! So much more heat here and no snow in the winter down South!

  15. Ivette on

    This is really a great article, very inspiring. Congrats!!!


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