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December 5th 2011



  1. Floret Flowers on

    more plastic on the horizon :)
    2 low hoops and 4 hoopty's planned to be completed by 1st. of Feb. fingers crossed!

  2. Bare Mtn Farm on

    Outstanding! Great job on the hoop houses. any low tunnels yet?

  3. Shanti on

    It's going to be beautiful filled with flowers! Where did you order your hightunnel from? I am currently trying to figure out where to buy one.

  4. Floret Flowers on

    tulips and sweet peas for spring
    celosia,peppers and scented geraniums in the summer

  5. botanical brouhaha on

    Congratulations! What are you going to plant in there? Can hardly wait to see!

  6. Leslie on

    Wow, what an accomplishment. You guys are amazing. I'm a new reader to your blog and just wanted to let you know how much I am enjoying it.

  7. Julie on

    Wow…look at all that potential! Love it!

    Can't wait to see your blooms…

  8. Alice and Stuart on

    can't wait to see your flower magic with the new houses. you've inspired me to try some sweet peas this winter. we'll see what they do for us.

  9. Jen on

    Your work never stops! Fun to see the beginning of the cycle in this picture–so stark after all of your bounteous photos of flowers.


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