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February 7th 2011


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The weekend was a blur of celebration, family and excitement.
Jasper graduated through another year of life. We are all so lucky to know him!



I love how every year we celebrate his life in the very room he was born.

His birthday theme this year was family and togetherness. No big party or major outings just mellow time visiting, playing and sharing.

It was absolutely lovely.



Our new tractor arrived during this lovely blur. Can you believe I’m a “farmer” but have never driven a tractor…not once?  Ha, ha,  maneuvering the bucket is way harder than it looks!
Chris was nearly shaking with excitement as the delivery guy unloaded it. He has been waiting for this moment for YEARS!
I have a feeling every project for the next month will somehow include the tractor. These boys are in heaven!

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