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December 27th 2010

Best Christmas Ever!

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The most fantastic apron ever! I may just have to wear it around town :) A gift from my lovely mother.


Gluten free chocolate cookies (recipe below). They are amazing!!!


In Grandma’s lap is the only place to be when you feel a little under the weather. She has magical powers you know!


Christmas jammies from Grandma with a matching set for the American Girl doll.


Japanese printed flannel complete with a symbolic I-Ching coin.


Jasper ‘s cozy Dino Jammie’s.
We found this guy and a half dozen friends at the local thrift shop a few weeks back. Story goes that an elderly man decided to donate his collection of Nutcrackers to this tiny Humane Society Thrift Shop. With hundreds to chose from the kids and I carefully selected a favorite for each family member.



She brought all of her stuffed animals up to watch the gift exchange.



Stocking stuffers


PJ’s, a fire, happy kiddos and hot coffee. A great morning.



Christmas isn’t complete without loaded stockings for the cats.


An Elora and Jasper ornament made by Elora many years ago. treasure.


Jasper serving up a delicious breakfast of turkey bacon and eggs.This boy is a natural in the kitchen.

Christmases of the past were always a stressful time for me. With divorced parents it was a heartbreaking and nerve wracking experience to chose who to spend the holiday with. I inevitably felt torn no matter where we went.
As I grew older the burden of presents and gift giving was added into the mix. I remember fretting and saving to buy gifts that were so far out of my price range, thinking that if I could only give something special or expensive then the recipient would know that I loved them. Of course this distorted approach never worked but year after year I threw myself into the process with more determination.
My sister was the first to shun Christmas. I remember being so angry that she left me to be the “good daughter”and ditched the entire family and fled to a cabin on the coast with her boyfriend. Secretly I was envious of her courage and freedom.
It wasn’t until my little ones grew old enough to show the telltale signs of holiday greed that I began the process of unraveling everything Christmas had always been about.
Over the past five years we have experimented with many approaches to creating a holiday that actually feels good. To my delight this year I think we finally figured it out . In the words of the kids “it was the best Christmas ever”.
No big family gathering,  battery powered toys, unlimited sugary treats, large amounts of alcohol or drama. Instead we successfully stuck to our tiny present budget, opted for handmade or meaningful gifts and just enjoyed each others company. My amazing Mother came up for the day with food, the sweetest gifts and tons and tons love.
I’m so happy we finally got it right!

+The  cookies above can be found here at my new favorite food blog!. Couldn’t even tell they were gluten free. Thank you Gluten Free Girl for converting the original recipe into one I can eat!


  1. Floret Flowers on

    Thank you!
    You have no idea how much watching you has inspired me the past few months to create a more meaningful life! Thank you, thank you!
    Oh and what a treat to find your newest post this morning. Lovely!

  2. growingflowers on

    So, so beautiful! Your photos really represent the beauty and tradition that you want to return to. Inspiring! I love your blog!


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