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December 9th 2014

Announcing our 2015 Workshops

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Floret workshopAs I look back at the highlights of this incredible flower-filled year, I keep circling back to those moments that have brought me the most joy both personally and professionally and that I’ve found the most rewarding. It’s been a truly spectacular year, so choosing just one moment as the absolute highpoint is impossible. But the memories I keep replaying the most are those many magical moments from our on-farm workshops.

IMG_0363For me, witnessing the transformations that take place in attendees in just a few short days is completely awe inspiring. These small groups come together as strangers with one common bond: a love of flowers. By the end of the workshop, they go their separate ways, but remain united by their newfound knowledge and filled with the courage, confidence and passion to make their wildest dreams a reality. I feel unbelievably honored that I’m able to support so much growth and transformation. Seeing others find the courage to go for their dreams is the most fulfilling thing I’ve ever experienced.

That’s why I’m thrilled to announce that registration for our 2015 workshops is now open! We’ve refined and expanded our workshop offerings to include even more amazing resources, hands on tutorials and my favorite business boosting tips. We’ll be hosting a total of four workshops next year: two created especially for designers, and two geared specifically for flower farmers and farmer-florists.

IMG_6530Regardless of which one you attend, you’ll be able to tour our magical little operation, wade through waist high flower fields harvesting anything that your heart desires, receive a beautiful bundle of my favorite gifts and tools, get answers to all your burning questions, plus learn new design techniques, get one-on-one help developing the skills essential to running a successful flower-based business and more. My goal for everyone attending is that they come away from the experience with a newfound sense of confidence and a clear idea on how to move forward in making their dreams a reality.

workshopgridHere’s a quick summary of the 2015 Workshop line up:

Seasonal Floral Intensives–created especially for floral designers, creatives, flower lovers and dreamers, these amazing three-day workshops are all about fostering creativity and building the skills essential to running a successful flower-based business. We’ll share natural floral design techniques, the basics of floral photography, and social media marketing. Participants will have exclusive, unrestricted access to Floret’s flower fields and gardens. As part of this flower focused retreat, we’ll gather the freshest, most coveted flowers imaginable and then create big, billowy, dreamy bouquets. Designs will be professionally photographed and then will be used to adorn the elaborate celebratory dinner and party on the final evening. Each of the workshops focuses on a very special flower. The June workshop will focus on peonies and include a trip to a super secret peony farm where we’ll have access to two whole acres of these magical blooms, to snip to our hearts content! The August workshop is all about dahlias and attendees will get to wade into our 4,000 plant patch where we’ll harvest truckloads of these insanely abundant beauties.

Farmer-Florist Intensives–developed specifically for budding and established flower farmers, these three-day on-farm workshops are like a flower farming bootcamp–except waaaay more fun and beautiful. Participants will get hands-on training on essential skills and topics such as crop planning, high intensity production, succession sowing, season extension plus receive personalized instruction on the essentials of building a successful flower farm and seasonally based floral design business. We’ll also dig deep into the business side of flowers, the basics of social media marketing, small scale-high intensity production, flower arranging, weddings and more. We’ll tour the farm, go behind the scenes into day to day life here at Floret, make a number of beautiful arrangements using the best seasonal product available, help you develop a farm plan for maximizing every square inch of your space, share tips and tricks we’ve learned over the years, dig into wholesale and grocery sales, harvest from the overflowing fields and I’ll even show you how I make a market bouquet in under 45 seconds. We’re offering two Farmer-Florist Intensives in 2015: an April workshop and another in September.



IMG_5318So many beautiful and inspiring souls have come to learn with us, including budding farmer-florists and designers from as far away as the UK and Brazil. Read more about what they got out of the experience:

“After three amazing days totally engulfed with the Farmer Florist workshop, I moved my passion to the forefront of my farm business. Erin oozes experience, modest confidence, overwhelming support, and oh so candidly shares her love of and success in the business of sustainable flower farming and design. The Farmer Florist workshop lit a fire in me and that excitement is quickly and successfully spreading within my farm and throughout my community!” ~Stephanie Hall, Sassafras Fork Farm, Rougemont, NC

“The workshop was a game-changer for our business. The information, tips and resources shared were absolutely invaluable, plus connecting with fellow flower enthusiasts from across the continent was great fun. I took what I learned at the workshop about growing, designing, photographing and marketing and ran with it. And so far, it is paying off: Buckeye Blooms is having our best season yet! I left the workshop affirmed and confident in my skills as a grower and designer and am proud to be part of the growing group of global “farmer florists.”~Susan Studer King, Buckeye Blooms, Elida, OH

“For new and experienced flower farmers, Floret’s Farmer Florist workshop is going to change your life. You will learn so much! Erin is a joy – as is her team; the setting is glorious, the information plentiful and the hands-on practice truly invaluable. I’ll never forget my experience and highly recommend it.” ~ Tara Kolla, Silver Lake Farms, Los Angeles, CA

IMG_9683“Seriously – that workshop was a game-changer, it gave me the inspiration and momentum I needed to dream big. The generosity offered in technical experience and, as importantly, the open-heartedness in sharing (fears, flaws and all) was amazing.” ~ Sarah Monterio, Farmhand Flowers, Germantown, NY

“I am so thankful for all of the moments Floret’s team shared with me and the other 15 ladies. I still can’t believe how amazing everything was! I couldn’t imagine how good it would be and how different I would come back home. These moments brought more than flower design knowledge, they brought force, energy, courage, self confidence and passion for the flower world.” ~Bruna Ferreira, Brazil

“I just wanted to take the time to express my gratitude towards you and your team. I’ve been so inspired and am still running on adrenaline from the workshop. For as difficult as is was leaving the farm behind in August, it was the best time to get re-booted! You all are so supportive and enthusiastic, it’s contagious. I’ve returned and have only wanted to share my experience and knowledge with anyone who will listen! The workshop was more than I had hoped….I wasn’t expecting the sincere time spent on our personal growth as women, business owners, florists, farmers and students of one another. Thank you so much for the opportunity and I look forward to continuing to be inspired through you all!  ~Carra Duggan, Everett Family Farm, Santa Cruz, CA

“Even a week later, I can’t stop smiling! I’m so excited about our farms future whereas before I was terrified. Thank you for being so supportive and reassuring.” ~Emily Calhoun, Floriography, Mesilla Park, NM

Erin Benzakein
I understand that these classes are a MASSIVE stretch-both financially and time-wise. It’s a huge leap of faith to step out of your comfort zone, make the commitment and trust that you’ve made the right decision. But I can promise you that my team and I take our job unbelievably seriously and we pour an enormous amount of love, time, focus and positive energy into every single aspect of these incredible events. We are 100% invested in ensuring you get everything you came for, including forging a path to make your wildest dreams a reality.

Our workshops sell-out quickly, so if this is something you’ve been dreaming of doing then I encourage you to reach out and get more information. We have payment plans available and are also offering a 10% discount when two people register together. You can get all of the details by visiting the WORKSHOP/EVENT section of the site above.

In January we will be announcing two scholarships opportunities, and yes, you can still apply after you register but keep in mind competition is stiff. Last year we received over 300 applications, so if coming to Floret is on your bucket list, take the leap!

I hope to meet you at one of our workshops in the coming year.


  1. Vivi Sandoval on

    Would like to receive info on the new upcoming workshops 2015-2016
    Vivi Sandoval
    BreVis Decor
    432 653-0052
    Odessa tx 79763

  2. sarah hughes on

    Hi Floret Team! Wondering if you are taking a waiting list for your June workshop?
    If yes, how do I get on it?
    Best, Sarah

  3. Rose on

    Hi Erin and team, I am in New Zealand and have recently begun a wildflower business after 35 years teaching…. Talk about scary! Your workshops look amazing… I am wondering which might be best for me, a novice and if I can even get to you from here? Any advice as to airports close by? I know you guys are seriously busy but would so appreciate any info advice on getting to you as I am sure a workshop would set me up for ever!!
    Kindest regards,

    • Floret on

      Rose, we’re emailing you shortly.

  4. cbartolic on

    Erin- would like to sign up for the Spring workshop but can’t seem to do from the website. Is there an issue or is it just me? Can you add my name to the list. I am totally coming!!

  5. Tanya on

    I’d love to find out more about the scholarships! I’d be coming all the way from Australia so it would be the greatest gift in the world and help out financially for a trip over!

    Could you please let me know if you’d accept Australian applications?

    • Floret on

      Tanya, of course we’ll accept an application from Australia!

  6. Erin Schwartz on

    Hello Floret Flowers,
    I am interested in your workshops that you have coming in the New Year. I am a designer in the Santa Cruz Ca, area. I’ve been able to create some beautiful pieces with the event company I work for, Fionna Floral. I am wanting to learn new design techniques & other new ideas. I have throughly enjoyed following you on Instagram. The pieces you put together are beautiful, & the floral that you grow I’m so jealous of! I would be greatly inspired if I would be able to take part in your workshops.

    • Floret on

      Erin, check out the WORKSHOP section of our site and you will find all of the info.

  7. Christine hill on

    Please send further date information and prices. C x

    • Floret on

      Christine, check out the WORKSHOP section of the site.

  8. Marijke Daye on


    I would love some information on your two seasonal floral intensives for designers.

    • Floret on

      Marijke, check out the WORKSHOP section of the site.

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