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December 14th 2011

a little favor

Written by
Hershey bar snowmen,handmade by Louise.
My 82 year old neighbor and long time friend Louise recently got some bad news about her health. For a woman who charges through life taking no prisoners, slowing down and receiving support has been quite disorienting. I see a lot of myself in her. As she now challenges her old way of navigating the world I know in my heart what a difficult process it must be. Asking for help can be brutal.
I got my first “Louise hug” last night. I’ve know Louise for almost 10 years and in that time I have not hugged her once. Not even when her husband died. I gotta say, it was one of the best hugs of my life. So full of sweetness and love, a lifetimes worth really, finally being released.
Louise starts her first round of chemo today. She’s putting on a brave face but I know behind the tough front she’s as terrified as anyone in her situation.

I wondered if you all might take a minute today and send Louise some good energy. A wave of love, healing thoughts, a prayer. She could really use it.


  1. Gerri on

    Prayers for your sweet courageous friend will be ongoing. Enjoyed seeing the lovely article about your gardening passion/business in the latest edition of Victoria Bliss Magazine/Jan-Feb 2012…just yesterday.
    Such a JOY to "visit" on a cold snowy day in the Southwest Utah mountains (Color Country) and I am also delighted with your website too. All the very best of Blessings in the New Year. Your love for your work is beautiful to see.
    (Rev.) Gerri Merrick ~ Rejoice International

  2. HPotter on

    Sending good thoughts her way!

  3. Brooke Howsley on

    I, too, wonder what life will be like in my eighties. Louise sounds like such a strong and positive lady, I hope she gets through it all. Lots of fresh juice and detox, google Dr. Max Gerson. I've never seen such cute chocolate bar covers!

  4. Julie on

    So sorry to hear of your friend's health struggles. Sending positive thoughts for a full recovery her way…

  5. Karen on

    Very touching and heartfelt post…Best of luck to Louise.

  6. webb on

    but of course! Hope she does well.


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