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September 14th 2012

a little escape

Written by

last weekend we escaped to the other side of the mountains.
it was a really big deal to break away.
something we never do, especially smack dab in the center of our busy season.
it was so worth the extra push to make it happen!

we sat by and soaked in the fire

had fresh peaches right off the tree


ate like kings


 fished and swam and dangled our feet in the crystal clear water

 ate lots of ice cream!

 read a great book

dreamed and journaled


 hiked to the highest peak

 felt so small in the very best way

studied, collected, explored


 learned to skip rocks

it was a wonderful little escape


  1. Saira Malik on

    How refreshing..Looks like a wonderful trip.
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  2. CamiM on

    What a retreat! We are so blessed in this country of ours. Great to see you and your family captured this time and those memories together!

  3. Julie on

    What a great respite! I know it's so hard to take a break during such a crazy busy time–but those a wonderful memories for your kids. (And I'm so envious of your peaches. Our SC peaches, one of which I've eaten every day for lunch this summer, are now done. Sniff.)

  4. gardeninacity on

    Looks like a wonderful trip. Reminds me of the camping trips we took with our kids when they were small.

  5. Stacy on

    So happy for you! Love those big, snowy peaks. They make me eager for the first frost. xoxo

  6. paisleysummer on

    It looks idyllic! I love a campfire and getting away from it all x

  7. FlowerLady on

    What a restful, restorative little time away from your every day life. Wonderful photos of your experience.


  8. Georgianna on

    You so deserve it! What a memorable, magical adventure!

  9. Flying Bear on

    Perfect and magical! I'm headed out to Montana to do the same…recharge, realign, spend time in a natural space that doesn't make me feel like I'm supposed to be DOING something, and just be!! Thank you for sharing your sweet escape :)Fabulous photographs, too!

  10. Bare Mtn Farm on

    A great escape…wish we could be there. Tired of the wind, dust, dirt and the smell of chicken manure being spread in the air all day, every day for a couple of weeks now. So glad you were able to get a break during your hectic season! Revives the creative juices!!


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