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November 5th 2010

Planting Bulbs

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It has been a few days of backbreaking work but we’re over half way done getting the spring bulbs in! Hooray!

We’ve got one more big planting day planned for Sunday. 9,500 Ranunculus, Anemones and Dutch Iris still need to get nestled in the greenhouse but after that it’s a wrap!

I can hardly wait to see all of these treasures in bloom.

The first hoophouse Tulips last spring.Apricot Parrot, Mt. Tacoma and Apricot Beauty.

A full crate of Tulip Maureen.

For hoophouse Tulips we dig out a 3ft. wide, 6″ deep trench and set bulbs in very close together. This allows us to fit an enormous amount of flowers in a teenie, tiny space!

The kids were amazing and helped us plant all day.

Taking detailed planting notes before covering everything with dirt.

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