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Build a thriving flower farm business

on just two acres or less

Since 2013, Floret workshops have attracted flower lovers from around the world to learn our techniques to grow beautiful, high quality cut flowers on a small scale.

We have taken all of the information we share in our wildly popular sold-out series of in-person workshops and converted it into a more convenient, more cost effective and more accessible video-based course so you can learn from Floret no matter where you live.  The new course features 100+ videos, a comprehensive 170 page course packet, live Q&A sessions, support from our online team and so much more.  

In the new Floret Online Workshop, we pull back the curtain and show you step-by-step how we grow, harvest and sell high quality cut flowers and how we’ve built a thriving, profitable flower business. 

Filmed over the course of a season, the Floret Online Workshop takes you behind the scenes and shows you all of the key strategies, systems and time-tested techniques that have contributed to Floret’s incredible success.  

Registration for our 2019 course will open in the fall of 2018.

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Who is the workshop for?

The Floret Online Workshop is geared for:

  • Beginning and intermediate flower farmers.
  • Floral designers wishing to grow their own seasonal blooms.
  • Established growers wanting to up their game.
  • "Dreamers" who aspire to one day launch a flower-based business.
  • Serious gardeners wanting to improve efficiency or grow on a larger scale.

The Floret Online Workshop is NOT for:

  • Large scale farmers hoping to learn high tech, mechanized systems or tractor-dependent agricultural operations.
  • Growers seeking in-depth horticultural lessons or the science behind organic farming or pest and disease management systems.
  • Anyone looking for a get rich quick scheme. Running any small business or farm takes hard work. If you are not a self-starter and not good at follow through, this may not be the course for you.

Floret Online Workshop

Registration for our 2018 course has concluded. We will open enrollment for our 2019 workshop next fall.

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