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May 13th 2015

Zinnia Seed Giveaway

Written by

The last few weeks have been a whirlwind of activity here on the farm and in the aftermath of all this controlled chaos, I tried to once again find the top of my desk and re-organize the office and storage room.  While I’ve only been moderately successful in the cleaning efforts, I did mange to uncover a previously forgotten about stash of extra scabiosa-flowered zinnia seeds. Woohoo!


A limited number of these specialty seeds were available in the Floret Shop earlier this year and the response was incredible. Little did I know what demand would be created by my new hobby of decapitating flower heads and taking their portraits. Since there’s still time to sow them for summer picking I thought a little giveaway was in order!

To enter to win, simply add a comment below and share what state you live in (sorry international fans, we can only ship these in N. America).   I’ll keep this little giveaway open a week to let as many folks as possible participate.  The FOUR  winners will be posted here next week.

Here’s a little more about these special little blooms if you aren’t already familiar with them.


scabiosafunZinnias, in general, are one of the easiest flowers to grow and they are the perfect flower for beginning flower farmers and gardeners to incorporate into their plots.  To help new growers, I recently created a little “Grow Great Zinnias” guide with all of my tips and tricks to growing this staple cutting garden flower.

Last year I grew the scabiosa-flowered zinnia for the first time and I instantly fell in love with it.

I love the frilly, frosting-like texture of this particular zinnia.  Some people have described them as looking more like a gerber daisy than a zinnia, much less a scabiosa.  I think these extra frills make them a tad bit more sophisticated and feminine than a standard zinnia, and I love tucking a few into wedding designs where a regular ole’ zinnia would not have been elegant enough.


  1. Janet on

    One of my favorite flowers we grew on my childhood Kansas farm were zinnias. However, they were nothing like these beauties! Regardless, zinnias make me smile, anytime, anywhere.

  2. Kelley B on

    These are amazing! I’m sure we could find a place for them at our little flower farm in California… my little girls LOVE zinnias for their bright colors and loads of blooms!

  3. Ari on

    I have been following you on Instagram for awhile now – which got me hooked on the blog. Hopefully I am still within the week – I saw your post about some of your favorite flowers and these made my list too! Would love to add these in North Texas! Thank you for sharing what you do – always fun to follow.

  4. Kathryn Gray-Lyons on

    Zinnias – I have childhood memories of zinnias in my mother’s garden oh so many years ago. Her passion for gardening spilled over to me, then to my daughters & now my “almost three year old” grandson. My cottage garden in Anacortes, WA is holding a spot for zinnias. Thank you Erin for your passions & talents!

  5. LindaQ on

    I have a bunch of flower babies awaiting to be planted here in Connecticut. Now that the weather has finally warmed up (maybe too much!) we are in need of some rain. Would love to add these cuties to my collection of flowers. You are so inspiring!

  6. Tammy on

    Attempted to order these beauties from the Floret Shop early in the year but sadly they were all snapped up. Would love a few to scatter in my cutting garden in North Carolina.

  7. VillageKid on

    Wow, so fun to read all the great locations where people are growing flowers. Here in Alaska, things are a month ahead in our corner of the state so we are actually getting pretty green.!

  8. Betty on

    HI From Florida! I was reading Living while getting my hair done today and saw the article about your very special hobby/life! I came home to tell my husband that this is what I want to do when I grow up…I retire from my job of 37 years next week… Thanks for the dream:)

  9. Corinne on

    I love zinnias, they are really a great cut flower plant. The more I cut the more they grow.

  10. Charlotte on

    I should say that I LOVE Zinnias! excuse the typo please!!!

  11. Charlotte on

    I LOVE Zinnia’s and would be so thrilled to receive beautiful Zinnia seeds from you!!!

  12. Louise on

    My mother gave me a tiny space in the corner of her garden many decades ago. Zinnias and sunflowers were my seeds of choice. I have planted zinnias every years since then–it was 1958.

  13. Saundra on

    Your blog inspires me every time, and the pictures are so beautiful!! My Pennsylvania garden would love these flowers.

  14. Bridgette on

    Would be a beauty in my Florida roof-top garden

  15. Sandy on

    Sharing the love of flower and vegetable gardening with family and neighbors here in Marblehead,MA. Wouldn’t the grand baby love the sight of these striking zinnias? with thanks,West Cottage Street Gardens.

  16. Melanie Wolfe on

    I just recently found your website and I am truly inspired by your floral arrangements! Zinnias are my absolute fave cut flower and I have prepared a perfect sunny bed for these seeds! Our spot here in Bristol, RI has great sunny weather with cool evenings. I could make some seriously stunning arrangements with these beauties! Thank you for the chance!

  17. Kerry on

    I’m in Georgia and I’m learning what can grow in the red clay. I’d love to try some of your Zinnias!

  18. Julie on

    Zinnias in Virginia – how lovely in the garden they’d be…

  19. Laura on

    These would make a beautiful addition to my flower patch on our humble little farm on Sauvie Island in Portland, Oregon. The pollinators would love them too! Thank you for sharing so much amazing information on your blog and brightening my day with beautiful Instagram photos!

  20. Rachael on

    What a wonderful chance for beautiful for flowers! Would love to add them to my gardens in southeastern Pennsylvania.

  21. Shayla on

    You are living my dream, and I would love to have a piece of your heaven in my own yard.

  22. ginnier on

    I’m in central Illinois and I’d love about 20 seeds of these OR tell me where to order them! I should look over your blogs about them; maybe you mentioned your source there. Love your blog!

  23. Heidi on

    A few days ago our beloved chicken Sally Henny Penny flew the coop and had a lovely feast of baby zinnias that I had just transplanted out. I tried to be very upset with her, but was unable since she is our sole survivor from a recent bobcat invasion. Needless to say I must now re-seed, I would love to grow these beauties in our garden here in the lovely Washington!!

  24. Farrah on

    Gorgeous! Would love to try in Virginia!

  25. Heidi on

    Our adorable chicken Sally Henny Penny, the only survivor of a bobcat raid on the chicken house wondered into the garden two days ago and helped herself to a lovely feast of baby zinnias and dirt scratching. While I wanted to be super upset with her I was unable, since she is recovering from the bobcat encounter. Needless to say I must now reseed, our sweet family Sally included would love to raise Zinnias from Floret.

  26. Carol on

    Zinnias were the first flowers I grew when I was just 8 or 9. I live in Washington now, and I would love to add them to my garden.

  27. Erin Stewart on

    They are lovely, Erin! I so enjoy checking in to read your blog and seeing your inspirational photos on IG. I’m super excited about this giveaway. Here’s hoping I’ll be growing these in southern California this season! :)

    Much love,

  28. Angel on

    Beautiful!! I love to read your blog, you’re such an inspiration! Id love to plant them here in Iowa!!

  29. Kim on

    *for -whoops! Also was so excited talking about them I forgot…were in pa.

  30. Kim on

    I grew zinnias last year form our wedding. These are fantastic and would love to play with these beauties!! I’d share too!!

  31. Jessica Gale on

    I’m in Ontario–but I’m originally from NY and can get them from there, wink wink!

  32. Liz on

    Last, but not least!!
    Living in Vermont is most excellent. These little zinnias are crazy beautiful. I thank you for telling about them last year. I would love to give them a try.

  33. Ashley Hallmark on

    Oh, what beautiful flowers! And such a lovely giveaway. I live in the beautiful, gently rolling hills of the Ozarks in Southwest Missouri.

  34. Kyler on

    You are awesome, wishing you success this season from UTAH!

  35. Greta on

    These would be a great addition to my cut flowers here in Cheboygan, Michigan!

  36. Rachel on

    Would love to grow some here in Eugene Oregon!

  37. Shannon on

    Man, I want to grow those….I’m obsessed!

  38. Kristen on

    We’re in California…..and we might have a *little* water left for some zinnias! lol

  39. Anne Kelly on

    …from Washington State – I cannot wait until one of your classes opens up later this year or next season to come see your farm and beautiful business in person with my 23 year old daughter. No wedding in the future yet but we hope to make our 1.3 acre garden near Seattle a haven of seasonal floral for any occasion and also an environment for bees and butterflies. Your web site is so beautiful! I’m excited by all I’ve learned so far and can’t wait to meet you in person some day! Thanks!!

    P.S – I read the article about landscape fabric, I’ve been using plastic and bark for full weed control in my yard so far. I wanted to ask, do you mulch/cover the landscape fabric with bark or chips at all while growing or just leave it bare? I see the value in that investment for sure!

  40. Margaret trost on

    Hi, wanted to buy these from your site but they were sold out, fingers crossed I’ll get lucky and win a few! I grow zinnias every year but never had these and they look beautiful! Also, Erin you inspire me every year in the garden and give me courage to try new things! For example, my cafe au lait dahlias are sprouting and I couldn’t be more excited! P.s. I’m in Indiana!

  41. Nova on

    Warm wishes from California. Love your blog!

  42. Hannah Gerhart on

    Those are so unique! I’m from Alabama.

  43. Paula Hedlund on

    I just love Zinnias! They are such a happy flower :0) Would love to have some seeds!

  44. Mimi on

    Love love love your inspiration and passion for flowers! I would love to get an opportunity to place these in my garden. I’m from Portland, Oregon! Keep up the great work!

  45. Killoran Moore on

    You said state, but then North America.. so I’m going to try! Victoria, BC!

  46. Betty on

    Zinnia’s were the first seeds I planted, as a child – in a small front garden on a busy corner intersection. Those little flowers made me happy. And they still do, a few homes and decades later.
    My garden is in Connecticut.

  47. Margie on

    Just Enough Farm….Alvarado, Texas!

  48. Naomi on

    Love this blog! Truly inspiring and beautiful!

  49. Megan on

    We’re late seeding everything this year due to all of the crazy weather in OKC, OK and I just put the first zinnias in the ground yesterday. It’s nice to see new varieties of a flower that is such a dependable producer!

  50. Krista on

    Hood river Oregon
    These are my favorite!

  51. Suzy on

    I have not seen these, so pretty. Idaho. Love your website.

  52. Elise Luck on

    I would love to try some of these cuties in my fields this year!! I live in WA state, snohomish county. Thanks Erin for all of your inspiring words and for sharing so much valuable information!

  53. Jeanne Cummings on

    …they are so lovely…very anxious for your book to publish so that I can enjoy your amAzing flowers all year..!!..we have such a short summer (and no Spring) to enjoy their beauty in Minnesota …❤

  54. Laura Poliska on

    I would be so flattered to show these off in my IL garden. What a nice accompaniment to all our corn!

  55. mysweetiepiepie on

    So, so gorgeous, I’d love to have some of these seeds to plant.

  56. Yelena on

    They’re simply breathtaking!! From good ol’ Indiana! ;)

  57. Elisa lane on

    Zinnias are the most smiley of all the flowers. -Maryland

  58. Karen on

    Ohio! And the local florist said he would be interested in buying zinnias and dahlias since they don’t ship well so I madly planting both.

  59. Lisa on

    How fun! I live in Iowa. I love this blog.

  60. Roseann on

    Wow, that’s a lot of entries!! I love zinnias, my mom grey them as a kid and one of my girlfriend has a niece named Zinnia, if I win I will share them with her. California born!

  61. Kristen on

    My grandma in Nebraska grew such beautiful zinnias. I’ve never tried in Northern California yet!

  62. Meg King on

    Hey neighbor! I live in Monroe, Washington. I love Zinnias and hope to be entered in your contest!
    Go Sounders!!!

  63. Laura on

    So pretty:) I am working on my first cut flower garden, would love to add these zinnias as well! Oregon

  64. Ginger S on

    Oops, forgot to mention I am stationed in California…

  65. Ruth Peebles on

    Greetings from the sunshine state! Have always wanted to start a flower garden, these would be a wonderful. Hopefully they can handle Florida’s sandy soil!

  66. Erin on

    Beautiful and easy are the kind of vocabulary my first flower garden is looking for here in Wisconsin!

  67. Silvia on

    Hello from Fairfield, Iowa. About 2 years ago my husband seeded a “surprise” area in the garden, about 6′ x 6′ with zinnias. I was so amazed when they started blooming, it was love at first sight! First time I’ve seen them. They were beautiful! I would love to see them again in my garden this year.

  68. Ginger S on

    Man there are sooo many zinnia varieties to choose from every year, every time as I chose I kept thinking after this season I would be able to nail down my definite favourites, and yet here are more new varieties to try! Yay! :)))

  69. Jennifer Wang on

    I love your blog! It inspired me to grow zinnias this year (Benary’s Giant). So excited to see how they turn out in San Francisco, CA!

  70. Helen Hartman on

    Where might one find these? They’re too fabulous not to have.

  71. Susan on

    I love zinnias! I grow them every summer and love the color and that they keep coming back. Love reading about your flower growing life. I’m in Oregon.

  72. Kristin on

    Would love to add those to my garden on the farm here in Iowa.

  73. Alice on

    Oh my, people all over are enjoying your blog! I would love these zinnias as I establish my garden in Wake Forest, North Carolina.

  74. Katelyn on

    2nd year flower farming here in southern CT. Last year I grew 2 varieties of zinnias. This year I have already started 13!! I can ALWAYS find room for one more!!! ;).

  75. Jane on

    This is my first year as a flower farmer in western New Jersey. Off to some sort of start…..and growing all sorts of flowers all sorts of ways. Supplying the flowers for my niece’s wedding at the end of August and scabiosa zinnia’s would be smashing. I do thank you for all of your photos, articles, informative blogs and links to other flower farmers. I couldn’t have gotten this started without you (or my son, the true farmer). I read and re read everything you have online and then plan, re plan and eventually go for it. Keep you fingers crossed….and truly, thank you.

  76. eleigh on

    I love these frilly zinnias! Maybe they will grow well in Wisconsin/

  77. Melissa on

    How kind!! I’m so inspired by your flowers! Keep up the gorgeous work! Much love from California!

  78. BIBIANE on

    Thank-you for all the great flower suggestions – this will be our first year for cut flowers and we’d certainly like to try those zinnias!! Bonners Ferry, Idaho

  79. Corinne H on

    My California garden would love a few extra cupcake zinnias!!! I love the bright colors, my varieties are all pastels this year.

  80. April on

    Zinnia’s How Lovely I enjoy watching the butterflies visit my zinnia garden here in Missouri!

  81. April on

    Zinnias – How Lovely!

  82. Morgan Wilson on

    I did not end up buying any of these so would love the chance to win and tuck some in for summer in Maryland!
    Thanks Erin, as always, for all you share here!!

  83. Colleen Burgess on

    I would love to try these new zinnias! Zinnias are so fun and cheerful, but unfortunately the backyard rat mafia keeps mowing down the seedlings of my Benarys Giants here in AZ. I do love the wildlife here in the desert, but sometimes it’s a battlefield in my flower beds…

  84. Ellie V on

    I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THESE! They would look amazing in my little garden in Iowa :)

  85. Emily on

    Last year was my first year of actually growing flowers in rows to harvest for bouquets. At the end of the season I collected, labeled, dated my seeds (including Benary Giants in Lime Green and Violet) and put them in a very special place for safe keeping. Though I have searched high and low, I have no idea where that safe place is! so I would love to win these seeds as I still have a couple of rows vacant and zinnias are one of my favorites to grow in my garden in the Northern Sierras of California.

  86. Carroll candler on

    I’m in Georgia. We can grow zinnias super well here and for a very very long time!

  87. Jessie on

    Loving your flowers!
    -From the Finger Lakes, New York State

  88. Suzy on

    I LOVE ZINNIAS so much we named one of our chickens after them and would love some of your frilly scabiosa varieties in my flower field this year!

  89. Hanna E. on

    Zinnias are gorgeous! They would look great here in Michigan

  90. Whitney on

    I started growing zinnias from seed last year. I was thrilled with how easy they were to grow and had waist-high blooms all summer. Would live to try these!!! From California.

  91. Anne Taylor on

    Having just finished installing our final huge drip irrigation and xeriscape project, in response to recent droughts in South Texas, and having put in drip irrigated vegetable garden beds, may I now turn my efforts to puttering in my flower terrace? Your zinnias are gorgeous!

  92. Marlene on

    You must be so proud to see so many comments from around the usa. But guess what, I think I am the first from Florida…now that must say something? Love your blog…M

  93. Carol Bergmann on

    My daughter and I are flower farmers in Manitoba, Canada. Zinnias are a favorite of ours since they grow relatively quickly and are bright and cheery in bouquets. So sorry you don’t ship to Canada, but maybe you could give me some info on where I could source them. Love reading your blog. Can relate to many of your trials and successes. We, of course, have a much shorter season, so have to be very efficient in our seeding and planting.

  94. Shari D. on

    I love zinnias. I live in Washington state.

  95. Michelle on

    These look like such colorful, fuzzy fun! I’d love to try some here in Sonoma, California.

  96. Melissa Gunton on

    I could use some color to help brighten up my yard (and house)! Hello from Sacramento California.

  97. Denise on

    Now is a great time to plant zinnias in Kansas! As a newbie flower grower, these would be fun to take to market.

  98. Suzi on

    How fun! Zinnias are for cherished memories of absent friends …I’d plant these with them in mind <3

  99. Sharon Hoskins on

    Gorgeous flowers! We built raised beds around our vegetable garden last year just for cut flowers!! I can’t wait to see the blooms. My favorite flower?? See my email!!!!

  100. Peggy Hatcher on

    I love growing and cutting zinnias. I am in North Central Texas. Thanks for your generous heart!

  101. Chrisan on

    I’d love to grow these in Asheville, North Carolina!!

  102. Alison on

    I’ve always loved zinnias, plus they hold up in the heat of Arizona! Although I am moving to Washington in a few months – good to know I can grow them there too!

  103. Lauren on

    Love those zinnias. I’m having a backyard wedding this summer and am trying to grow my own flowers. This spring has been freezing cold and slow here in Nova Scotia, but I’m hopeful.

  104. Amy on

    Lovely, lovely, lovely. As a mama of two precocious boys, I retreat to my garden when I need to find my calm. Homesteading in CT.

  105. Anne Anderson on

    Hi! Please oh pleeeease! I would loooove to plant those seeeeeeds!!! Im a Washington state flower lover.

  106. Pisgah Flowers on

    Pisgah Flowers would love them! -North Carolina

  107. Miki on

    I would love to grow these in my garden in California! What a joy it would be to plant them and witness them grow and blossom and paint my garden with color.

  108. Kathy on

    How pretty these zinnias are! I’d love to give them a go in my Washington State garden. :)

  109. Jessica on

    You are absolutely inspiring! I’m so looking forward to your book. This zinnias are so cute. -Kansas

  110. cindy_a_sullivan on

    I have never seen such an unusual zinnia, it’s a real beauty that I’d love to add to my Chicago garden. Fingers crossed.

  111. Pia on

    My sister’s name is Zenia and zinnias are her fave! I’m from sunny(moody) California and she lives thousands of miles away from us. Planting these flowers in the backyard is like having her for sleepover!!

  112. Loren on

    I am in Northern California and would love these to grow in a plot near my dahlias!

  113. Emily K on

    I love these! They are usually in full bloom around my birthday, here in Nebraska, and they make a beautiful bright bouquet!!!

  114. Lonelymountainfarm on

    Hi there! Lonely Mountain Farm from Corralitos, CA would love to give these a whirl-as they are absolutely gorgeous- they would look wonderful in our rustic farm bouquets! Good work- you all are making beautiful things happen up there

  115. Ann O'Neill on

    Thanks for the inspiration and the beautiful floral images I get on my FB feed. Graham, WA

  116. Charlie on

    Show some love to one of the few guys that reads your blog! We like zinnias too! Arkansas.

  117. Kristy on

    These are my all-time favorites. Living in sunny North Carolina.

  118. Erica on

    Hi Erin! I was lucky enough to have you as my florist for my wedding and am so glad to see you doing so well! Congrats! (Wa)

  119. Kari on

    Hello from Northern California! Thank you for your lovely blog and inspiration. It has reignited my passion for growing beautiful flowers. Wish I had some acreage, though I am doing my best on my suburban lot!

  120. Nikki on

    Love your blog! I am Growing cut flowers for the first time for our community farm. Would love to direct seeds these beauties this summer! – Norwell, MA

  121. Sadie on

    Beautiful! I would love to grow some of these in Deming, WA this season. Thanks for all the beauty you and your team bring into the world!

  122. Allison on

    This is my first year growing to sell. All’s well so far…except for the rascally rabbit that decided to eat about 90% of my zinnia seedlings!!! No! I love zinnias and they are hopefully going to fill a good portion of my sales this year. These are so cute and much different than any that I have going so far. You’re writings and photos are so inspiring. Thanks for all the words of encouragement to all of us newbies!

  123. Erika on

    The perfect flower to plant to introduce my lovely niece to the joys of gardening in upstate New York!

  124. Emily A on

    I have fallen in love with zinnias over the past couple of years and these seeds would love a home in coastal Maine, I am sure!!!!

  125. Tonya on

    Zinnias do great in Kentucky! Plus, let’s be honest, they’re the only thing I know I can grow without killing. Lol.

  126. Megan Lightfoot on

    I would love to see some of these beauties growing out here in Colorado! I love your farm and all of the beautiful things you do!

  127. Jessa on

    I’m a brand new farmer and a brand new follower of yours. :) I live in North Carolina and would love to try to grow these. :)

  128. Nicole on

    I would love to grow these beauties in West Chester, PA!!!

  129. Jessica Merrick on

    Your photos, drive and blog are divine! This is my first year as a “flower farmer”, I am growing two types of zins this year. I am crossing my fingers the lil seeds are still in the ground as we had a monsoon a few days after planting. I am smack dab in the middle of Kentucky, in Gravel Switch :)

  130. Ellen on

    Zinnia oh Zinnia – wherefore art thou Zinnia? NY

  131. Sherry Donnelly on

    LOVE LOVE LOVE this flower!! Georgia designer and future farmer!!

  132. Kate on

    My husband and flowers – my true loves. I would love to try them in our renovated Colorado gardens with our new raised beds. How sweet they are.

  133. pam on

    Idaho loves zinnias

  134. Kate on

    My husband and flowers – my true loves. I would love to try them in our renovated gardens with our new raised beds. How sweet they are.

  135. Norma on

    I live in Oregon. We’re neighbors!!!

  136. Amy on

    These zinnias are gorgeous. They look like they are arranged as a beautiful Jersey Shore sunset. I came across your Instagram a few weeks ago and I love seeing all of your blooms daily, as they put a smile on my face! Thanks from New Jersey!

  137. Trina AuBuchon on

    Hello from Missouri!!
    I’m a long time fan of zinnias and I’m always adding different varieties to the perimeter of my summer vegtable garden! Last year it was Giant Reds and this year I added Envy…. hopefully I can add Scabosia in the mix too!

  138. Chelsea on

    Thanks for the constant beautiful inspiration!! This Northern California floral designer appreciates all your beautiful posts!! And I even been trying to design a seasonal bouquet weekly- thank you for this fun and fabulous project you started!

  139. Nicole K on

    I would love to grow these beauties in West Chester, PA!!

  140. Yuliya on

    These look beautiful! I’m from Ohio and would love these in my little garden. Thank you!

  141. KaCee on

    California love!

  142. Meredith on

    I’m growing zinnias for my wedding in the fall and I’d love to add this variety! I’m in the Hudson Valley in New York.

  143. Q on

    From a little town in PA, Collingdale. Planted my dahlias already in my 5×10 garden on mother’s day! Now all they need are some Zinnia Scabosia friends to hang out with them this summer and become homies! Oh yeah….!!

  144. Sarah on

    I love zinnias; my grandmother always used to plant them and I have wonderful memories of her garden. This is my first spring in my own home and I’m planning to plant zinnias for the first time this year! I’m in Nebraska.

  145. Liz on

    Zinnias have always been my favorite flower to plant: these are beautiful! Would love to plant some of these. Liz from Virginia!

  146. Kim V. on

    Those colors are gorgeous! As is your Instagram, it’s one of my favorites :) I hail from Durham, North Carolina, and am a gardening newbie!

  147. Cathy on

    Would love to have some of these seeds!

  148. Ginny Mitchell on

    What a sweet find!
    Would love to add the Zinnia to our brand new garden!
    Newly retired!
    Living and loving life in Grants Pass, Oregon.
    Perfect climate!
    Perfect soil!
    Thanks for the opportinity!

  149. Erika on

    Hi there! Erika from Oregon I will love, really love, to grow some zinnias!

  150. May on

    Just starting my second planting of zinnias in 2 inch soil blocks would love to try this variety

  151. Ilana on

    Finding your blog inspired me to grow Dahlias. These would be a beautiful addition in my California garden.

  152. Emily R on

    Those are so beautiful! I would love some for my garden here in Kansas!

  153. Lydia on

    Your blog and IG made me feel so sunny and happy during the cold winter in Michigan, I would love to plant these beauties in my garden!

  154. Janelle W on

    What a cool flower variety! I’d love to grow some. I live in California.

  155. Meg on

    I’m in Connecticut! After one of the hardest winters of my life from snow and personal loss, gardening is the light in the darkness! Love these flowers

  156. Chelsey C. on

    I would be thrilled to plant those! Chelsey in Utah.

  157. Stefanie H. on

    Working on 3rd year of flower farmin’ in Perry, KS

  158. Becky Brown on

    I discovered Zinnias last year and they were super easy to grow.
    Olalla, WA

  159. mandy on

    Oh! I’m growing flowers up at Big Mesa Farm in beautiful Bolinas, CA.

  160. mandy on

    This is my first year being a flower farmer, and agreed, zinnia are easiest to grow! I started ambitiously with 28 types of flower-and with some let downs-zinnias are holding strong! I would love to have these to add to my 10 varieties of zinnias already started! Thanks for the constant eye candy and confirmation of past stories that it’s a rough but rewarding road!

  161. Briana on

    I’m a floral designer near Chicago, IL, and I’m hoping to get a garden started this year! I’ve been so inspired by your blog and pictures!

  162. Joan on

    Any zinnia is a winner in my book but these look especially pretty! I’ve never tried the scabiosa-flowered variety but would love to see these beauties in my garden here in Champaign, IL!

  163. Emilia on

    Hello from Sedro Woolley, WA just a few miles from you:) I would love to try this variety of zinnia.

  164. Jordan on

    Beautiful! I would love to try your Zinnias in my garden. Starting my first garden this year and love following you and reading all your advice! With love, from Nebraska.

  165. Laurie Robertson on


  166. Karen on

    Your blog is so inspirational and I love the scabiosa zinnias!

  167. glenda on

    I would love to see these grow in South East Texas :)

  168. Jenn on

    Zinnias are what got my husband so excited about our garden here in Virginia!

  169. Erin Ellis on

    Oh my goodness! They are just gorgeous! I live in Southern California, and I would LOVE to add these to my little sanctuary of a back yard :) Thank you for the wonderful giveaway.
    ErinLoves2Run at gmail dot com

  170. Meredith F. on

    Greetings from Kansas. Zinnia’s are my favorite to start from seed. I’m hoping to grow some of my own wedding flowers next year!

  171. Erika on

    I will love to grow them in Oregon!

  172. Missy Holland on

    Would love to grow some of these for my summer wedding in Washington State!

  173. Jessica Hall on

    Maybe I need to find a flower support group…I should be paying attention to my ob sonogram instead I am trying to win more seeds to grow here in Virginia! From the twins and I thanks for the chance!

  174. Cindy on

    I am in awe of your website and your abilities. Everything you do is beautiful! After the winter we have had the flowers would look beautiful in my yard in Kalamazoo Michigan!!!

  175. Mary on

    The colors are beautiful! I live in NY and NJ and fill pots and plant in ground. I am now motivated to add zinnias to my ever-growing selection. I am starting to feel like a flower junkie. It’s such a pleasure to have this as my home page. Very uplifting.

  176. Karen T. on

    Zinnias are one of the earlier delights of our short annual cuts season in Vermont. Thanks for all your efforts in trialing new varieties and sharing your successes.

  177. Lindsay Sisko on

    Erin, last year fall I attended your workshop and fell in love with these super unique Zinnias. Including them in all my designs! I have been growing these work horse flowers for years but have never scene any quite like these!!!! Please send some to Canada and I promise to collect seeds and grow them for years to come. All the best!

  178. Ciel Evans on

    I live in Texas and love zinnias!

  179. Julia Greer Fobes on

    I am from the ALABAMA GULF COAST and your blog, fb and Instagram are my favorite things to look at! So inspiring!! I own a floral, stage set and event business and dream about flower farming and attending one of your work shops one day!!

  180. Debi on

    I just love the form and colors of these zinnias. They would look especially beautiful here in MI.

  181. Dan-ah on

    I would love to plant some of these in my backyard garden! In Brooklyn, NY.

  182. Alexandra on

    zinnias…. The quintessential summer happy flower. I’m in Illinois

  183. Lorna on

    Just planted a bunch of zinnia seeds in Louisiana.

  184. Katy Lockhart on

    Sending flower love from Smyrna, Georgia! My young daughters would love to grow and make beautiful bouquets from these!!

  185. Drea @ Morning Glory Acres on

    And if you don’t have enough enteries, here is another! I’ve been trialing several new kinds of zinnias this year, and would love to try these cuties! Since I know we can’t all win, would you mind sharing where we could get some of this amazing seed?? And if they will ring true next year if we save seed? Sorry for the questions since I know you are so busy!! -Southern Indiana

  186. Lyndsey on

    Perfect to go with my dahlias! I live in Georgia.

  187. Terry T on

    I love zinnias, one of my favorites and would love to try this different type! I live in Virginia and have lots of zinnias peeping out of the dirt, can’t wait to see them bloom as I have sown different types this year.

  188. Stephanie Abernathy on

    Zinnias . . . my favorite flower! Love to plant Zinnias every year in Georgia!

  189. Emily M on

    Second year of our own farm business here in central North Carolina. We’re growing wedding flowers for close friends marrying at the NC Botanical Garden this fall and would love to include these beauties for them!

  190. Maribeth on

    LOVE zinnias–would be so perfect to plant in my boat garden!!

  191. Karol on

    Zinnias are my favorite flower! I love their simplicity and happy colors. This beautiful variety would be perfect in my Quincy/Mendon, Illinois garden! Thanks for the inspiration!

  192. Cindy K on

    I live in NYC and would love to win some of these happy seeds, especially since squirrels dug up my first batch. Deterents are now in place for the next round! Thank you for another great giveaway.

  193. Ashley Malcolm on

    Love zinnias! I have grown them for years, but just the Benarys mix. Love the vibrant colors. Last year I paired them with wild Queen Anne’s lace and Glads for simple farmers market bouquets. From Staunton, Virginia.

  194. Sharrie on

    Zinnias are pretty, tough, and versatile. I grow them in Texas.

  195. Liz on

    Beautiful. I live in Maine.

  196. Raechel on

    What a wonderful flower community! Thank you for all the inspiration. -Raechel in Maine

  197. Dede Valkyrie on

    If I’m the lucky winner I will promise to share with your our friend Nina and others. I hope they will thrive in zone 4.

  198. Caleb Whitfield on

    I would love to add these to my 2015 zinnia lineup! I have yet to direct sow the majority of my zinnias here in Michigan…

  199. Cathy on

    These are amazing! From Minnesota.

  200. Lynn Payne on

    In Oklahoma, I would love to have this variety of zinnia growing – these are gorgeous!!! Thank you for the give-a-way, you’re such a generous person.

  201. kate swift on

    plenty of time to get them in here in upstate NY 37 degrees this AM !!!!

  202. Serah on

    i could carve out a perfect home for these in my children’s butterfly garden here in N. Delaware!

  203. Serah Pesce on

    I have the perfect spot carved out for these in our Monarch butterfly garden with plenty time to plant in N. Delaware!

  204. Suzanne on

    Are they good for new beginners in Texas?

  205. Megan W on

    These are beautiful! I would love to grow them here in Maryland.

  206. Cheryl on

    Love Zinnias. Thank you! We are in Arkansas.

  207. Kelly G. on

    How lovely! This would be a lovely addition to my Ann Arbor, MI garden!

  208. Lorie jones on

    I live in Kansas and have grown fields of Zinnias for years but have never seen this variety. I would love to give them a try. Your choices of flowers are always so simple and beautiful, like the Honeysuckle vine in the Seasonal Bouquet you posted the other day. Simply. Beautiful. Thank you for bringing beauty into my world.

  209. Babette on

    Zinnias are so rewarding….love the looks of theses. Greetings from Rowaytin by the Sea, CT. Will be leaving th coast in time to 7 acres in Nirth Carolina….and hope to try my luck at flower farming. Here in my small garden in beach community there’s only room to grow for my home and my friends for fun. Would love to visit you someday! I feel a kindred connection.

  210. Alex R on

    Fun! We’ve just purchased a house and there isn’t a single flower, or really plant, in the front or backyard! Could really use some florals! From Oakland, CA.

  211. Deb Di Bella on

    I love them and would have them sent to my mom who has a yard and loves to garden! I live in Honolulu and she lives in Las Vegas with an eclectic garden and those zinnias would fit right in.

  212. Dee Seesurat on

    I love your blog & IG your flowers are so pretty. Bay Area California.

  213. Dani Graham on

    Thank you for the post on balance… Wise words…
    I’d love the opportunity to win these zinnias! =)

    I’m in Duvall, WA

  214. Deanna on

    A great addition. To any cut flower garden, especially here in Western Washington.

  215. Audra Cordell on

    These zinnias are so pretty! I would love to grow them this year! I live in Oregon.

  216. Jessica Jones on

    Howdy from the crazy zinnia lady! This love affair with zinnias began with my grandmother. She always has the prettiest wine colored zinnias in her garden.

  217. Rachel Costenbader on

    Zinnia’s one of my all time favorites! From Olympia, Washington

  218. Cathryn Barone on

    Your beautiful farm and amazing journey have inspired our cut flower farm to begin blooming this year! Thank you so much for your knowledge, honesty, and passion..
    We hope to meet you someday!! These zinnias are AMAZING!
    –The team @FullCircleFlora in Fiddletown, CA!!!

  219. Lorraine on

    I haven’t had zinnias in my flower bed since I was a child on the prairies in the 1950s!

  220. mari gregg on

    My grandma first introduce me to this flower in her garden. Just the name alone sounds perky and fun. The amazing colors are a bonus!

  221. Julie Ann on

    Zinnia’s were the first flower I learned about from my grandmother years ago. One of her favorites! ~ I live in Washington State.

  222. Jenny on

    I live just north of you in Bellingham, Washington! And I love zinnias!

  223. Carolyn on

    Growing Zinnias for the first time on my new flower farm. Each day I kneel down and peer at them and pray to the Zinnia Gods that they will grown into these amazingly vibrant flowers. Would love these fancy ladies to add to my collection.

  224. Dana McMullin on

    Hello there! I am an urban farmer from Chicago, IL. I would love to brighten up our incubator site & attract beneficials with those beautiful blooms!! Fingers crossed!

  225. Sharon on

    I live in California!

  226. Betina on

    I would love to grow these for my mom, and to use in ceramic design.
    -Betina in Seattle, WA

  227. Michelle Cummings on

    I would till up a new patch just for these lovelies – Ontario!

  228. Alisa on

    Drooling over those delicious blooms in Illinois!

  229. Lauren on

    I love following your blog and getting flower inspiration! I need more flowers in my garden for sure! Lauren, from Vashon Island, WA

  230. Megan on

    So lovely! I’m hoping to use some zinnias for a friend’s wedding bouquet later this summer. It would be so fun to include some I’d grown just for the occasion. I’m in Washington too!

  231. lisa on

    scabinnia! i’ll grow those happlity here in michigan.

  232. rosie on

    Ahoy from Ohio! I would love to grow some zinnias!! Thanks

  233. rosie on

    Ahoy from Ohio! I would love to grow some zinnias!!

  234. Kathy on

    They are so lovely. I would love to plant some seeds in my new grow beds. I live in Gilbert, Az. thanks, kathy

  235. Gretchen on

    I’m growing some zinnias here in IL for the first time – they’re just coming up and I’m so excited!

  236. Blair on

    What a great giveaway, thanks! TX

  237. Kristen on

    Those are so gorgeous! Would love to plant those in my Minnesota garden.

  238. Kirsten on

    When I was 9 I decided that zinnia was my favourite flower with the most exotic name and that if I had a daughter I was going to name her Zinnia. I had a daughter and I named her Violet for her first 4 hours, then we named her Naiya. She’s now 9.


  239. Mindy on

    Would love these in Georgia!

  240. Celeste on

    Lovely zinnias! We are busy planting our vegetable market garden along with a few flowers over here in Addy, Washington.

  241. Bree on

    These are Aaahh.maze.a.balls! Iowa! :)

  242. Susan on

    My best friend is the best zinnia grower I know, and these would be completely new to him.

  243. kim hawkins on

    What a kaleidoscope of color! Would love to plant these in my Port Orchard garden.

  244. Lynn on

    My Mom’s favorite flower, mine too. Would look lovely in my garden in Idaho.

  245. Nancy De La Cruz on

    Absolutely love Zinnias! I would love to add them into my garden for my daughter to grow. We are from Texas, we love our veggie garden, but flowers are just so fun and beautiful to have.

  246. Jaynè Childs on

    I am in Maryfield, Saskatchewan in the middle of North America? Luv all your energy, talent and hard work. I am of an age that I will tell you to try and enjoy all the parts; especially your children and your partner/husband/spouse. For what you sow with them will be your greatest reward. So even if you have work to do put them up on the table and teach them too. Passed my love of cooking to my adult children……. I have realized by sharing my joy with them. X0X0

  247. Ali Edwards on

    Love your flowers and your whole approach. Eugene, Oregon

  248. Susan Miller on

    Thanks for all of your advice and encouragement to those of us just starting out – your blog and growing guides have been invaluable. – Blush Flowers, Colorado

  249. Lexi on

    Hi there, Your blog is so gorgeous. I have a small cut flower business in Twisp, WA. I’ve been in ag for over a decade but am finally just focusing on my true loves, flowers. Those Scabiosa Zinnia are so yummy and I would love to have them to offer my clients this season (and would prob save seed!!) With thanks, lexi

  250. Molly Harman on

    LOVE these Zinnias, and would love a chance to grow them in my first ever flower garden.

  251. Jenny Rae on

    I choose zinnias before any other flower, they warm my heart! Upstate NY ( where zinnias have yet to be planted)

  252. Liz on

    Last year I grew red zinnas, loved them! Would love to try these zinnas too. Enjoyed the piece Victoria magazine did about your lovely flowers. Have a great summer. Star, Idaho

  253. Jacquie on

    Love following your blog!

  254. Krisztina on

    (excuse my earlier typos please. I was on my phone AND darn that auto correct. I would Love to have some unique Zinnias growing in my garden here in Grand Terrace, (Southern) California. Thanks for give us hope :-0

  255. Kristina lindsley on

    Greetings from southern California

  256. Kelly on

    Hello from California! These zinnias are gorgeous!

  257. Stephanie on

    Would love to win seeds and plant them here in Minnesota :) What a prize these blooms would be!

    • Mahira on

      Oh how zany are these zinnias, with their frilly frocks and exuberant colours. Loving your flowers from Calgary, Alberta in Canada where the ground is beginning to thaw and tulips are poking their heads while the giant alium buds stare down waiting for the warmth to release them from their armature.

  258. Holly on

    I’d love to have part of Floret Farm in my garden. Portland, Oregon

  259. Julie H. on

    I have very few flowers growing where I live here in Oregon. Zinnias would be nice to grow.

  260. Kim Anspach on

    Zinnias thrive in the Kansas heat. I would love to give these a try!

  261. Holly on

    I love Floret Farm’s beautiful flowers. To have a little piece of that garden in my life would mean so much! From the city of roses, portland, Oregon!

  262. Kirsten on

    hello from illinois! love all of your gorgeous flowers, they brighten my day!

  263. Felicity on

    I love zinnias. I would love to try growing them in my newly turned flower field. Ontario, Canada

  264. Khadijeh on

    Your flowers are so inspiring! I’m from Illinois, with about ten square feet of soil that I try to keep full of flowers, when it’s not full of snow.

  265. Colleen on

    So pretty … Utah

  266. Jessica on

    Oh, I would love to grow some of those lovelies here in Kentucky!

  267. Allysha on

    Just finished (finally!) installing my new raised beds and fencing here in CT. I have a 4×12 waiting for zinnias this eye catching!

  268. Nancy on

    What a treat it would be to grow these! Thanks for the chance!! New Jersey

  269. Carissa on

    No vegetable garden is complete without zinnias!

    It’s just the right time to sow them here in Wisconsin.

  270. Deanna Graff on

    What a happy looking flower. I would like to try these in my humble garden. NC

  271. Angela Austin on

    I would love to have these in my garden! Pick me, please!! :) Coeur d’Alene, Idaho

  272. Allison on

    Such a happy flower!!!! They look like Little drops of sunshine.

  273. Amanda on

    Would love to plant/pick these with my daughter! — Hello from Lancaster, Ohio

  274. Sarah on

    Have two other zinnia varieties ready to plant and this would make for a great “third wheel”! From Indiana.

  275. becca on

    I love growing zinnias. I always border our community garden plot with them just so I can give them to the kids who stop by. I livery in Washington.

  276. Katie on

    Love from Illinois!

  277. Anna on

    South Carolina

  278. Jenny on

    Zinnia-mania! I love them. Washington state ;)

  279. Jerri Wilson on

    Would love to plant these! They are so pretty.

  280. Kari S on

    I live in Virginia. Zinnias love it here!

  281. Briana on

    Greetings from New Jersey! I have grown cut n’ come agains and these look beautiful and would be great to try! Thanks very much.

  282. Heather Olsen on

    I’m sure I could make space for them in my little garden patch here in Utah!

  283. Kjerstine Loftus on

    i love these flowers! They’d be wonderful in my newly done garden I’ve started! Either way I love your work and following along on your journey!

  284. Zarina on

    Love following your blog and your IG feed. These zinnias are gorgeous and would look so wonderful in my front yard where everyone can see them! Your neighbor to the south, in Oregon!

  285. Lilli on

    Perfect for my first garden – planting now!

  286. Lilli on

    Perfect f

  287. Jakki on

    Saying hello from the Nutmeg state, Connecticut.

  288. LeeAnn on

    From the great state of PA! There is plenty of time to get these beauties planted.

  289. Genie B on

    What a great giveaway!! Thank you! Love your gorgeous flowers from Columbus, OH!!

  290. Nikki Luehm on

    I have always loved Zinnias but these are to die for! So beautiful. From New York.

    • Anna Ball Hodge on

      I collect seeds when I walk. Do you think people mind?
      Would love some of yours-west to east! Raleigh, North Carolina

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