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November 19th 2017

Gratitude & Team Floret

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It’s a rare treat to have the entire Floret team all in one place, since a few of our members work remotely. Susan lives in Ohio, Ellen is down in Texas and Jill is up in Bellingham. Everyone came in for the final days of launching our new Floret Online Workshop and it was wonderful to have the whole gang together.

Getting to sit around the table and actually work together has been such a gift. Over the past few days we’ve been reading aloud so many of the wonderful emails pouring in from all over the world surrounding our online course launch. The enthusiasm, the gratitude, the positivity and the excitement has been food for our souls. Husbands gifting the course to their wives, grandparents surprising their grandchildren, strangers sponsoring other growers in need, institutions and colleges training their staff, the list goes on and on. I know I speak for the entire team when I say we feel so honored and blessed to do this work.

Today after a little rest and a lot of reflection, we wrote up a big list of all the amazing things that our small but mighty team has accomplished this past year. I knew we had tackled a lot, but I had no idea the magnitude of our combined efforts until I saw it all written down in one place.

Here are a few of the high points: In March we released Cut Flower Garden and broke pre-sales records with our publisher, then in April our workshops were featured in The New York Times.  Between April and June we hosted 4 on farm workshop and pitched our second book. In early July we came together for our first annual Floret Team summit, then spent the summer re-building a new online shop and expanded our seed line by 100 varieties (wait until you see them!).  On October 5th after many miracles we closed on our new 24 acre farm and this past week we launched our online workshop that has been a full year in the making.

This has certainly been our biggest, fullest, most incredible year yet and I’m in absolute awe of everything that our little team has done. I won’t lie, it has been a ton of work. We all put in a lot of late nights, early mornings and weekend time in order to make this all happen. But we did it! And it feels really great to see all of our hard work making a real difference in the world.

We had grand plans of launching our holiday product line early next week. On paper it looked totally doable, but in real life, everyone is ready for (and deserves!) a little downtime to be with their families for the holiday. So we’ve decided to push the date back by a week so that we can all rest up and recharge before diving in again.

As we head into Thanksgiving week, I already have gratitude on my mind. I am so blessed to get to work with these amazing people every day and have the opportunity to pour our collective energy into making the world a more beautiful place.

A huge shout out to Team Floret, the hardest working, biggest hearted, most dedicated crew around. You guys amaze me!

And so much appreciation to everyone who sent us an email, a private message or left us a comment this past week. Your kind words were totally what we needed.


  1. Billie Smith on

    I Just subscribed to your news letter!! My granddaughter sarah collie just joined your team recently and encouraged me to do so. She is sooo excited to find a work family such as your team who has been exceptional grateful to her!!! Enjoy each day and happy flowering!!! Thanks, Billie Smith Jacksboro, Tennessee…North of Knoxville

  2. Kasia on

    a good team is the most important thing. Good for you!

  3. Nicole on

    Hi there! I signed up for the online workshop but have not received any info on when it starts! Just hoping I didn’t miss something!

    • Team Floret on

      You will be getting an email from Ellen shortly.

  4. Susan Massar on

    You, your Family and Team deserve all the good …you have worked Sooo hard for it ! I know everyone is waiting to see what wonderful things 2018 will bring ! Happy Holidays to all !

  5. Terri on

    It is a beautiful thing when vision, hard work, and an appreciation and respect for others unite. Have a blessed Thanksgiving and enjoy the time off… I look forward to meeting the team soon!!!

  6. Louise Ann on

    I just cry every time I read the amazing creations that you guys manage to achieve. I don’t know if it’s happy tears for you guys or just my compassionate understanding of how huge the achievements are when I find even the smallest daily chores so overwhelming. I am sure you bring such joy, by every photo, by every story, to every person you reach.

  7. Kelly Krause on

    You and your team are an inspiration. Congrats to everyone. Enjoy your time off. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your loved ones.

  8. Kelsey on

    Floret Team~
    You guys are truly amazing!! What an accomplishment, seeing your dreams come true, right before your eyes. You are such an inspiration to me, and a huge source of information and learning opportunities. You are all awesome, keep doing what you’re doing. Have a happy Thanksgiving!

  9. Vanessa on

    Well said Erin! Enjoy your Thanks giving holiday! Many thanks for you all!!!

  10. Kelly Zaleski on

    Thank you Floret Team for the incredible work you do! You’ve cultivated a real community of flower lowers and a new generation of flower growers. Because of your hard work & dedication, you’ve inspired many (including myself) to get growing!! So looking forward to the online workshop!

  11. Jane on

    Wow, you are all amazing. Enjoy your holiday time and well earned rest. A big thank you for such an inspiring blog this year and I very much look forward to hearing about the happenings in Florets 2018. X

  12. Lois Goettelmann on

    just wanted to say I love you too, thanks for sharing and your arrangements are to die for, please keep posting. And have a wonderful holiday as well.

  13. Sandra K. Rowland on

    Team Floret great job!!! Congratulations. The beauty you bring to the world comforts me-blesses me-and makes me realize that happiness is organic and a living, growing feeling that brings our lives to full bloom. Happy Thanksgiving.

  14. Caryle Hitchcock on

    It lifts my spirits to see that email from Floret. Even though , as a home gardener I am not one of the lucky participants in your online course I feel the excitement and joy it is bringing. Maybe, in the future , there will be one for us , the home gardener who also loves the beauty of flowers. In viewing the previews for the course I saw some applicable information . That aside, I wish all of you well deserved peaceful moments of reflection, joy and the plain mindlessness of relaxation at its fullest. Happy Thanksgiving!

  15. Andrea D. on

    Gratitude and pausing are exactly what this time of year should be about. Thank you for all the things you’ve taught us all this year, and how you have changed so much for good.

  16. Christina on

    Thanks for all your hard work Team Floret! You have all blessed so many of us who love to grow flowers. I hope you do the online course again for those of us who made the hard decision not to purchase the 2018 course even though I so wanted to! Thanks again and have a wonderful, relaxing Thanksgiving!

  17. Tina Raiha on

    I am so glad you were all together and celebrated and then came to a good consensus on rest and rejuvenation. Thanks for all of the hard work you put into the book. I asked for it for Christmas. Take care and best wishes for the holiday and on into the future.

  18. Pamela on

    Thank you, Erin and Team Floret, for being an inspiration in so many ways ~ a most happy Thanksgiving to you all!

  19. Pamela on

    Thank you for being an inspiration in so many ways, Erin and Team Floret – a most happy Thanksgiving to you all ~

  20. Mary Jo Roberts on

    You deserve to take a break, you all work so hard and your small business is mighty and amazing! My daughter is taking your online course and is so excited and passionate to start it in the New Year. She finally feels that she has a path to follow and I know she can do whatever she puts her mind to. Thank you Erin, and your staff, for sharing such wonderful knowledge with the world. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.

  21. Erica Golden on

    I am so proud of the work that you and the team have done this year! You were brave and industrious which has created a beautiful year of successes. The purchase of the additional land was a big change to face and to examine how right it would be for your future— and then to commit to it… well, the benefits of that will extend out for a long time.

    Always sending you and your team my best! Thank you for bringing all of this beauty into the world! Happy Thanksgiving!

    • Team Floret on

      We owe so much of this to you! During our celebritory dinner we went back through all of our scores from the summit and to my amazement we had reached, or surpassed every single one! Your support and guidance has made a world of difference. ~E

  22. Ashley hashagen on

    Yes, you own your business, don’t let it own you. From a prior restaurant owner. God bless you and your endeavors. Thank you for sharing the beauty. Ashley

  23. Trish on

    What an incredible inspiration, Team Floret! We all need rest and then me with family. I’m looking forward to the holiday line! Happy Thanksgiving

  24. Maria on

    Yes, gratitude is a Must. A thankful heart is always positive and “rest” is also a must for renewal. We are blessed with your gift and your sharing.
    Have a wonderful thanksgiving and may God continue blessing you and your family.

  25. Trisha on

    There is so very much in this world to be thankful for and so easy to be too busy, too scheduled, too tired to actually take the time to count our blessings. So, bravo to you and the team for taking the time to stop, rest and reflect. Hope that all of you and your loved ones have a lovely Thanksgiving holiday and you’ll come back more charged up than ever, I’m sure!! In the meantime, my gratitude to you for enriching the lives of all of us who are learning from you to bring more beauty into our own lives.

  26. Hattie Bourne on

    I LOVE your new book, this website, everything about Floret Farms!! Have a restful, blessed Thanksgiving! Hattie

  27. Sara Caldwell on

    I was going to say something along the same line as Amanda. I also am thankful when people say “no this week we need to be with our families” because if your family isn’t nourished you can’t do what you do. It is very refreshing to know that you have your priorities straight. I pray that all of your team have a wonderful holiday week and that you get a chance to love on those darling children of yours. Looking forward to all that is ahead with the workshop.

  28. Anna on

    You all have been working so hard this year. You really deserve this break. I’m thankful for people like you, who make this world a better and more beautiful place. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  29. Tina S, aka TheWOLparty on

    This is so great, for so many reasons! You all have given so much to so many people and really touch people’s hearts, which is so sorely needed these days. I really pushed it this weekend, digging dahlias, planting bulbs, transplanting perennials. I’m going away for the holiday and wanted to have everything tucked in so I could take a mental break from the to-do list. I really admire your respect for your team and your family’s need for down time and a relaxed holiday. Much gratitude to you all!

  30. Vivian Stair on

    You have no idea how much enjoyment and sense of content I get WHENEVER I go on your web sites. Such great photography….and AMAZING Flowers
    Thank you for inspiring me to “just try” and I will :)

    Enjoy your home, your health and most importantly those special family and friends in one’s life


  31. Therese Mitchell on

    Big congrats to the Floret team for your amazing achievements. ‘Not able to take the online workshop at the moment but definitely ordering your fab books for Christmas. Kind regards, Therese

  32. Julie Engelman on

    The pause button move seems to be SO in keeping with the beautiful culture that permeates Floret – in every corner. Your blog and book were what inspired me to take the leap and start growing flowers for my floral business partners this past year. I’m so grateful for that, and to be heading into the workshop (so that I can finally REALLY figure out what I’m doing this coming year :) has me looking forward to 2018 in a very special way. Thanks to all at Floret for sharing your beautiful dream with all of us, and for having the generosity to share your know how in the upcoming workshops. Happy Thanksgiving everybody! Sleep in, enjoy your crazy families and say “yes” to that extra piece of pumpkin pie. We’ll work it off in the garden next spring.

  33. Linda Q on

    ‘Personal relaxation time’ is what my grandson calls it! You work hard to accomplish what you set out to do whether it is a job or a project and then you need to take time out for yourself to relax and recharge. Is is harder when you are self employed and your work IS your life because you are surrounded 24/7 by all of the unfinished tasks that need to be done. Enjoy your PRT and have a great Thanksgiving!

  34. Lori B on

    Congratulations on an amazing year! I feel so blessed to be able to learn from Floret. I agree, your team is awesome. I got the opportunity to experience the support and thoughtful assistance from Ellen as she helped me register for the online workshop. Hope you have a fabulous holiday filled with family and rest and love. All the best to you!

  35. Kathleen on

    Erin you and your team have had an amazing year! It’s been wonderful to watch the progress and also to
    learn from you this year… I wish you all a happy, relaxing restorative Thanksgiving holiday. Looking forward to all the good things to come in the New Year!! Kathleen

  36. Sam on

    Wishing you all a restful, peaceful Thanksgiving. Your Team continues to be a source of inspiration and joy for so many of us. Thank you for all that you do! Looking forward to what’s to come! (… and those new seed varieties!)

  37. Stephanie on

    You all deserve some down time! What an amazing year–you have inspired your followers with your creativity and generosity. I can’t imagine what a wonderful world we would have, if everyone shared what they learned with others and supported each other as we all try to reach our potential. Happy Thanksgiving to your whole team!

  38. Mara on

    Team Floret,
    You make the world a better place, which isn’t easy these days, especially in a country where the wheels are falling off so many things with such frequency.
    Bless your hearts!

  39. Doreen on

    This makes me happy to hear! You and your team are just downright amazing and so very much deserve this time off! Yay!

  40. Cathy Schweinegruber on

    Good job Erin in knowing when to take a pause! You’re setting a good example for us all to follow. #pause-recharge-move forward. Looking forward to all that lies ahead! Wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving, your 2018 Floret student, Cathy

  41. Nancy Fenstermacher on

    It has been such a thrill to get to follow along and get to know you all a bit. If I were younger there would be no problem in taking your course but as I am 72 and no longer wanting a career or job, I will just take time to order a few things here and there as we try to decide when to downsize and move on. We love our property & home and have transformed it greatly over 28 years! I wish you all the best in your endeavors; you deserve all your successes! I am so glad I ordered your book and am on your mailing list – very proud of your hard work ethic and determination. Continued good wishes for the holidays! ❌⭕️

  42. Grace on

    Yes…yes…YES to all of this!! First of all, congratulations on everything that you and the Floret team have achieved. I am in awe of all that you do and the generosity that you show in sharing your time, knowledge and love. Saying, “Thank you” hardly seems sufficient to express my gratitude.

    I appreciate the lesson that you are teaching us all about recognizing when were wearing ourselves too thin and knowing when it is time to step back, relax and regroup. The world will not stop turning just because we take some time to take care of ourselves. We are no good to anyone when we are not good to ourselves!

    Enjoy this down time with your loved ones.

  43. Debbie on

    Congratulations on a incredibly busy year. Plus children added to the mix you deserve a break. Enjoy the holiday. I am looking forward to taking part on your course.


  44. Cynthia on

    Have a wonderful holiday. I am also very excited about the online course. It’s going to be like spring in January. Enjoy your rest.

  45. Debbie on

    What an amazingly busy year you have had! You missed the bit about being a mum as well and all that entails😀Congratulations on your and your teams achiements. I can’t wait to start the course with you. Enjoy your well earned break.


  46. Sheila on

    Congratulations on this new adventure with the new farm and all the wonderful things that will come your way. It is always a joy to see good people succeed at something they’ve worked so hard to achieve. Your posts always bring a smile to my face and your flowers take my breath away. Wishing you many blessings!

  47. Joan stevens on

    You are an inspiration to many! Glad you are using your platform to shout out for rest and downtime with family! It’s easy to get caught up in the busy and forget that.

  48. Priscilla on

    Thank you so much giving me an opportunity to give my granddaughter Taylor a jump start on her dream with such a wonderful dedicated team of people to learn from.Iam sure with the passion she has for her gardening this workshop is the beginning of her fabulous future doing what she loves. Thank You Again and May you all have a Happy Thanksgiving. Priscilla Miller

  49. Lynn on

    You are always such an inspiration and I’m so thankful I discovered you. You’ve sent me in a direction that makes my heart so happy and shows me that it CAN be done wirh patience and constant learning. So let more education commence with your online course – I’m so excited and ready to start. Have a wonderful Holiday and unwind, I’m excited for your new farm 😁

  50. Audrey Hetherington on

    I am so pleased you are taking a break, you have all worked so hard and achieved such a lot. You enthusiasm is infectious and I am looking forward to seeing more of you on my computer screen, I hope you all have a wonderful holiday and a well earned rest. Thank you the pleasure you have given me so far, I love your book, videos and photographs.

  51. Abby on

    Good for you! You guys deserve a rest! I plan to do the same. It’s all about balance…⚖️

  52. June on

    I have just a small flower garden but I so enjoy your website and everything that you and your team does. Enjoy your Holiday !

  53. Amanda on

    It always gives me a thrill when you say ‘no’ to something. There’s so much pressure on us all to please others–and plenty of people who are a bit entitled when it comes to other’s time and energy. I love it when you take space for what you need, and take your business in the direction that YOU want it to go, take on the projects that speak to you. Have a wonderful holiday. Hope it is full of love and rest.

    • Team Floret on

      Your words are just what I needed to hear. Thank you!

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