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June 10th 2019

Grow With Us

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The last few years have been a time of incredible growth and change here at Floret. Before I tell you about some of the exciting things we have on the horizon, here’s a quick look back at where we’ve been and how it all began. 

Floret started small. Really small. Right in my backyard.

Not long after moving to the country, I planted a double row of sweet peas in my garden in memory of my great grandmother.  

Those first few blooms were the start of something big.  

Over time our little garden grew into a bustling flower farm and design studio that supplied blooms to grocery stores, weddings, floral designers and a bouquet subscription program every season…all on just two tiny acres. 

For many, many years it was just me with some help from the kids and Chris after (and before) his day job. 

After trying to do it all for far too long, we finally realized that in order for Floret to grow, we would need to build a team around us to help. We’ve been extremely fortunate to find the most amazing people, and with the addition of each key player, our little business has become even more amazing. 

Over the course of the last few years, we’ve been blessed with an abundance of flowers, friends and incredible opportunities: A best selling book. A bustling online shop that ships seeds, bulbs and supplies to flower lovers around the world. A wildly popular workshop series that we turned into an online course. And the most exciting part of all, a new 24-acre farm!

Throughout it all, the Floret Team has remained small and I’m in awe of everything that we’ve accomplished.

I am so incredibly grateful to you and other flower lovers like you who have supported us along the way. Having the opportunity to introduce the joy of growing and sharing flowers with others has been such an honor. It feels really great to see all of our hard work making a difference in the world. 

I have some pretty big ideas for the future of Floret including two new books, a flower arranging course, expanding our flower seed line and even breeding our very own new flower varieties.

As we plot the next big things for the shop and our new farm, we are going to need some additional help. We have some exciting projects planned and are looking for some superstars to join our small but mighty team. We welcome qualified applicants to apply for the following positions:



UPDATE: Positions now filled.

Thanks for your ongoing support and for helping us cultivate more beauty in the world!



  1. James S on

    I saw your posting on Indeed for a job where my skills could be a good match and decided to look into Floret Farm and what you are all about. After living and working in the Tacoma area for the past few years my wife and I had enough of the hustle and bustle and wanted to move to the Skagit Valley to be close to family again. We love the area and all that it offers. After reading your stories and all that you have accomplished, I could only dream to be a part of such a family business that does what you do. And if not me, then I wish you find the prefect person that would help fit that role.

    (and of course I already applied for the position)

  2. JudyAnn Guenther on

    Good morning,
    I am inquiring about the positions. Just moved to Mt. Vernon. I have a good background in a number of areas that might be a blessing, but wasn’t sure if any position is available at this time.

    • Angela on

      Hi JudyAnn,

      Thank you for the interest. Please feel free to apply within the link listed. Thanks and welcome to the area!
      -Team Floret

  3. Angie on

    Has anyone filled the position? Beautiful work and photographs as always. Meeting the team would be a great update post!

  4. Kelly S. on

    It would be a dream of mine to be a part of the Floret Team but I’m many states away from Pennsylvania. Maybe one day in the future 💐 I look forward to everything that is to come from your Farm! Best of luck to you Erin and to everyone of the Floret team and family.

  5. Sam on

    I would love to work with you! My passion for floral has exploded the past year and I would love nothing more than to learn from someone like you, however, I live thousands of miles away! Looking forward to seeing you continue to bloom :)

  6. Lina Razzo on

    In the beautiful business of flowers , you’re so iconic and inspirational, Erin. How I wish to work for you but currently I live thousands of miles away. All the best and I’ll keep hoping to see you one day

  7. Deanna Lunney on

    I love your inspiration and drive! I wish I lived near I would love to work for you. Good luck with your search and keep doing the great things you do!


    I love your story Erin! Have loved following you, reading your first book… can’t wait for more! Congrats on everything you have accomplished. You are a true inspiration. Making the world more beautiful, one old rusted pickup full of flowers at a time!

  9. Linda Xing on

    Now how do you guys suggest I tell my husband that I am moving to the west coast! :-)

  10. Cristin on

    Such an amazing journey, and what incredible opportunities you’ve created for others!

  11. Heidi on

    Congratulations on the new farm! How exciting! I love your book and use it weekly for getting started on my own cut flower gardens.

  12. Jennifer Joray on

    I’m so excited for you!!! Erin, you and Jill have paved the way for our new flower farm and I couldn’t be more excited!!! I hope you’re enjoying your well-deserved trip with Chris rob England. I’ll be happy to pass these openings along if I meet up with a potential candidate, and I appreciate you reaching out. Here’s to a great first season as you plan your large farm!!! Can’t wait to see the lilac grove and all those peonies!!! …and I’ll be happy to take any extras 😂

  13. Melanie Hildebrand on

    I wish I wasn’t just starting out and had more experience under my belt. I love reading your blog and all of the information and resources you provide for beginners like myself. Also, my seed order just arrived so to say that I’m excited would be an understatement!!


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