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May 3rd 2017

A flurry of beautiful new flower books

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There has been a steady stream of beautiful flower-focused books that have been released within the last year.

I suppose I’m much more aware these days, given the release of my own book, Cut Flower Garden, in early March. It’s so exciting to see all the new flower books coming out. It feels like there have been as many new releases this past year than in the previous five years combined.


The stacks of new flower books on my shelf and in bookstores signals that there is a real shift happening in the industry. To me, it says that the local, seasonal flower movement is here to stay. It is encouraging to see how many big publishers have invested in these new titles and how many retailers have carved out precious shelf space to showcase the beauty of seasonal, sustainably-grown and responsibly foraged flowers.


Here’s a quick roundup of some of the newest flower books in my collection:

Last year, Ariella Chezar’s beautiful book, The Flower Workshop (read my review here), once again, raised the bar for seasonally-inspired floral design. Her inspirational work was followed up by the release of another visually stunning book, In Bloom: Creating and Living with Flowers by Ngoc Minh Ngo and later Foraged Flora: A Year of Gathering and Arranging Wild Plants and Flowers by Louesa Roebuck.

floret_flower_books_blogLate 2016 also marked the release of the adorable Flora Forager: A Seasonal Journal Collected from Nature by Bridget Beth Collins as well as as photographer Heather Saunders’ hauntingly beautiful book, Flower House Detroitwhich captures the collaboration and community spirit of the floral art installation by the same name.

Alongside Cut Flower Garden, other recently released books featuring sustainably-grown and foraged florals include: Handpicked: Simple,  Sustainable and Seasonal Flower Arrangements by Ingrid Carozzi of Brooklyn’s Tin Can Studio,  Foraged Flower Arranging:  A Step-by-Step Guide by Rebekah Clark Moody of Forage & Fleur, and from the UK, The Flower Book by Rachel Siegfried of Green and Gorgeous.

DSC_0365Hot off the presses is another gorgeous book,  In Full Flower: Inspired Designs by Floral’s New Creatives by Gemma and Andrew Ingalls which just came out last week. I was honored to be included in the book alongside so many insanely talented designers I’ve had the opportunity to meet, work with and interview in this space, including Amy Merrick, Ariella Chezar, Mandy & Steve O’Shea, Sarah Ryhanen, Jill Rizzo + Alethea Harampolis and so many other floral design superstars.

Gemma’s remarks in the preface perfectly capture beauty of the art of floral design, “Similar to a memorable meal meticulously created and presented, only to be consumed shortly thereafter, flower art is living, nebulous, timebased stuff, to be appreciated in the moment, and then it’s fleetingly gone, back to the earth.”

If you haven’t gotten your copy or are on the fence, In Full Flower does not disappoint. Every page is dripping with beauty and full of inspiration.

Here are a few images Gemma & Andrew took while visiting last year that didn’t make it into the book:

(c) Ingalls Photo

(c) Ingalls Photo

(c) Ingalls Photo

(c) Ingalls Photo

(c) Ingalls Photo

(c) Ingalls Photo

I’ve also noticed that there seems to be a flurry of flower-related arts, crafts & culinary titles that have come out lately that have also caught my eye, including How To Draw Modern Florals by Ali Koch, Harvest: Unexpected Projects Using 47 Extraordinary Garden Plants and the achingly beautiful and detailed book, Maggie Austin Cake: Artistry and Technique which highlights her absolutely amazing sugar flowers. I have been a huge Instagram fan for a long time and Maggie’s work is other worldly. The book is a true work of art.

Do you have any (or all) of these books?  Which are your faves?  Any other new releases I should add to my collection?  I’d love to hear your thoughts and suggestions in the comments below.  Happy Reading!


  1. Tammy on

    When is your new flower flower book coming out?! I understand you are working on one. Can’t wait!!!!

  2. Ravi on

    Thanks for sharing all these new flower books. Really it was great. I really love it.

  3. Katrina Sensenig on

    Can I ask what the flowers are in the third image from the bottom? I’m guessing they’re some kind of rose, but I’m wondering if you know the specific variety. Thanks!

  4. Colette on

    Thank you so much for your gorgeous book! I just got it and am feeling so inspired! And I already ordered a second copy for a friend. I have been an organic vegetable farmer and gardener for 15 years, however my passion has become flowers over the last few seasons. I have been seeking an inspiring resource to help me know flowers as well as I know veggies. Thank you!

  5. Nicole on

    I treated myself to your book a couple weeks ago and found it inspiring as I get ready to plant my raised beds for cut flowers to sell bouquets from my “vintage camper floral shop.” I am a novice gardener and take any and all opportunities to learn. I am so grateful to have accidentally come across this beautiful book.

    Spreading Sunshine

    • Team Floret on

      So glad you like the book, Nicole! Happy gardening!

  6. Jodi on

    These is an exciting list of books. However, I cannot afford to buy them all! Yours, and 1-2 others. So what would you recommend if could only pick 1-3 (besides your own of course)? I wanted to order a signed copy from you, but alas, since I have to order elsewhere I may as well add to it. All these books look great….especially on a rainy day, or a long winter’s day!

    • Team Floret on

      Definitely check out In Full Flower. We’ll be posting more about it soon!

  7. Karen on

    What course are you doing Monique? (also in Oz and looking at courses)

  8. Kelly Owen on

    Bought your book today for my mom, from Village Books in Bellingham. It’s beautiful, lovely work! I will tell her it’s for the days she can’t get out into the garden because of rain.

  9. sarah jo on

    Thank you for the time and effort to put forward all these wonderful recommendations! I’m a new flower farmer and am reading everything I can get my hands on — there’s so much I don’t know and so much to learn. Plus, starting a farm and a business is daunting, so I cope by curling up at night with beautiful books to remind me what all the effort is for. :)

  10. monique on

    I have Ariella’s and Louesa’s, both gorgeoues, and i’m expecting yours to arrive any day (in Australia, so had to wait a bit). I am so inspired by this new direction in floristry that I’ve started a course. I am looking forward to trying to grow some of your seeds when we move back to California. Thanks for a great blog, website and source of inspiration!

  11. Kristi Hein on

    I had the pleasure of copyediting “Cut Flower Garden,” written in Skagit County where I live now, and editorial-proofreading (on gorgeous color galleys) “Foraged Flora,” from the San Francisco Bay Area where I grew up and spent most of my life (delighted to see the book featured here). The latter made me terribly homesick for the roadside flora of my childhood — I could smell the eucalyptus! — while Erin’s book was a special joy as it inspired me to try my hand at more flower-growing with Floret seeds and bulbs in the same climate and weather. Editing gardening and flower books is truly a “And they’re paying me, too!” experience. :^)

  12. Leslie Emanuels on

    I was so excited to see your book at Anthropologie. Well done!

  13. Lisa on

    Thank you for sharing such wonderful inspiration and information here on your website and blog. I have just recently found it and am really enjoying reading through it all. I have also just ordered your book as a gift to myself! Congratulations on completing it, that is quite an accomplishment!

  14. Wren on

    I love that there are so many wonderful flower books available – a fine crop of sheer beauty! I want them all – site unseen. I did, however, get to flip through “Foraged Flora” at the bookstore and was instantly in love. I am sure all the others will have the same knee-weakening effect as soon as I can get my hands on them. Whether gathered from an abandoned property, fringing a roadside, grown by daring flower farmers or carefully selected from a market, flowers, in the hands of these talented designers, are transformed into dream-visions capable of soothing anything that hurts and celebrating everything from the common to the extraordinary. A standing ovation to all for bringing more beauty into the world!


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