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October 5th 2017

Product Availability: Important Upcoming Dates

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The inbox has been flooded with questions about when we will be restocking seeds, making dahlias available and sharing information about next year’s workshops.  Here here are key dates to put on your calendars:

SPRING FLOWERING BULBS:  Tulips, narcissus, ranunculus and other fall-planted bulbs are available online starting October 9.  Note: once bulbs are listed as sold out, that means they are sold out for the season. We will not be re-stocking additional bulbs in 2017.

FLORET CALENDARS & PLANNERS: Available online starting October 9.

FLORET WORKSHOPS: Registration for the 2018 Floret Online Workshop will open on November 9 for one week only.  Learn more here.

HOLIDAY OFFERINGS & SPECIAL SEED COLLECTIONS:  Special selections of Floret’s own sweet pea seeds organized by color palette plus specially packaged collections of hardy annual seeds will be available online on November 27 These collections will make great gifts!  Note: this date was moved back from November 20. Read why here.

FULL LINE OF FLORET SEEDS & DAHLIAS:  More than 100 different flower in individual seed packets will be available online starting January 2, 2018.  Dahlias may be purchased starting January 2nd but dahlia tubers will not be shipped until April to avoid damage from extreme temperatures during transit.


  1. Carol Zimny on

    So you WILL again sell dahlia tubers? In January?

    • Team Floret on

      Hi Carol,
      Thanks for your interest in Floret Dahlias. The post you’re referring to to lists our 2017-2018 product availability. Unfortunately, we won’t be offering dahlias in January 2019. We do hope to offer them for sale again in late 2019. Stay tuned!

  2. Alexis Jorgensen on

    I am so excited!! Thank you Floret team for all your hard work, I can’t wait to see what varieties you have in store for this year. I know if you guys recommend it, its a good one :). Good luck with the move to the new farm!

  3. Karen J. Holland on

    I am feeling the same way. I love your website, your enthusiasm, and your wonderful ideas, but it’s very frustrating to get excited then go to place an order within hours only to have the majority of items already sold out! I’m assuming this is because you only have limited qty’s and not enough to supply a large amount of product? Do you think as you grow you will get more product to offer?

    • Team Floret on

      Hi Karen,
      Yes, up until now, we have only have limited quantities of most items. Now that we have a new farm ( we will have room for more storage and much more room to grow. We definitely plan to offer more bulbs and other products next season! Thanks for your patience while we go through these growing pains!

  4. Kathy Anderson Powell on

    Really, this is not a criticism, well, maybe constructive :)…but, you’d have a lot more cha ching and happier customers if you could stock your site with more items. Missed again….


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