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December 14th 2012

DPP day 14


  1. Lauren on

    What a wonderful poster! We are in the beginning stages of looking for our own little farm or farm-to-be as well (though it will not have nearly the production you have!). Wishing you all the best in 2013 and hope that your dream farm is not to far away!

  2. lindseymyra on

    So do you think your current farm would survive the transplant shock if I bought it and then moved it Down Under? I trust that you will find an amazing new farm x

  3. Clare Day Flowers on

    Send me a copy to. Are you still looking for Seattle area? And also, are you looking to buy or rent / lease?

  4. Georgianna on

    Send me the soft copy! I'll share it! Plus points for a photo studio! :)


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