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September 13th 2018

Perspectives from Past Floret Scholarship Winners

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Every year since we started hosting Floret workshops, we’ve offered at least one scholarship for someone to participate for free. I love having the opportunity to share the business and life lessons that I’ve learned along this journey and to be able to provide a unique learning experience that will hopefully make a difference in another person’s life.

This year we are offering a total of six Floret Scholarships and applications are open now through September 18th. Scholarship winners will have the opportunity to participate in the 2019 Floret Online Workshop tuition-free and also receive a deluxe farmer-florist resource kit with a selection of some of my favorite tools and resources. Review the eligibility requirements and apply here.

I’ve invited the scholarship winners from last year to share a little bit about their experience applying, winning and participating in the Floret Online Workshop in hopes of giving you additional encouragement to take the leap and apply.

Verdi Blooms
2018 Scholarship winner: Farah Altamimi, Verdi Blooms, Jordan

Over the course of the past year, Farah has sent the Floret Team periodic updates. We always enjoy getting her emails and seeing photos which chronicle her progress as a beginning flower farmer in Jordan. From her first flats of flower seedlings, to her new bouquet display for a local grocery store, we’ve enjoyed seeing her sweet success and all of us here at Floret continue to cheer her on from afar.

“This scholarship changed my life. Period. As I transitioned from my day job to flower farming, it felt like I was embarking on this journey blindfolded. I had a million burning questions and surfed the internet for countless hours trying to figure everything out but some of the pieces to the puzzle were never to be found. If it wasn’t for this scholarship, I would’ve probably quit flower farming before I’d even started.

When Floret first called for scholarship submissions I told myself it’s a long shot and I didn’t think I would get it, given the number of applicants Floret gets each year, plus being literally halfway across the world!

Not in my wildest dreams had I thought of having this truly unique opportunity to learn from Erin Benzakein, but I guess dreams do come true after all.

I have immensely enjoyed this course. It provides you with everything there is to know about flower farming, goal- setting, planning, variety selection, tips on seed germination, plant care, harvesting, etc. The course covers every aspect of the business and literally shaves off years of experience. But what I liked the most is that I felt like I’m physically at Floret absorbing the atmosphere. It’s like being an intern at Floret for a year without even leaving my couch! Erin’s authenticity and down-to-earth character really shined through, giving the beautiful material a personal touch that was as important as the solid information she provided.

Throughout the course, I often had tears in my eyes as I thought about how lucky I am to be invited into Floret’s world. Watching Erin work and explain all this critical information has literally changed the way I farm, and helped me build a sustainable and profitable flower farming business from scratch. It is so hard to come across people who, like Erin, believe in abundance. People who truly spread knowledge, generosity and kindness through the world and help make it special in their own way. This scholarship travelled far and it shows how huge of an impact Erin and the Floret team have on people’s lives- even if they were half way across the globe.

No matter the how slim the chance of getting this scholarship might seem, APPLY! the journey is worthwhile.”

Rose and Radish Floret Scholarship 2018 Scholarship winner: Rose and Oscar Winter, The Rose and Radish, Australia

“It would be no exaggeration to say that this course has changed our entire perspective and outlook on growing flowers and how to approach our business. Erin has guided us to look deeply and with intention into every aspect of flower farming- from our dreams to farm layout to strategy to the nitty gritty of day-to-day work on the farm.

She doesn’t gloss over the difficult parts but really cuts through to the heart of what it takes to build a productive, thriving farm.

Although it has meant taking a hard look at our direction and set up and we haven’t always been able to work quickly through each module, her guidance has saved us a lot of confusion and heartbreak in the long term. Erin is a true teacher for the flower farmer; her course is no ordinary guide for the home gardener, but something much richer and clearly contains years of trial, error and results. We have also picked up a hundred handy hints and processes through the modules which has been amazing and absolutely invaluable.

I would highly recommend this course for anyone ready to take their garden or farm plot to the next level; it’s truly life changing and so wonderful to have a helping hand along the way to achieving your flower farming dreams.”

Plein Air2018 Scholarship winner: Masami Lavault, Plein Air, Paris

“The expert advice and secret tips that Erin and Jill reveal and share in this workshop are so wide that every single day on my flower farm, I have at least one ‘Floret moment’ – be it remembering how to optimally harvest a certain type of bloom, or how to deal with business-related anxiety. Daily, if not hourly, I experience how the accuracy and pertinence of this course deeply shaped and transformed the way I work, on a technical level, as well as an emotional level. And the best part is that all that beautiful streamlined efficiency is brought to you in a very humane and sensitive manner by Erin and Jill. Dive into this course and you will feel like you’ve entered a safe space ruled by chutzpah, kindness, empathy, straightforwardness and authenticity.

I can truly say that getting a scholarship for this course has been one of the greatest blessings in my life. As a young urban woman with very little ‘field cred’, no entrepreneurial experience and no financial security, feeling that I was given a chance to go for it, chase my dream and make it happen has been pivotal. Feeling that someone I deeply admire is at the other end of the planet trusting me and my ability to make it was such a gift. The scholarship and the content of the workshop have really pushed me forward, both in time and in emotional space. Floret has simply given me the confidence – and the technical ability – to follow my calling.

At the time I applied, I was going through quite a lot – financially, professionally, and emotionally. So I obviously did not think I would actually get the scholarship. It was a last-minute flash of courage. If you’re hesitating to apply, just try it. Knowing what you love and what you want to do is already such a major step and probably the result of a long winding journey to yourself. You’ve already gotten this far, so give yourself some love (a love that you might not feel in your current day job, business or life), channel all that fear of not being good enough or not having enough time to care for your dream, and turn that into an application. In French we say ‘Seule l’action libère de la peur’ (Only action sets us free from fear).”

Fluffy Flower Farm2018 Scholarship winners: Inna and Konstantin Zvezdiny, Fluffy Flower Farm, Russia

“Being chosen for a Floret scholarship gave us a lot of encouragement and trust in our forces and capabilities. It gave us knowledge and inspiration. In each and every lesson we could feel the energy and passion Erin and the team passed to us.

We also felt a lot of responsibility. The combination of these made the scholarship so meaningful to us.

The biggest takeaway was the structural approach provided and best world experience in every component of the course, which you can refer to at any time, compare it with your current situation, analyze and improve.

We needed to improve a lot in sales and marketing and we think it was the biggest improvement for us.

We highly recommend you apply for the scholarship. You will be well backed up by the best in the industry.”

Nourish Gardens Floret2018 Scholarship winner: Christy Ralphs, Nourish Gardens, New Zealand

“The scholarship gave me an amazing opportunity to participate in Floret’s first online course. Erin and her team have inspired so many people, and being able to delve a little deeper into their success, strategies, and knowledge was like winning a golden ticket – but better! The scholarship afforded me this opportunity that would otherwise have been difficult for us to manage, and I am incredibly grateful for their support and belief in me and my business. Having the ability to interact with the Floret Team was so valuable. The positivity and encouragement from both members of the Floret team, and other participants was just what was needed for me personally.

The workshop was perfect for me, heading into my third season of flower growing. It was a timely opportunity for me to review and assess the base concepts on which I was operating. The workshop’s focus on big picture thinking, and operating in my strengths was very helpful. From marketing to succession sowing, the solid foundation approach meant I could make immediate positive changes to the way I was doing things. I also learned some nifty practical techniques that I put to good use right away. My rubber banding of bunches has never looked so good!

It’s easy to feel like you are not deserving, or you are not in the right place yet for a scholarship, but there is never a better time than the present. If growing flowers is your passion, or you think it could be, the Floret workshop is the very best place to start.”


Flower Mama

2018 Scholarship winner: Katie Koch, Flower Mama, California

“The Floret Course was exactly what I needed. It was so incredibly comprehensive! The most noteworthy for me was witnessing and learning efficiency of day to day tasks from Floret. It’s changed the way I think about and approach my business. One of the most helpful parts of the course were the worksheets provided for sowing schedules, plant spacing, and pinching.

They way the Floret Course is outlined made it super easy, fun, and addictive to learn. Overall, I would absolutely recommend the Floret course to anyone who’s serious about making Flower Farming a business venture.”

We’re accepting applications for one week only, so don’t delay if you plan to apply. We’ve kept the application process really simple. The application consists of a few multiple choice checkboxes and a few short essay questions, which are your chance to tell your story, share your dreams and a bit of your heart. Learn more and apply now.

I want this opportunity to be given to someone who is ready, willing, and able to jump-start their flower-focused business with a little help from Floret. I’d love to support someone who is ready to take their flower-filled dreams to the next level.
If that someone is you, please consider applying.

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  1. paulsalce1991 on

    Thank you all so much for sharing and giving us a glimps into your dreams! I am a stay at home mom with two little girls and one on the way in January and so desire to grow a blossoming cut flower buisness that I can use to financially help out my amazing husband, work with our children from home and learn together as a family! Your stories give me encouragement and though I truly feel undeserving I did do what most of you advised… I applied!!! Thank you!!


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