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September 12th 2018

Fall planted bulbs for spring flowers

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Each fall as the weather starts to turn and farm clean up begins in earnest, I face two of my least favorite, but most necessary, tasks: digging up the dahlias and planting fall bulbs. Neither are fun, at least in my opinion.

At this time of year, all I want to do is curl up by the fire and drink coffee with a good book. The last thing I want to do is put on full rain gear and lug heavy crates of bulbs and tubers around our muddy fields.

But it’s the only way to ensure we’ll have loads of beauty in the coming season.

I try to approach both tasks with a positive attitude and be present to the fact that they are a gift to my future self.

After a long dismal winter, I will be so grateful for all the effort that I put in this fall. There’s nothing more wonderful than being greeted by flowers in early spring.  

The first couple of years we were flower farming we didn’t plant bulbs because they were always an afterthought. I would run out of steam at the end of the season and inevitably miss out on all of the great varieties.

One of the other reasons I resisted planting bulbs is because they were a financial investment and we didn’t have very much money. But after three or four springs of kicking myself for not having invested the previous fall, I finally overcame my hesitation and gave bulbs the chance they deserve.  

The first year I planted a few hundred tulips and five varieties of narcissus. They bloomed so abundantly and were so well received by our customers that I quadrupled the following year.

It’s only increased since then and now I approach the task of planting bulbs after the first fall frost as a necessity not a burden.

Out in the field we have a HUGE patch of narcissus that come back every season which I inevitably add to each year. Additionally, we also plant thousands of tulips, hyacinths and other spring bulbs both in our unheated tunnels (for super early blooms) and also outside in the fields.

This makes it so we can start harvesting bulbs in early March and continue all the way through Mother’s Day.

Without bulbs there would be no spring flowers. Even though it can be easy to want to skip tucking some bulbs in the ground this fall, if you can make yourself do it, you will be so happy that you did come spring.

If you rely on the local hardware store and garden center, the bulb scene is pretty boring and limited to bright, clear colors and standard forms. Occasionally, you’ll find a few treasures. Sometimes even Costco has a handful of awesome varieties! 

But for the most part, don’t bet on finding the good stuff at the big box stores.  

For the best selection and the most unique varieties you’ll want to explore your mail order options, both from print catalogs and online shops. There are some wonderful sources for specialty bulbs, but the fantastic selection is only available to those who shop early.

If you want the good stuff, don’t delay! 

Note: If you do stock up on bulbs early, it is best to wait until after the first fall frost to plant them. Until you’re ready to plant, you can keep the bulbs in their ventilated bags, but just be sure to store them in a cool, dry place with good air circulation.  

We’ve been growing narcissus and daffodils in abundance for many years, but this past spring a long-standing dream was realized and we got to conduct a 70+ variety trial looking for new treasures to add to our list of offerings.

Of all the trials we’ve conducted over the years, this was hands down my favorite. The variation in this group of plants is mind boggling, from teeny tiny fragrant multi headed blossoms to big ruffly blooms that look more like peonies.

Flowers come in a vast range of shades including white, ivory, buttercream, apricot, yellow and gold. I found myself jumping up and down every time a new variety bloomed in the field.

This narcissus trial, while incredibly fun, was also an enormous amount of work. The process of documenting each variety in both words and images was a time consuming task.

We found ourselves laughing more than once about “living the dream” while bundled up in multiple layers of down coats, shivering with frozen fingers frantically taking notes and pictures.

But the effort was absolutely worth it and we discovered so many gems in the process that we can’t wait to share with you.

Daffodils have a bad rap. The mention of the word instantly conjures up visions of giant school bus yellow flowers that punctuate the landscape in early spring.

But the varieties we trialed are in a class of their own. Many were ruffled, fragrant and could easily be mistaken for peonies or garden roses.

Our trial was focused on varieties that held up well to early spring weather, possessed unique coloring or form, were fragrant if at all possible and had strong stems that were suitable for flower arranging.

Narrowing the big list of 70+ varieties felt nearly impossible, but in the end we settled on 38.

In addition to being beautiful and weather resistant, daffodils are also extremely hardy and can handle very cold temperatures, the deer don’t eat them and they come back year over year, multiplying over time.

They are low maintenance, seemingly thrive off neglect and couldn’t be easier to grow.

What’s not to love!?

To get additional growing and harvesting tips, plus a list of my favorites, be sure to check out More Reasons to Love Narcissus.

Another spring favorite here on the farm are tulips. We grow tens of thousands of them every year, bypassing the standard varieties, instead seeking out the doubles, parrots and fringed beauties.  

Over the years, we’ve trialed nearly 100 varieties, but consistently come back to two dozen hard working favorites. Tulips come in a dazzling rainbow of colors, are extremely easy to grow and make a wonderful long lasting addition to flower arrangements.  

One of the great things about tulips is that you can grow a ton of them in a really small amount of space and the flowers can be harvested and stored for weeks at a time.

Get additional planting and harvesting tips for tulips here.

I’m so excited to share even more details on how we grow tulips here at Floret in our upcoming Fall Mini Course, a new video-based course. I’ll also be sharing a tour of all my favorite varieties so you can witness their magic for yourself. If you’re not already signed up, you can do so here. It’s free!

Anemones and ranunculus are two of the most popular spring flowers that we grow here at Floret. They also generate the most growing related questions because they have special requirements for success. But once you know the secrets, they are actually quite easy to grow.

What makes both of these long-lasting cut flowers so amazing is that they bloom for 6-8 weeks in the spring, come in a wide range of colors and are a novelty item for most local markets.

I’m really excited to share exactly how we grow these spring beauties in our upcoming Fall Mini Course too.

On Monday, September 24th, we will be opening the Floret Shop for our annual fall bulb sale. It is stocked with all the amazing varieties that made the cut here on the farm.

You can preview the full line here. But be sure and set your alarm for 8 a.m. PST because quantities are limited and we always sell out quickly.

Eager to introduce gardeners to my latest favorites, I’m giving away several big goody boxes full of beauty for your spring garden. To enter to win one of 5 deluxe bulb collections, simply add a comment to the post below. In it, please share your favorite fall planted bulb or flower. I’ll randomly draw 5 names and announce the winners here September 27th. Note: This giveaway is open to U.S. residents only. 

Cut Flower Garden Fall Mini CourseFinally, as I mentioned above, we will be sharing a series of 4 video tutorials in early October where we’ll dig deep into growing tulips in small spaces, how to grow anemones and ranunculus, plus how to dig, divide and store dahlia tubers.

I can’t wait to share all of my tips and tricks on these great garden additions. If you’re not already signed up for the Fall Mini Course, you can do so HERE.

It’s free and you can watch wherever you live. I can’t wait to see you there!


  1. Elizabeth on

    My husband has removed something like 10 tons of concrete from our backyard this year so we could plan and plant a new garden in a previously unusable space, and I’m thrilled to finally have a sunny spot for planting in our very shady yard. Fall-planted bulbs that I can see from the windows are near the top of my planting list.

  2. Kyla on

    Love love love reaping the rewards of bulbs planted months ago ushering in spring.

  3. Kathryn B. on

    I love the white anemones. Can’t wait to learn more about bulbs!

  4. Tracy Lee on

    Of those fall bulbs I have grown before I have enjoyed tulips and irises. Ranunculus intrigues me and I think they would be so beautiful in my yard. The blooms are delicate and sweet. I’m planning to terrace a steep hillside in my front yard and would love to include them so I’m very much looking forward to the mini class online so I can learn all the secrets to making them successful.

  5. Haley on

    My all time favorite is ranunculus. But a close second would be tulips. I love all the different bright colors :)

  6. Haley on

    My all time favorite is ranunculus! But tulips are a close second. I love all the different bright colors :)

  7. Felicia on

    I have never planted fall bulbs but I’m taking the fall course and I’m ready to learn!!!

  8. Susan Michele Green on

    I don’t yet have a favorite. This is my first fall to plant bulbs. I’m a little overwhelmed feeling, but very excited to learn and begin this journey!

  9. Kristen on

    So happy to see you have my favorite daffodil – Katie Heath- in your lineup! I hate planting bulbs but they are incredibly worth it!!

  10. Abbey Thomas on

    I’m most excited to see my new narcissus in the spring! In college, I worked as a hired hand for a few families planting flowers, digging weeds, raking leaves, you name it. One of I my fondest memories was planting Narcissus around the entire perimeter of a farm picket white fence. It was a ton of work but I loved seeing them in bloom. This will be the first time (20 years later) that I get to plant my very own “fence” of Narcissus. 300!

  11. Nichole on

    Tulips are my favorite fall planted bulb. So many varieties, colors and shapes. In fact we have went to the Skaget Valley for the tulip festival❤️

  12. Kelly Thommes on

    The parrot tulip is my favorite fall planted bulb!

  13. Amanda Sanchez on

    Signed up for the mini course! Can’t wait to experiment here in SE Arizona!

  14. Becca on

    Hands down my favorite fall planted bulb is the anemone! I love her delicate petals and softness and the contrasting center- especially the black and white variety!

  15. Melinda on

    My favorite fall-planted bulbs are tulips. I grow anemones, daffodils, and ranunculus as well, but tulips have a special place in my heart! 😍

  16. Darlene W. on

    Tulips are my favorite bulbs to plant in the fall. I especially love the double ones that look like roses or peonies. You have some wonderful selections. I love all your flowers.

  17. Mandy Prather on

    I always thought daffodils were a little boring, but after pouring over your site for tips and tricks the last few weeks I’ve fallen in love with narcissus! We live in a small town in Kentucky, and you’re right – finding interesting flowers at our local bricks and mortar stores is hard to do! Question: What is the best way to plant tulips and narcissus together if you have only a small space? I’m planning to use these as an edge (or as clusters) in front of a row of knockout roses, so it’s about 2 feet by 20 feet, or so.

  18. Mandy Prather on

    I’m excited to finally replant some heirloom bulbs at our new house this fall, along with some new tulips and daffodils. I always thought daffodils were a little boring, but after pouring over your site for the last few weeks for tips and tricks, I’ve fallen in love with narcissus!

  19. Sarah Withers on

    So beautiful! I’m torn between pink anemone and champagne ranunculus as my favorite!

  20. Courtney on

    Tulips are my favorite. I love the variety of shapes and colors!


    The early blooming bulbs provide such a lift on those first chilly, grey days. Their lovely faces draw us from our winter cocoons into the ephemeral beauty of Spring!

  22. Shalon on

    I love all spring flowers. They bring excitement knowing that the long winter is almost over. My favorite tulips are salmon parrot and professor rontgen. They are very elegant and last a long time in the vase. Thank you for sharing your results of your trials. You always have the best varieties!

  23. Michaela Upp on

    Ranunculus! They truly are the roses of spring!


  24. Adrienne on

    Tulips are my favorite! They remind me of my grandmothers house in spring time.

  25. Renee Richards on

    Ranunculus have always been one of my faves! Even before I started designing with or growing flowers.💚

  26. Yuleidy on

    Thank you for so much beauty. Ranunculus are my favorite.

  27. Allison on

    Daffodils always remind me of my mom and grandmother! It is such a sweet reminder of them each spring.

  28. Mandy on

    Narcissus! Especially the double flower varieties.

  29. Vanessa Lyons on

    Our school lunchroom relies on flowers from the garden for the tables where the students eat breakfast and lunch. We would love to have some spring flowers 💐

  30. Sarita on

    The smell of hyacinths. The cheer of daffodils. The beauty of ranunculus. It’s hard for me to name a favorite… I really like them all! :)

  31. Lauren Madonna on

    Tulips are my favorite fall bulb . Thank you so much for sharing all of your information and experience

  32. Meredith on

    Daffodils!! Thank you for educating me on such wonderful unique varieties of an all time favorite. Your work, wisdom and willingness to share us been inspiring. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  33. Connie on

    Double tulips and ranunculus.

  34. Olga on

    Love all blush, neutral shades of ranunculus! I agree with many comments that your flowers are amazing!!

  35. Heidi on

    Ranunculus is a new found favorite of mine and i can not wait to start growing my own!

  36. robbie on

    Ranunculus are my favorite. Love all that you do!

  37. Beth Linville on

    Anytime I’m having a bad day I use your photos to cheer myself up. I am planning to begin my flower farming endeavor by planting fall bulbs this year. I can’t wait to see them popping out of the ground! Thank you for sharing all of your wisdom, knowledge and encouragement with us.

  38. Ellen on

    I love ranunculus ♥️ I am hoping to plant them this year!

  39. Ellen on

    Ranunculus are my favorite! Hoping to grow them this year!

  40. Lauren on

    I would have to say daffodils, I live on a farm where the previous owner grew hundreds of daffodils. This was 30+ years ago! They have come up every year since then and I love watching them slowly spread across they yard. Half the fun is seeing them pop in places you don’t remember them being the previous year. They definitely make early Spring more bearable :)

  41. Lauren on

    Daffodils! I live on a farm where the previous owner propagated daffodils, that was 30+ years ago and these beauties still come back year after year, slowly spreading across my yard! Half the fun is seeing them pop in places you don’t remember them being the previous year!

  42. Amy Van Pelt on

    I love all spring flowering bulbs, especially narcissus/daffodils. No tulips for me – too many deer. This year I want to plant more varieties of daffs and add ranunculus too!

  43. Samantha Miller on

    I am quite new to cut flowers, but am so excited to start planting bulbs this fall. This blog and your book has been such an inspiration to me. I love to look at all your gorgeous pictures and daydream of someday being able to have my own flower farm.

  44. Kristen on

    I love hyacinths. Their smell is heavenly!

  45. Jessica on

    I’m looking forward to growing tulips this upcoming season and can’t wait to hear your growing tips!

  46. Erica on

    Ranunculus and anemones!! So much love!!

  47. Erica on

    I couldn’t pick a favorite if I tried! Floret has opened my eyes to the wonderful variety of daffodils and narcissus, and I have been a particular favorite of ranunculus recently. Y’all make it seem so possible to grow cut flowers. Keep doing what you’re doing because we are out here listening, learning, and loving!

  48. Lori M on

    I planted some Pink Charms last year, and thought a classic shape with a twist of pink, no biggie. But they were gorgeous! I also look forward to seeing and smelling my hyacinths by the mailbox. And every year I kick myself for not putting in a few more. Not this year, in they go! No regrets at the mailbox this year!

  49. Violet Hayes on

    Narcissus has always been my favorite spring bulb.

  50. Lori M on

    I planted some Pink Charms last year, and thought a classic shape with a twist of pink, no biggie. But they were gorgeous! I also look forward to seeing and smelling my hyacinths by the mailbox. And every year I kick myself for not putting in a few more. Not this year, in they go!

  51. Marissa Brower on

    I had no idea so many beautiful varieties of Tulips exhisted. I was never a huge fan but they have quickly become my favorite!

  52. Dawn Welch on

    Tulips, tulips, tulips… but I sure can’t wait to try the Ranunculus in the spring!!

  53. Martha on

    Ranunculus! We used to grow them in PA when I was growing up. I want to start up again now that I’m in MA

  54. Martha on

    I absolutely love ranunculus! (Or would that be ranunculi?) My mom and I used to grow them in our front yard in PA. Now that I’m in MA I want to start growing them myself this fall.

  55. Mariah Lyons on

    I’m so inspired to finally plant some bulbs this fall, I love the ranoculous!

  56. Bonnie on

    I find grape hyacinths to be so charming! I tuck them in everywhere. My children love to make tiny bouquets

  57. Bonnie on

    I find grape hyacinths to be so charming. I tuck them in everywhere!

  58. Aleah Rohlfsen on

    I think I have to say daffodils are my favorite. All of the coral, pink and creamy hued ones ❤️😊

  59. Abra on

    Erin, I love reading your posts, they’re always so beautiful and inspiring! I feel encouraged to buckle down and get some fall planting in this year. If I had to pick a favorite fall bulb, I think I’d choose narcissus. They’re so resilient, reliable, and full of spring cheer that they make waiting out our zone 3 winters worth it!

  60. Kat Blyar on

    Anemones have quickly become my favorite spring flower! The Black and White variety made me melt last Spring and it was so exciting to watch them poke up from the ground and develop into such striking beauties. Can’t wait to try some ranunculus this year, too!

  61. Jesi on

    As a designer, dabbling in growing my own flowers, the double tulips are a favorite. They pack such a punch, in an arrangement or in the garden. This is my first year planting bulbs en masse. Wish me luck!

  62. Chaska on

    I love the soft flowers of the ranunculous!

  63. Suzelle Olmos on

    Thank you for sharing all of this! My favorite bulb is tulip! They always remind me of new beginnings,beauty in nature. Xo

  64. Heather Serry on

    I cannot wait for Fall Bulb planting! After planting some annuals this year, I’m really excited to dive into more varieties and types of flowers. I am super excited to plant some of the Vaya Con Dios and Santander Tulips, if I can get some before they are gone! :) The colors and textures are amazing and they would be such a lovely addition to the Spring season.

  65. Lindsay Rojas on

    Oh my, a giveaway and a free mini course! And I just applied for the scholarship too. I think the narcissus is my favorite fall planted bulb, but honestly I wouldn’t say no to any of them! I’m planting narcissus, tulips, and ranunculus this fall, I hope I do it right!

  66. Katie on

    Ranunculs are my favorite! So pretty :)

  67. Katie Kiel on

    Tulips never fail to bring a smile to my face in spring! Ranunculus are quickly becoming a favorite too-I love to watch the prim, tight little buds unfurl into gorgeous, full, brightly-colored flowers!!

  68. Becky Siskowski on

    I love Ranunculus! I remember going to the flower fields in Carlsbad California every April. The acres of brightly colored flowers overlooking the ocean were breathtaking!

  69. Kelly Clark on

    My favorite fall bulbs are tulips with red and white streaks. So striking!

  70. Lauren Jean St Martin on

    How do you pick just one?! I love them all, but the grape hyacinth will always have a special place in my heart. I inherited them from my great grandma and their beautiful blue blooms brighten my years and my heart every year.

  71. Laurie L Perrone on

    I just found your Instagram and blog and I am loving all this amazing-ness! My mother grew bulbs every year when I was young and I have developed a love for them through her, they will always have a place in my garden. These days I find myself quite drawn to unique miniature daffodils and to alliums. But seeing all your amazing narcissus makes me think I will be needing to work on adding these beauties to the garden. 💕

  72. Amanda Lopez on

    I am excited to try winter aconite this year. I can’t wait to see their sunny yellow faces peeking up through the snow, during our very long New England winter. I would love to grow ranunculus and am delighted that your fall mini course will teach me how to do so. Yay!

  73. Laura Pickens on

    I love all daffodils and tulips. My favorite? I really like the bouquet tulips!

  74. Kat on

    Frilly parrot tulips and sweet smelling white narcissus flowers.

  75. Priscilla B on

    I have been growing ranunculus here in New England for 4 years and have finally figured out a system to winter them over. No easy task without a green house. Your pastel, picotee and yellow corms turn into the most beautiful spring flowers!

  76. Melissa Everett on

    When we first moved into our house 15 years ago, I planted daffodils. They came up beautifully in the spring. I had no idea how to care for them and ended up cutting the greenery down before it had died down. Well, every year after my poor little daffodils would come up with no flowers. :( Just poor headless little daffodils. I am looking forward to trying them again this year and not cutting their heads off. I would love some of these beautiful varieties!

  77. Ashley Kirnan on

    I’m not sure how I’m going to endure the suspense through this upcoming winter – I splurged on over 1000 bulbs for this fall and I’m beside myself with excitement! You’re right, the hard work in the fall is so beyond worth it. My new favorite is the Pink Star tulip, a double tulip VERY easily mistaken for a peony!! 😍 I’m so excited for your fall mini course, thank you so much for your endless wisdom and resources!

  78. Marie Schwager on

    Dark blue hyacinths like Marie or blue jacket are my favorite. I also love the look of foxtail Lillies and want to plant some this fall.

  79. Celena on

    I’ve always been nervous to try bulbs, but I ventured out with a few of my grandmother’s favorites – ranunculous, gladiolus, and dahlias – and each year I learn a little bit more and have a bit more success. I’m looking forward to learning more in the mini course and trying my hand at tulips this year!

  80. Chelsa M Hernandez on

    I love hyacinth because their intoxicating scent is amazing in the beginning of the growing season.

  81. Katie Glunk on

    Tulips have always pulled on my heart strings. My grandfather adored them, and I think of him every year as I watch mine bloom. However, I’m really hoping to learn about ranunculus this year. They put off a spectacular show, and I feel mesmerized by all those fluffy layers!

  82. Melinda Deida on

    Thank you for all of this wonderful news and for sharing your knowledge with the world! I am taking on the task of growing bulbs for the first time and am most excited about ranunculuses!

  83. Kelly on

    Pale yellow daffodils remain my favorite fall planted spring flower year after year! The cheery yellow blooms are such a joy after winter. Thanks for sharing your knowledge!

  84. Casey on

    I’m very new to gardening (first time I’ll be planting bulbs is this fall!), but I’ve always loved tulips. I’ve never seen any like the ones in your photos, and I love how you showcase unique varieties that are far more beautiful than what you can find at your standard grocery store flower stalls. This is what has inspired me to grow my own! I can’t wait to get started.

  85. Mary on

    Your daffodils/narcissus are so beautiful. My obsession for planting this fall has officially begun. Alas, deer eat my tulips.

  86. Cami Smith on

    I’ve always loved tulips. Seeing them pop up around town after a long, cold winter was always my favorite. Thank you for your willingness to share and teach-I’m soaking it all in.

  87. Tracy Bryen on

    I just did my own narcissus trail too. But I only had about 20 varieties and could only afford 1 bulb of each. A pretty display in pots. Thankfully we can dream through your lovely photos and hard work. Cheers

  88. Jessie Ruml on

    Tulips! First sign of spring in our area! Would love to try ranunculus!

  89. Erica on

    I never know which tulips and daffs to buy- the selection is overwhelming. I usually fill up my online shopping carts and then hesitate because I always want more and then end up not buying them. I enjoy your posts because it helps narrow the field. Thank you for so freely sharing your knowledge.

  90. Katie Goodwin on

    I would have to say my favorite fall planted bulb is Ranunculus!

  91. Katie Goodwin on

    I would have to say that Ranunculus is my favorite fall planted bulb!

  92. Katie on

    I am dying to see some parrot tulips this next year!

  93. Amy on

    Ranunculus are my absolute favorites!

  94. Megan Lehman on

    I love anemones! I can’t wait to learn more in the fall mini course!

  95. Megan Lehman on

    I love anemones! I look forward to learning more about them in the fall mini course!

  96. Jackie on

    Daffodils! Nothing eats them…

  97. Jennifer L on

    My favorite was our variety of tulips.

  98. Matt L on

    My favorite was watching our Narcissus Derringer and of course the tulips.

  99. Jamie on

    I love how intricate and romantic ranunculus are, we can’t wait to add them to our farm this year. I’m just as excited to add daffodils now as well, those are amazing!

  100. Danelle on

    Pops of color in spring, first signs of better things to come. Something to look forward to each year. What beauty and variety.

  101. sytom2002 on

    I have spring bulb envy and am primed and ready for the fall sale to begin. Such amazing varieties!

  102. Anna on

    I love tulips, but last spring the wonderfully scented daffodils I planted really won me over!

  103. Hannah on

    I’m in love with snakes head fritillaria and can’t wait to have a place to plant them!

  104. Melina on

    I’m in LOVE with the tulips that you guys feature. They’re so beautiful and whimsical, cant wait to plant them!!

  105. Danelle on

    Seeing pops of color in the landscape after a long bleak winter, gives hope for better things to come. What inspiring beauty. I love them all.

  106. Holly on

    When we were dating, my husband gave me tulips but thought they were roses. When I shared they were tulips, he said the conversation with the cashier made sense. Turns out, roses were 50% off, and when he took his tulips to the register and was charged full price, he said the sign said roses are 50% off. The cashier said they are and repeated the full price due. He was like, but roses are half price, and the cashier, again, said they are – but never said, and you have tulips. He still bought, thinking she was crazy, until I shared that they were tulips (which I love even more than roses, so excellent choice). They have since become my most favorite, because I think of my sweet fella and have a giggle remembering every time I see!

  107. Krystal C on

    I have always loved hyacinth… but daffodils are always a welcome sign of spring after a long winter!

  108. Karli on

    I love seeing tulips bloom in the spring!

  109. Stacie Blay on

    I love Hyacinths because they smell so heavenly!

  110. Sylvie on

    Last year I loved tulips but after seeing your daffodil selection I am excited to try them this year. I also love all the white bulbs, snow drops and hyacinth.

  111. Anna Sharpe on

    Tulips are the staple bulb in our yard. We’ve managed to find different varieties from the box store by shopping the annual bulb sale at the local botanical garden. I’d love to try ranunculus soon!

  112. Kietra Olson on

    Nar issus, definitely! Creamy and dreamy!

  113. Sarah on

    I absolutely love a big ruffled double tulip!

  114. Merilynn Bergstresser on

    I love the colors and smells of hyacinths. I would also love to win a bulb collection! thanks for the opportunity.

  115. Erin on

    La Belle Époque tulip…when the fields and forest fade to brown, this bulb reminds me that peachy pinks will return!

  116. Karen White on

    Crocus and paperwhites have always been favorites!

  117. Kristen on

    I grew ranunculus from bulbs I purchased from you last year and they were amazing. So much beauty in the grey drab of early spring here in pdx.

  118. Jordyn Smith on

    Ranunculus because it was one of my wedding flowers!

  119. Lacey on

    Silver Parrot Tulip! I feel like each one would make Georgia O’Keeffe swoon ;)

  120. Bridie on

    I’ve always loved daffodils, even the school bus yellow ones.


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