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February 15th 2017

Garden Planning: Part 1

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Floret_Winter627There is a magical window of quiet time that comes during the darkest months of winter. For me, late January through mid-February are spent cozied up by the fire, sketching out all of my big dreams and plans for the year ahead. It’s a welcome opportunity for a fresh start that I look forward to every season.

However, as seed catalogs start pouring in it’s easy to get caught up in the excitement, and end up ordering way more than you have room to plant or even afford after you consider drip irrigation and compost and other boring, but critical, supplies. That’s why it’s so important to take the time at the beginning of the year to make a master plan. The planning process will help you refine your goals, identify necessary supplies and schedule all of the important dates and tasks to have a successful flower growing season.

Floret_Winter625I finally boiled my personal planning process down into a 20-page printable kit that you can get for FREE by pre-ordering my book which comes out March 7th. It doesn’t matter where you order your copy from, or when you ordered it. Just head to the book page of our website, enter your email address, receipt (or) order number and the planning kit will be emailed to you within minutes. If you don’t see it, be sure to check both your promotion and spam folders!

planner-graphics-8In the kit you will find my favorite garden planning resources including:

Garden Specs Worksheets: Use these sheets to record important information about your current and potential garden plots, including soil type, amount of sun, and space dimensions.

Cutting Garden Wish List: Use these pages to jot down all of the varieties that you want to include in your cutting garden this year. Let yourself dream big and include everything on your wish list.

Garden Supply Shopping List: Use these sheets to capture all of the important supplies, tools and gear that you need to order to have a successful growing season.

Plants Spacing Recommendations: Calculating the number of plants you will need for dozens of different flower varieties based on the space you have can feel overwhelming. At Floret, we’ve simplified the process by creating five main spacing regimes. In these pages you’ll find recommendations for many of the most common varieties.

Garden Design Sketch Pad: Use these pages to pencil out what you want your garden set up to look like.

Seed Sowing Schedule: This worksheet will help you schedule when and what to plant, so that you can minimize waste and start just the right amount of plants for your garden.

Field Notes: Use these pretty pages to track details and growing notes for all your favorite flowers.

Sample Cutting Garden Plan: You’ll find plans for a generous cutting garden which measures 20-by-60-feet that will produce an abundance of flowers and foliage from late spring through autumn. The plan is scalable, so depending on how much space you have to work with, just increase or decrease the bed lengths to suit your needs.

Floret_Winter622After a decade of growing flowers I have learned the importance of planning ahead. Investing a little time on the front end of the growing season will ensure a well-stocked garden that provides an abundance of beautiful bouquets all season long. I’m excited to dive into the process here tomorrow.

If you’ve already pre-ordered the book  you can download your copy of the planning kit HERE. To claim the free bonus gift, simply scroll down to the area that says: “How to Claim Your Free Bonus Gift” and follow the instructions. After you enter your information, you’ll receive and email confirmation, and then another email (this usually takes 20-30 minutes) containing your printable Planning Kit. Be sure to add [email protected] to your trusted senders list so that it doesn’t end up in your spam or promotions folders. Please note that this bonus gift is digital, so you will not be receiving anything in the mail.

Before we dive in tomorrow, here are two posts you can read today that should get your mind whirling with new ideas and hopefully some inspiration. See you back here bright and early!

Six Important Questions To Answer Before You Get Started Growing Flowers

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  1. Alaina on

    I have recently started obsessively reading your blog to guide me on my journey of becoming a flower farmer; I started reading your blog after purchasing your book several weeks ago through Amazon. I was bummed to read this blog entry and learned I missed out on an opportunity to get a garden planner. I looked around in your shop but didn’t see it anywhere for purchase; is it possibly still available? I have a ruled notebook I have been taking notes in but from what I can tell from your pictures and description there are definitely things I am missing and need some guidance.


  2. Leila Jordan on

    Hello! I received your beautiful book as a holiday gift and unfortunately do not have the information to access the Planning Kit. I am wondering if there is any way to still receive it? The book has been an incredible help in planning for this coming year.


    • Team Floret on

      Yes, email [email protected] and we can send it to you if you didn’t get it yet. I hope you enjoy the book!

  3. Miranda (Randi) Edwards on

    Hello! My name is Randi and I own the book and am also signed up for your upcoming workshop in January (I’m so excited!)! I am wondering if it is possible to get the sample farm layout anywhere? I am a beginner with no seed stash and am worried about seeds selling out before the course begins and I figure out what I need :) I am struggling to figure out how many beds per variety and would love to have a sample to work off of! Thank you so much :)

    • Team Floret on

      Hi Randi! So delighted to have you in the workshop! We’ve increased our supply of seeds and shouldn’t sell out before the start of the course. You should have received your course packet by now which has some information in it on favorite varieties, so hopefully that will hold you over until the course begins. Happy holidays!

  4. Katharina Funk on

    Dear Erin, dear Team Floret,

    First: A big respect for everything you created; the farm, the business, the book, this blog… It is so impressive and reading your articles, the book and catching up in instagram is always a pleasure to me!

    I ordered the book here in Germany and reading it was such a pleasure! My English is not really good, but I read every single word and learned so much from your tipps & tricks, advises and your story.
    I`m so disappointed, that I could have got the Planning Kit – I just didnt knew about it. Is it maybe possible, to get the kit? I could send a photo from my Floret Book here at home or could send you a mail from Amazon as a proof… I am already deep in planning my next flower season and the kit would probalbly be such a big help.

    Katharina Funk

    • Team Floret on

      Katharina, thanks for your kind words! We will send you the Planning Kit, no problem!

  5. Sal on

    O my word, says the little wife on a big (110 acres!!!) farm in Saskatchewan. I admire again and again how you make this biz look like magic. Once I start reading your blog I cannot stop. I think I just might be growing cut flowers soon.

  6. Cheyanne on

    Do you answer questions anywhere?

    • Susan King on

      Hi Cheyanne– We do our best to answer as many growing questions as we can here. If you have questions about an order, be sure to check out our contact us page: Thanks! –Team Floret

  7. Courtney Dutcher on

    Hi Erin. I have 3 acres of farmland in northwest Ohio that was previously used to grow field corn and soybeans but I would like to transform a part of it and start growing flowers and vegetables instead. Are there any preparations you would recommend before planting? I was hoping to start selling goods at our local farmers market this year but am thinking I might have to plant a cover-crop this year and start growing next year in order to produce healthier flowers and vegetables.
    I love reading your story and appreciate your willingness to share it. You are inspiring me to pursue my dream. God bless
    -Courtney Dutcher

  8. Carmen on

    Can’t wait to read and learn more! I am a new florist and also growing some flowers this year as a “trial” run. May I offer some advice to Roseman Creek Ranch? Even in a rural area, there might be a florist who would love to support you and buy your flowers. I am on the hunt to find more flower farms near me so that I don’t always have to drive to Seattle to get my flowers (even though I will). Erin, I hope that with the new “find flowers” resource tab this will be an amazing resource for us to support our flower farms and florists who really want to buy their flowers locally :) CANNOT WAIT to get the book!

  9. Roseman Creek Ranch on

    Erin, you are an inspiration. I started as a farmer florist in 1992, moving four different times all in the same area, each time setting up a new flower cutting garden. Especially foliage plants. Now we have the best of all the homes, good water, flat land, although we had to clear it first. Then build almost sand soil into rich worm infused gardens.
    My chickens ruin many annuals, so I have a large garden, maybe half acre, dedicated to chicken friendly plants. Then another large area they can’t get into.
    My market is difficult, we live in a very rural area. I’d have to drive hours to sell outside my area. I’d love to see a few more articles on how you developed your market, and how often you tend the vendors.
    I have been a estate gardener, landscaper for over thirty years. I love it more and more every year. If I start out there in the morning, forget the house or errands, I’m there till dark. I definitely take on way too much, still trying to figure that part out.

  10. Karen Cherry on

    I ordered a signed copy of your informative book back on January 9, 2017, I would like to have the extra info in this offer is that possible? Thanks for being a driving force in the flower growing industry.

  11. Killoran Moore on

    I organised my seeds in January this year – and holy hell. Did it make all the difference. Knowing how much there is, how much to plant, that some need light, some need dark, some like this or that. It’s just daunting, no matter how many times you’ve done it. Once I had them organised by sowing date it was instant clarity and got rid of the massive pressure of overwhelm.

  12. Polly on

    Planning kit downloaded and ready to go for this season.. looking forward to the book arriving too…. cheers

  13. Diana Adams on

    I am so excited! your information fills my heart and butterflies my tummy!!!
    I am Sad your 2017 workshops are already sold out. My husband and I just purchased a little 16 acre paradise, of which only 3.1 acres are in irrigation from our natural spring. The other 13 acres, canyon and rocks prime heat source:) We are inspired by your story and would love to have our own little flower farm! I am sure your workshop will stay full, but for any reason you have a space open up I would love to be on your waiting list!!!
    Sincerely and forever in happiness,
    Diana Adams

  14. Deborah Florian @vaseplace on

    I have enjoyed the beauty of flowers since my childhood when my mother and dad raised them for their own pleasure. Every year I try to add something new. This year I have ordered your sweet peas after seeing a picture posted by #codylovesflowers and then hunting you down! They have been on my wish list for many years. Your spirit touches what is fundamental within me.
    You are a cultivator of beauty not just evident in your flowers. Thank you. Your dedication and hard work are appreciated. May your business flourish as wonderfully as your gardens.

  15. Alicia on

    SO looking forward to reading all of your tips on planning! My main concern while considering entering the world of flower farming is how on earth am I going to do this in a non-running-around-with-my-chicken-head-cut-off-manner like I end up every summer/early fall in my every day hobby gardener life. I know planning is KEY, and I’m extremely appreciative of all that you areabout to share!

  16. Erika on

    Every photograph, every word has me feeling a fire. The core of me is burning. Bright and beautiful. Thank you for all that you share. I love these blog posts that come just when I feel that the cold rain and gray are becoming too much. You are offering an opening, a door to step through. A paradise where the blooms of this coming season await.

  17. Alicia on

    I already pre-ordered the book too. After you click on the link in the article, scroll down to where you see a chart saying “Step 2 Claim you gift” then fill in your Name, Receipt Number and Email Address into the boxes. I then got an email with an attachment for the kit.

  18. ang.longhurst on

    Sorry, I dont understand. I have preordered the new book online through Amazon. I have clicked on the link above but I dont understand where to add my email address.

  19. Lynn on

    I’m SO ready to get hopping outside!! Unusual high temperatures have me so antsy I can’t stand it – BUT, given where I live, I know there is probably some more nasty weather – not much, but I just know there is. Then the torrential rains and tornadoes – blah! But, inbetween, I read your educational/inspiring posts Erin, and TRY to keep my fingers out of the internet. Your book is coming out just after my birthday and I cannot wait – Happy Birthday to me!!! :)

  20. Donna on

    I love your helpful articles. You inspire me!
    Donna Dunagan
    Blossom, Texas


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