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March 24th 2017

#floretbook love

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A huge thank you for sharing posts featuring Cut Flower Garden and tagged #floretbook on Instagram.  I am so thrilled to see so much excitement for the book. And I absolutely adore some of the creativity, styling and props used in the posts.  Here are just a few that caught my eye:


credits: (clockwise starting at top left) @bellebouquets, @aphotobyashley, @borealblooms, @silsewingstudio


credits: @the.flower.forest, @joshuawerber

#floretbook collage

(credits from L-R top: @queenmatildapug, @nikalasmith @carasgarden middle: @farmerhands, @ballardcanyonfarms, @floralverde bottom: @loladelcampo, @carlee_mw @florabeane)

See all the #floretbook photos here.



Do you love the Cut Flower Garden book?  If so, please post and tag a photo with #floretbook on Instagram or consider writing a book review on Amazon or the bookseller site where you purchased your copy. Thank you again for your enthusiastic support!


  1. caroline newland on

    Caroline – Great to get reading the new book, lots of info which can be adapted for growing flowers in the uk love the tips on extending vase life. wish I had more time to read but too busy on the plotin spring

  2. Claire on

    I have just received my eagerly awaited copy of “Cut Flower Garden” and I absolutely love it, so worth the wait and even more inspirational than I’d imagined. Thank you Erin and your team I cannot wait to start my journey into the world of flower farming in the U.K. :)

  3. Claire on

    I have just recieved my eagerly awaited Cut Flower Garden book ……. truely worth the wait and even more inspirational than I imagined. Thank you Erin and your team, i can’t wait to put things into practice and get myself on the way to the flower farming dream in the uk :)

  4. Jules on

    “Cut Flower Garden” has just landed in Northern Ireland! Thank you Erin…wonderful inspiration.

  5. Sandy on

    Received my “Cut Flower Garden” book & seeds ordered………they are everything & more of what I’d expected. The book is wonderful & have spent many hours dreaming of how to plant my own flower garden. Thank you for writing this terrific book……… will be treasured.

  6. Linda Bailey on

    I always pre order books. Did I or did I not? The question remains a mystery.

  7. Kassie on

    I’ve had my book since the pub date and I love it! For those of us who may never quite achieve a cut flower farm, it is the most delicious dream book I’ve run across in years. And I carefully went through the vase tips feature for each cut flower and highlighted them…they are invaluable. Many thanks for putting a sparkle in my eye as this slow spring gets underway!

  8. Emma on

    Can’t wait to receive mine I ordered in Feb and I have to now wait until April….. So jealous! It’s like waiting for your birthday!😀😳😀

  9. Gill on

    Wish I had my book! Ordered in Feb and Amazon now saying some time in April! I’m hoping for a late spring so I don’t miss too many sowing days!

  10. Cynthia on

    Mine came today! So beautiful. I don’t have a photo. But it actually held my husband’s attention for quite some time this evening. His comment? “This isn’t just a flower book. This will actually be practical for you!” Thanks for doing it. Can’t wait to spend some time with it.


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