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March 9th 2017

Floret Book Shipping Updates

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We’ve gotten a lot of questions about book availability and I wanted to share a quick updates related to shipping of Floret Farm’s Cut Flower Garden. Pre-orders have sold so well (the most in Chronicle’s history–can you believe that!?), that Chronicle has already ordered a 4th reprinting! But sadly the record sales have caused back orders and delivery delays to all booksellers, including us. If you have ordered a book and not received it yet, do not worry: it is either on its way or will be on its way soon. When books have a lot of demand, there are multiple printings, which arrive at your bookseller of choice at a staggered time based on when orders were placed, where the retailer is located in relation to the warehouse, and how quickly retailers get the book on shelves/online once books are delivered to them. The 2nd and 3rd reprints arrived at the publishers warehouse early this week and are heading to retailers around the world.

Floret Shop Orders We shipped the earliest pre-orders of signed copies from the Floret Shop in early March.  We are receiving the second half of our books on Monday and will be working round the clock to get them signed, boxed and shipped out to you by mid week.  3/25 UPDATE:  Our second book shipment sold out and we are awaiting our next order of books.  Orders received this week will ship out in early April.

Amazon Orders  Amazon sold out of their first print batch and listed, much to my horror, the estimated arrival date of next batch at 1-2 months. But if you check back now, it is in stock.

International orders Amazon UK orders were set to ship mid month.  3/17 UPDATE:  We’re getting reports that UK orders are due to arrive at the end of the month.

Canadian availability Cut Flower Garden is available from the following retailers, which should all have it in stock: Amazon Canada Indigo McNally Robinson

NOTE:  We’ve received a number of questions about signed copies.  Signed copies are available exclusively through the Floret Shop.  Sorry, but books purchased through other retailers are not signed.


  1. Cece Noll on

    I am interested in growing stock. How do you get such full, lush blooms? I have never been able to attain that in my little garden. Do you heavily fertilize everything? I have never seen such lush production before. Please advise. Thank you.

  2. Barbara Mcguire on

    I received my Book on March the eighth,and been reading ever Since!!
    I love it,thank you so much for your time ,ideas ,thoughts,and absolutely beautiful! THANK YOU to you ,all your Helpers and Friends,and especially to your family ,because I’m sure it took a lot of sacrifice on their part,to have Wife and Mom pulled in all direction. So again……THANKS

  3. Lina on

    Sadly, my UK Amazon order is delayed until April! Waa!

  4. Leonie on

    In case it’s helpful, my Amazon UK order arrived on 16/03/17 – I love the book!

  5. Emma E on

    I preordered beginning November 2016 from Amazon UK despatch date has been delayed for a second time and will now be 30th March at the earliest! :(

  6. T Berg on

    Ordered mine via Amazon Prime and received today…just 5 business days. The sharp debossed title, beautiful imagery and flat stock paper gives it an old-school look. Not only is the book very informational, it’s plain gorgeous. What a good read for our looming East Coast blizzard.

  7. Christine McGowan on

    I got a copy at my local Barnes and Noble (Burlington, VT!) and read it non-stop for 2 days! Loved it! Nice job – beautiful and practical!

  8. Jennifer on

    I pre-ordered on Amazon & I love the book, illustration & most of all the information. It is to the point and informative enough to get me not only started on my garden but how to manage it and even cut & arrange. It’s great! I absolutely love it. It is my flower bible. Now I pray that God let my little flowers flourish! Thank you for sharing your world!

  9. Tracey on

    Love my book …thank you so much! ( Australia)

  10. Alexandra Ward on

    Thank you for the update Erin. Really looking forward to getting my copy in a weeks time. Going to use the time constructively and start some seeds this week. It has warmed considerably in Northern Ireland and the daylight is stretching out. The birds have started making their spring twitterings and the daffodils are almost out in my garden…..spring is just around the corner! x

  11. Taylor on

    Oh dang! I went to buy the book on Amazon and saw the 1 to 2 months and didn’t want to wait! I bought the kindle version instead. Bummer! But still just as beautiful on my screen.

    Love all of it!

  12. Ashley on

    Just received my book and it is just the most beautiful, extremely organized and well written! Thank you so much for deciding to share all you thoughts in a book!


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