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"More than anything, I must have flowers always, always" Claude Monet

Foodie Flowers All Around


In the process of creating the new website, I had to go back and sort through the thousands of flower images we captured over the past season. Rows of blooms, the garage filled with sea after sea of bouquets, a dozen box truck loads of dahlias and so many lovely seasonal weddings.


What I noticed in the process is that our brides generally fit into three distinct categories. The first group is the ultra romantics. They love vintage silver, lots of candles, billowy blooms and soft, feminine colors. The second group digs being as unique as possible and airs on the side of funkiness. Bright colors, lots of textures and as many pods and seed heads as we can squeeze into their celebration. The last group is fast becoming my favorite. The foodie brides! Chef’s, bakers and all around food lovers who want to carry their edible obsession right through every aspect of their big day.


Crabapples, kale, fava beans, herbs, baby plums, currant tomatoes, hot peppers, heirloom beans, nasturtiums, grains, snow peas, berries, rosehips and anything else we can get our hands on around the time of their big day. To me, there is nothing more gorgeous than the marriage of food and flowers in a bouquet.


Here’s to hoping we get another big ole batch of foodie brides in 2013!


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